two young women work on their laptops on a bench at the Quad

How to Survive Finals Week 2023

Make your finals week a success with these five steps to stay on track. 

1. Start preparing early.

While you start getting ready for your final assignments and tests, start getting material together from earlier in the semester so you can start preparing for your final. Getting ahead of the game by reviewing material a few weeks in advance will put you in good shape for finals week.

2. Get adequate sleep.

Having a good sleep schedule before your finals is pivotal to making sure you retain all the information you have studied. If you struggle to get a good night’s rest, the counseling center has great tips on how to better improve your quality of sleep.

3. Connect with a study group.

If you study better in a group setting, find people within your class who can study with you outside of class. Whether this looks like studying together at an on-campus library or getting off campus to go to a coffee shop, find a group that will help keep you motivated to finish this year strong.

4. Have a balanced diet.

Make sure to have balanced snacks in between your meals to stay focused and fueled while studying. Make sure to drink water in between your coffee breaks to hydrate.

5. Take breaks.

Having set study breaks throughout your study time will keep you from experiencing burnout and allow you to have a more productive study time. Whether this means taking a walk outside or doing something you enjoy, small intermittent breaks will help you relax between study sessions.