Everyday Champions

A woman sits on a dark background holding up a badge.

Everyday Champions: Rhonda Hester, UA SafeState

Rhonda Hester doesn’t just take pride in her work at UASafeState, but also in her passions across campus.

A woman in a red shirt has a soft smile while looking out into the distance. Hands are crossed.

Everyday Champions: Jeanine Brooks, Action Card Services

Brooks led her team to expedite UA’s move to become a completely mobile-first campus during the pandemic.

Everyday Champions

The University of Alabama is home to champions both on and off the field and in and out of the classroom. Everyday Champions are staff and faculty members who work behind the scenes to keep the campus running, show enthusiasm for supporting the UA community and embody the UA spirit of pride, determination and ingenuity. Read Their Stories These are just a few

A man sits in front of a black background, leaning on a black suitcase with his hands crossed.

Everyday Champions: Keith Norton, Culverhouse College of Business

Keith Norton always wanted to work with people, and when a job opened up at UA, he jumped at the chance to help students.

Woman in red shirt sits in front of a dark, black background, smiling.

Everyday Champions: Dana Williams, Student Care and Well-Being

Case manager Williams helped UA navigate through the pandemic by spearheading the emergency student fund efforts.

Everyday Champions: Kristina Patridge, Dining Services 

Everyday Champions: Kristina Patridge, Dining Services 

When the COVID-19 pandemic made its way around the world, Patridge was ready to assist in whatever ways possible.