MyTickets Tips for Student Football Tickets

MyTickets Tips for Student Football Tickets

Here’s everything you need to know about accessing student tickets for home football games via MyTickets.

Know where to find your student tickets.

Student tickets are loaded onto ACT Cards the Sunday prior to each home football game. But the tickets cannot be viewed on the mobile ACT Card or the eAccounts app. Instead, student tickets and ticket balances can be viewed by logging into MyTickets, which can be found on the homepage of myBama.

a screenshot of the view of the MyTickets website
The view for MyTickets should include ticket balance, bowl assignment and gate number or an option to put yourself on the ticket waitlist. If you do not have this view, verify you logged into MyTickets, not Mobile Tickets, which is for regular, non-student tickets.

MyTickets is different than the Mobile Tickets app, which is for regular, non-student tickets only. Student tickets can only be found in MyTickets.

When you log into MyTickets, you will see your ticket balance or the option to put yourself on the waitlist. If you have a ticket for that week’s game, you will see your bowl assignment (upper or lower) and gate number.

Check your tickets a few days before kickoff and know where to go.

Do not wait until game day to open MyTickets. Student tickets are loaded on Sundays prior to home games, and it’s recommended to check your tickets early in the week to ensure you’re ready to roll and you know where to go before you get to the stadium.

Need tickets? Don’t need tickets? Use other MyTickets services.

In addition to viewing your tickets and balance, you can also do the following when you log in to MyTickets:

Transfer: Transfer your ticket to another student using their myBama username. The student receiving the ticket must accept the transfer before the ticket will move to their account.

Swap: A student can trade their ticket with another student who has the opposite bowl assignment. The person receiving the request to swap must accept the swap before the bowl assignments will be traded.

Donate: If you are no longer planning to attend that week’s game, you can donate your ticket so another student can use it. Once you confirm you wish to donate your ticket, the transaction is final and cannot be reversed. Donations stop one hour prior to kickoff.

Waitlist: Want a ticket to the game? Put yourself on the waitlist! The waitlist opens at 1 p.m. each Sunday prior to a home game. These tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis based on when you put yourself on the waitlist. If you are no longer planning to attend or are using a regular, non-student ticket, be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist. Check your Crimson email until halftime to see if you received a ticket from the waitlist.

Bowl assignments for waitlist tickets are not based on seniority and are assigned as tickets are donated. If you receive a waitlist ticket, confirm your bowl assignment in MyTickets prior to arriving to the stadium.

Want to bring a non-student to the game?

Non-students can sit in the student section with a student guest ticket. If you want to bring a non-student to the game with you, you will need to upgrade your ticket and then have another student ticket transferred to your account through MyTickets. Students can also put themselves on the ticket waitlist after upgrading their ticket. Only one ticket can be held on a student’s MyTickets account at a time. Two upgrades are allowed per student each season and only one upgrade can be made per game.

To upgrade a ticket, visit the Ticket Office. Once the upgrade fee has been paid, the student ticket will be removed from the account and transferred to a digital student guest ticket.

Full information on upgrades can be found on the student ticket page of

Reminders for Game Day

Hydrate throughout the day before arriving to the stadium.

Download your Tide Loyalty Points app and stay for four quarters.

Make sure your device is charged before arriving to the stadium for both your Mobile ACT Card and Tide Loyalty Points.

Be sure to look for the entry gate marked on your ticket. Gates will open two hours prior to kickoff.

When arriving to the stadium, students should enter the first security checkpoint they see and scan their ACT Card at the following gates:

  • Lower bowl tickets: Gate 40
  • Upper bowl tickets: Gate 39

Grab a shaker on your way in, have fun and stay for four quarters!

Other questions?

Direct MyTickets questions to the Action Card Office at 205-348-2288 or

Questions regarding student guest ticket upgrades should be directed to the Ticket Office at 205-348-2262.