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Advice for Freshmen: Try Everything

College can be both an exciting and uncertain time for an incoming freshmen class, but there are so many ways to make the most out of college life at The University of Alabama.

A Little Advice

Austin Grant / Graphic Design graduate

If an opportunity arises, take it. I met two of my closest college friends by turning around in class and asking them if they understood what we were doing.

Go to class, but also have a social life. It’s a good balance for the real world. If you want to get great volunteer hours, I recommend Bama Year One. I strongly suggest going to Get on Board Day.

If you’re interested in Greek life, go for it. It allowed me to be social in so many ways and I met so many people. Make the most of your time! Your goal is to graduate and network. The last one will help you out so much.  

Austin Grant
Austin Grant

Jacob Dunaway / Marketing major

I cannot imagine being at a college without feeling connected to campus, so I have tried to gain as many connections as possible. Through this, the massive UA campus feels so small, and I never walk around without seeing someone I know.

I think being a part of a group, whatever that looks like to someone, is crucial not only to survive in college but can help someone thrive.

I also think that keeping perspective about what really matters is key. I know it’s not fun in the moment, but I know that if I did not take school seriously, I would not be where I am today — interning at the world’s largest talent agency in New York City with clients ranging from Beyonce to Harry Styles to Travis Scott, just to name a few. University Programs helped me have the experience that will get me the job of my dreams.

I would not be who I am today without the experiences, connections and memories I made at Alabama. I found out who I was at Alabama, and ever since then I have done everything with intention for myself and my campus.

My Culverhouse [College of Business] advisor, Jason Johns, is a huge advocate for me and gives me honest advice about what classes to take and even cares about my life outside of UA. It’s great to be close to your advisor and not just treated as a number.   

Get involved, stay involved, make friends, get out of your comfort zone, be grateful for where you are.  

Riley Adam and Jacob Dunaway
Riley Adam and Jacob Dunaway

Jayleigh Tawbush / Secondary Education – English Language Arts graduate

Find ways to get connected. Upon transferring to The University of Alabama, I knew I had to find a way to be connected to campus, meet new people and find my place here at the Capstone.

I was a part of the University Programs community on campus for my two years at The University of Alabama, and it was the best experience both personally and professionally. Students come to UP-hosted events to meet other students and to build a community that they will cherish for the next four years. Do not be afraid to show up alone.

The staff welcomes you just as you are, and they are happy to see you.  

Jayleigh Tawbush
Jayleigh Tawbush

Anuki Wickramanayake / Business Management major

I am grateful for every opportunity and decision I have made coming into college. I will say getting involved on campus has been the best decision I made. It allowed me to meet new people and made my college experience so much better.

My favorite place to study is Rodgers Library or on the third floor of the Student Center. The best advice I give to freshmen is to study anywhere but your dorm or apartment. Leave that as a place to unwind after classes, work, etc.

The way I found the best professors has been through recommendations from peers and Rate My Professor.

Sage Snippets

Be willing to try new things because you never know where they’ll take you.
Christian / Marketing major

Do whatever you want because life is short and people’s judgment doesn’t matter. 
Siobhan / Engineering

Find the resources that you need and use them! Don’t stop looking!
Devincia / English major

Take care of your mental health! Everyone is living and going at their own pace. 
Lauryn / Psychology major

Get involved on campus!
Breona / Public Relations major

Just go to class, pay attention and take good notes.
Chase / Engineering major

Study in the business library – it’s mostly empty and closer to food on the strip.
Maggie / Chemical engineering major

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