photographer taking a person's photo on Rose porch

5 Things to Know About Faculty/Staff Headshots

1. Headshots are free.

The department of photography in the Division of Strategic Communications offers no-cost professional headshots for UA faculty and staff! These headshots are made against two backgrounds, a gray fabric backdrop and natural greenery, to accommodate the needs of various departments on campus.

2. Headshots are offered twice monthly by appointment.

Visit the headshots page on the UA events calendar to sign up, otherwise you may not receive your photos!  Photography can’t offer headshots outside of scheduled dates, so check the signup sheet and find the date that works best for you.

3. When scheduling your appointment, note that the earliest time slots are most popular. 

Wait times are usually not excessive, although if numerous people have signed up for a given time there could be a bit of a line. Photographers try to be quick (around five minutes per person), but make sure you leave yourself time to get to any other meetings or appointments!

4. To avoid very large crowds, photographers can accommodate headshots for faculty and staff only.

This means the department cannot offer student headshots, including those for teaching assistants.  However, the UA Career Center does offer this service, and they invite students to schedule an appointment.

5. For headshot attire, wear solid colors or subtle patterns.

Try to avoid very bright tones (e.g., solid white) as these can easily become blown-out on days with full sun. Only the upper body — head, shoulders, and chest — will be photographed, so feel free to wear shorts, pajama pants or your favorite pair of Crocs (with your supervisor’s approval, of course)!