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A group photo of the Rural Medical Scholars and Rural Community Health Scholars

UA Programs Welcome Students Studying Rural Health Care

UA’s College of Community Health Sciences recently welcomed the 2021-2022 class of its Rural Medical Scholars and Rural Community Health Scholars programs.

A scientist sits at a lab bench for a portrait while others work in the background.

UA Center to Spur Convergent Drug Innovation, Delivery

Drawing upon expertise from across campus, a new center at The University of Alabama will help overcome obstacles keeping drug therapies that show promise in the lab from translating to an effective treatment for patients.

UA in Study of Frogs’ Ability to Rebound from Infectious Disease

UA in Study of Frogs’ Ability to Rebound from Infectious Disease

A national team of researchers that includes The University of Alabama will examine whether frogs’ ability to survive certain infections helps enhance understanding of human responses.

A vial containing a COVID-19 vaccine with syringes behind.

Vaccine Access, Hesitancy Remain Barriers Among Black Alabamians

Research from The University of Alabama found that addressing both hesitancy and access at the community level is important to increasing vaccination rates, particularly in African American communities.

Woman in red T-shirt looking at her laptop with hands on her forehead.

Pandemic Study: People Under Stress More Sensitive to Message Tone

A study involving more than 88,000 people from 47 countries conducted in the early months of the global coronavirus pandemic found people are less willing to take risks than before the pandemic.

A scientist in white coat and safety glasses poses for a photo in a lab.

Partnership to Develop Kit to Discover Drugs From Natural Sources

Researchers at The University of Alabama are leading a project with an industrial partner to develop a kit that speeds discovery of potential drug therapies from plants.

An illustration of a brain artistically placed in open space.

UA Research Helps Spot Racial Differences in Concussion Recovery

Young Black and white athletes have different experiences after a sports-related concussion, according to a study involving a researcher at The University of Alabama.

closeup photograph of the top of Denny Chimes

Addressing the Opioid Crisis: What Does Alabama Need?

Alabamians face many structural barriers to treatment of opioid addiction, such as access and transportation to treatment facilities as well as hostile attitudes among the public and family members to addiction, according to research led by The University of Alabama.

A shot of a vaccination for COVID-19 is drawn from a vial.

UA Leading Effort to Increase Vaccinations in Rural Alabama

In a partnership with community organizations, The University of Alabama is spearheading a project to get 70% of eligible people in the state’s Black Belt vaccinated against COVID-19 over the next year.

A photo illustration of texts over hands holding a phone.

Chatbots for Dementia Patients and Caregivers Need More Work

Systematic review of apps finds need for evidence-based chatbots that have undergone end user evaluation.