UA Preview — Dec. 18-24, 2023


National Security and Infrastructure 

With nearly $3 million in support from the National Science Foundation, The University of Alabama is offering 24 graduate school fellowships in the critical field of precision timing. The defense, communications, transportation, energy and finance industries rely on precision timing. 

Research and Discovery 

For the 10th straight year, outside support of research and other sponsored activities at The University of Alabama increased. This momentum has made UA one of the fastest growing major research institutions in the nation. 

Community Service 

UA students raised 326,644 pounds of food for the West Alabama Food Bank during the annual Beat Auburn Beat Hunger food drive. The food donations will provide more than 272,000 meals to West Alabamians struggling with food insecurity during the holiday season and beyond.  

Record-Setting Enrollment  

An increase in the number of in-state students highlights UA’s record-breaking fall 2023 total student headcount, which approaches the 40,000 mark. The record-breaking enrollment of 39,623 includes 3,184 freshmen from Alabama, representing every county in the state. 

Rural Health 

UA is confronting the shortage of behavioral health services for youth in rural Alabama with more than $3.7 million in federal funding. The support will establish and expand sustainable behavioral health care services for children and adolescents aged 5-17 years who live in rural communities, and to prevent substance misuse. 

Student Health 

A lack of time management skills, particularly in organization, can lead to poor sleep quality for college students according to research conducted at UA. According to Dr. Adam Knowlden, associate professor of health science with the UA College of Human Environmental Sciences, more than 65% of college students describe their sleep quality as poor. 


Dealing With Holiday Stress 

Dr. John Burkhardt II can discuss ways to deal with the various stresses of the holiday season.  

Expressing Gratitude 

Dr. Abby Grammer Horton can talk about expressing gratitude through innovative methods.  


Museum Monday: Citizen Science!  

Dec. 18, 3:30 p.m.; Alabama Museum of Natural History 

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