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silhouette of Minerva statue at sunset

Change Can be Hard: 6 Steps to Build Your Resilience

The end of semester brings change, and change can mean stress. Learn tips to cope.

ACT Card on smart watch

5 Things to Know About Your ACT Card

The ACT Card is your official ID for UA and your key to campus!

a phone display showing different social media applications

Tips for Healthy Social Media Habits and Mental Health

Learn how to be mindful of social media consumption and curb the negative effects.

Five students sitting and talking on the Quad

Bama Transfers Provides Invaluable Transitional Tools

Bama Transfers provides community and resources for UA transfer students.

In the stacks of books at Gorgas, the University's main library

How to Ace Your Next Research Paper

Here’s your guide to using campus resources to make your next assignment a success.

students at career fair

5 Things to Know About the Career Center

Learn where to refer your students for free career help on campus.

sunlight coming through trees

Looking for Outdoor Adventures This Spring Break?

Explore breath-taking nature spots this spring break with adventures for every level.

a girl holds out a beach ball that looks like a globe

Get Ahead in Your Career by Going Abroad

See programs where you can get work and internship experiences while traveling the world.

Woman entering office of Center for Instructional Technology

5 Things to Know About the Center for Instructional Technology

Learn where to go for all your instructional technology questions and issues.

young people holding their hands up to make the shape of a heart

Nurturing Positive Body Image in College

Learn to appreciate your body and provide it the respect and self-care it deserves.