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Pandemic Study: People Under Stress More Sensitive to Message Tone

A study involving more than 88,000 people from 47 countries conducted in the early months of the global coronavirus pandemic found people are less willing to take risks than before the pandemic.

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Partnership to Develop Kit to Discover Drugs From Natural Sources

Researchers at The University of Alabama are leading a project with an industrial partner to develop a kit that speeds discovery of potential drug therapies from plants.

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UA Research Helps Spot Racial Differences in Concussion Recovery

Young Black and white athletes have different experiences after a sports-related concussion, according to a study involving a researcher at The University of Alabama.

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Addressing the Opioid Crisis: What Does Alabama Need?

Alabamians face many structural barriers to treatment of opioid addiction, such as access and transportation to treatment facilities as well as hostile attitudes among the public and family members to addiction, according to research led by The University of Alabama.

A shot of a vaccination for COVID-19 is drawn from a vial.

UA Leading Effort to Increase Vaccinations in Rural Alabama

In a partnership with community organizations, The University of Alabama is spearheading a project to get 70% of eligible people in the state’s Black Belt vaccinated against COVID-19 over the next year.

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Chatbots for Dementia Patients and Caregivers Need More Work

Systematic review of apps finds need for evidence-based chatbots that have undergone end user evaluation.

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UA Researchers to Shed Light on Drug Resistance in Metastatic Cancer

Using a Jell-O like model to study cancer, UA researchers hope to discover ways brain metastatic breast cancer evades drug therapies.

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NIH Grant Supports UA Study of Acute Kidney Injury Treatment

Researchers at The University of Alabama will study a novel nanomedicine treatment for acute kidney injury, a common disease with no federally-approved medication.

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In Fly Model, Genetic Responses to Virus by Old Flies Prove Deadly

In a study at The University of Alabama, aging fruit flies died faster than younger flies from a viral infection because of different genetic responses, lowering the older flies’ tolerance to the infection.

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National Assessment Aims to Assist Needs of Women Veterans

A national survey of women veterans hopes to provide the first comprehensive snapshot of the challenges they face transitioning to civilian life, providing veteran service organizations with data needed to expand outreach and better meet needs.