ACT Card on smart watch

5 Things to Know About Your ACT Card

The Action Card, or ACT Card, is your official ID for The University of Alabama and your key to campus!

Mobile-First Campus 

The University is a mobile-first campus: the official ID is the mobile ACT Card, available in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, Google Wallet for Android and Samsung Wallet for Samsung phones and Galaxy Watch6. 

Door Access 

Request building/office access through your building representative or supervisor. To use your ACT Card simply hold your device near the ACT Card reader; if you have access the door will allow entry!

iPhone/Apple Watch users: Hold your device around the back camera near the reader. You do not need to double tap or open the Apple Wallet to use the card! It will work from a locked screen. 

Android users: Make sure NFC is turned on and screen is “awake” and hold your device around the middle of the phone near the ACT Card reader. 

Samsung users: Make sure NFC is turned on and hold your device near the ACT Card reader. You do not need to wake the screen or open the Samsung Wallet to use the card!

Power Reserve: If you’re an Apple user with an iPhone X or newer you can still use your ACT Card for all services for up to four hours after your battery is depleted. To use Power Reserve after your phone has died, double tap the phone’s side button and hold near the ACT Card reader. You won’t see the card pull up, but it will still take the desired action. Samsung users also have this feature for eligible devices with NFC turned on and the ACT Card loaded to the Samsung Wallet. 

If your card was loaded through Google Wallet, but you would like to use the Power Reserve feature, remove the card from the Google Wallet in the eAccounts mobile app and add the card back, selecting Samsung Wallet. 

Bama Cash

Load Bama Cash any time via the Action Card website, eAccounts mobile app (using Apple Pay or a saved payment method) or by phone at 205-348-2288 during regular business hours.

To create a Saved Payment Method to for easy deposits via the eAccounts app you must first make a one-time successful deposit via the Action Card website and choose the Save Payment Method option at the end of the deposit. 

Use Bama Cash at 100 on- and off-campus locations! Tell the cashier you’d like to use Bama Cash and you will be directed to the Bama Cash reader to tap your card. 

Faculty/staff members can enroll in payroll deduction for Bama Cash. Find step-by-step payroll deduction instructions online.

Meal Plans

If you purchase a faculty/staff meal plan from Bama Dining, it will automatically be loaded to your ACT Card!

Tap into any location designated in your meal plan choice. If using a faculty/staff VIP plan, you can also order through the mobile ordering app — log in to the app and select your location. Add qualifying meals to your order, select Check Out, then choose the VIP Meal option.

UA Recreation Centers

Faculty/Staff UREC memberships will be loaded to your ACT Card after purchase and confirmation from UREC. Tap your card at any Rec Center location in your membership. 

Find more information on ACT Card services and features online, or contact the Action Card Office at for assistance.