Rohan Sood

Assistant Professor; Director, Astrodynamics and Space Research Laboratory

Dr. Rohan Sood is an assistant professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, and also serves as the Director of UA’s Astrodynamics and Space Research Laboratory. Dr. Sood’s research interests include space exploration and applications, spacecraft trajectory design, spacecraft attitude dynamics and control, remote sensing of planets and small bodies, and the human exploration and habitation of extraterrestrial bodies.

Dr. Sood is the co-author on a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters  that highlights the existence of a vast cavern carved out by ancient lava flows on the moon that could protect humans from the harmful environment of the lunar surface. He is part of a group proposing a new lunar mission that employs remote sensing techniques to scan the sub-surface, thus, verifying the existence, depth and extent of additional lava tubes under the moon’s surface. The ultimate goal is to learn from the moon as there is evidence of lava tubes on Mars, as well.

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College College of Engineering

Department Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics


Phone (205) 348-4020