Martina Topić

Associate Professor

Dr. Martina Topić is a behavioral sociologist and mass communication scholar studying wicked problems of social inequity historically and at present. Her main research interest is behavior (sociological approach) and historical sociological approach to studying public relations history and the public relations industry, with a particular interest in leadership in public relations. 

Topić’s current research looks at the campaigning efforts of the UK government and how government campaigning affects the behavior of the public. Current research in this area includes studying colors in the vaccine campaign for COVID-19 and historical behavioral campaigns of the UK government targeted at changing social behavior during flu and cold seasons. She is also looking at the behavioral and communication styles of eco-activists to explore issues such as how could sustainable living be increased by changing the behavior of a largely individualistic country such as the U.S., as well as the behavior of radical environmental activists.

College Communication and Information Sciences

Department Advertising and Public Relations


A headshot of Martina Topic