Statement Concerning COVID Gathering Rumors

We have been aware for weeks of the rumors about COVID parties. We conducted a thorough investigation, and although we have been unable to identify any students who may have participated in these types of activities, we will continue to follow up on any information we receive and educate our students about essential precautions. Our students want a return to on-campus instruction and the extracurricular opportunities they enjoy, and we fully expect them to safeguard their personal health and safety and that of everyone at the university and in our city.

The University of Alabama is unwavering in its commitment to the safety and well-being of our community. We have in place strict rules about on-campus activities and will enforce them stringently. Prior to the return of our students, all will participate in a detailed education and health module. We will test every student before they return to campus, along with all faculty and staff, at no cost to them. When we reopen in August, we will have mask rules, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning, sentinel and symptomatic testing, and multiple other health and safety measures developed in conjunction with the world-renowned medical experts at UAB and others throughout the University of Alabama System. It is essential that students cooperate and comply with these guidelines to allow for the safe return and continued operations of our campus.

Details about the University’s plans can be found at We ask anyone with information about inappropriate behavior to contact the UA Office of Student Conduct immediately.