A White Toyota Camry with The University of Alabama word mark on the door.

5 Things to Know About Fleet Services

It takes a lot of hard work and more than 800 vehicles to keep an organization the size of The University of Alabama moving. Here are five things you may not know about UA Fleet Services.

1. Faculty and staff can rent a vehicle for University business.

Whether you need to drive to an out-of-town meeting solo, take the office on a field trip or move cargo, you can rent the right vehicle from Fleet Services. UA’s rental fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, minivans, 12-passenger vans, cargo vans and low-speed vehicles. The vehicles are available for use by UA departments and student groups with advisor approval. Fleet Services annually processes more than 3,300 requests for rental vehicles to facilitate travel for UA business needs.

2. It’s easy to fill up.

You can fill up rental vehicles or department vehicles at a campus fueling station. They are located on the University Services Campus and near the Facilities Maintenance Building on 14th Street.

Also, when going out of town, check with Fleet Services to obtain a fuel card that can be used to fill up along your route.

3. They still have that new car smell.

While we can’t always promise that a UA vehicle will smell like it just came off the dealer’s lot, we can guarantee that it won’t be very old. Currently, more than 60% of all UA vehicles are model year 2020 or newer, and our team of mechanics provides preventative maintenance to keep them roadworthy.

4. You can bid on a car.

Are you thinking about purchasing a previously owned vehicle? The UA Fleet Auction may have what you’re looking for. Fleet Services lists surplus vehicles on the auction website for a minimum of 14 days, and anyone may create an account and make a bid.

On the auction website, you’ll find information about the vehicle’s mileage, maintenance history and photos. If you don’t see what you’re looking, check back often to see new vehicles that are up for auction.

Since 2020, Fleet Services has sold more than 500 surplus vehicles through the fleet auction website.

5. There are deals for taking care of your personal vehicle.

Even if you never use a UA vehicle, you can still get deals to help you with your personal automotive expenses through Bama Perks. For example, you’ll find discounts on oil changes, batteries, repairs, new tires and even the purchase of a new vehicle.