Students dancing during a previous BAMAthon event

Dust off Your Dancing Shoes: BAMAthon Returns In Person Feb. 19

BAMAthon, UA’s annual 12-hour dance marathon that raises proceeds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Birmingham, will return in person Feb. 19 to The University of Alabama Student Center.

Grace Muncy, president of University of Alabama Dance Marathon, the student-run organization that hosts the event each year, recently discussed the upcoming BAMAthon and has a few tips for those participating.

What is BAMAthon?

BAMAthon is UADM’s largest event of the year. It takes place in the Student Center Ballroom and lasts 12 hours that are filled with Miracle Kid stories, performances, guest speakers, dancing, games and “Doing More” for Children’s of Alabama.

After having a virtual event last year, what does it mean for UADM to host BAMAthon in person this year?

Last year was a phenomenal year, and we are still beyond proud of our team for hosting a 12-hour livestream. However, we cannot wait to be back in the Student Center Ballroom for BAMAthon. Having BAMAthon back in person allows us to share our passion with as many students as we can while also making memories that will last a lifetime.

Are there any new elements or themes for this year’s BAMAthon?

This year we are trying out a few new themes, which include Olympic Hour, Good Dancing Saves Lives and Holiday Hour. Not to worry, we still have our renowned 4th Quarter Hour, Rave Hour and Color Wars Hour. We are also excited to have a few new student groups performing during BAMAthon. To see who is performing, follow us on social media (@uadancemarathon)!

What tips and advice would you give to those participating in their first BAMAthon?

My biggest tip to those who are participating in their first BAMAthon is to soak it in! These will be some of the best 12 hours, and you will make friends that will last a lifetime. Soak in both the little and big moments and be sure to wear comfy shoes.

What do you hope students take away from their BAMAthon experience?

I hope that students are reminded that while they may just be one student on this large campus, they can make an everlasting impact on the lives of kids at Children’s of Alabama. While this day is about having fun, meeting new people, and of course learning the line dance, it is also about celebrating the accomplishments of Children’s of Alabama and the lives they are able to impact!

More Information and Registration:
UADM website

Student Center Ballroom


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