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A person holding a mobile phone while driving.

Put Down the Phone While Driving

You can now receive a citation for holding your mobile phone while driving in Alabama.

People enjoying the UA arboretum

5 Things to Know About the UA Arboretum

The UA Arboretum is a space for both research and relaxation.

closeup of a person's hands as they use a braille keyboard

5 Ways to Boost Digital Accessibility at UA

You can do your part to keep digital spaces and material accessible to all users.

A hat, sunglasses and photos of vacation destinations with the word Vacation written on the photo.

Vacation on Your Mind? Tips for Safe Traveling

Planning a summer vacation? Follow these simple tips to stay safe.

Don’t Leave T-Town Without Doing These 5 Things

Don’t Leave T-Town Without Doing These 5 Things

Before you cross that graduation stage, make sure you do these five things.

Thank-you notes Senior Instructor Susan Daria has received over the years.

The Term is Almost Over. Thank Those Who Helped You Get Here

Thank-you notes to professors are a meaningful way to show appreciation.

silhouette of Minerva statue at sunset

Change Can be Hard: 6 Steps to Build Your Resilience

The end of semester brings change, and change can mean stress. Learn tips to cope.

ACT Card on smart watch

5 Things to Know About Your ACT Card

The ACT Card is your official ID for UA and your key to campus!

a phone display showing different social media applications

Tips for Healthy Social Media Habits and Mental Health

Learn how to be mindful of social media consumption and curb the negative effects.

Five students sitting and talking on the Quad

Bama Transfers Provides Invaluable Transitional Tools

Bama Transfers provides community and resources for UA transfer students.