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UA In the News — Dec. 4 Announces Best Master’s in Public Administration Degree Programs for 2020
107.7 – Dec. 4, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, has announced the Top 50 Master’s in Public Administration Degree Programs for 2020. The comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 139 accredited colleges and universities in the nation. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment: University of Alabama.
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“So I teach kids to manage anger”
News1 – Dec. 4

Anger and aggression. A mixture of anxiety and fear of disappointment. Difficult for adults to interpret the thoughts of “rebel” boys. Adolescents in conflict with the world and with families. Locked in silence or ready to enter into controversy and to attack adults. It is not easy to help them and avoid aggressive behavior. John Lochman, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology at the University of Alabama, has been dealing with this for a lifetime. And in his long experience he has given life to a method very widespread in the United States and that in Italy has been tested in some schools. It is called “Coping power” and involves teachers, pupils and families.

Alabama Supreme Court intervenes in Mobile tow truck controversy – Dec. 4

Alabama’s Supreme Court ordered a stop Monday to legal proceedings in a controversial case that saw a small Mobile towing business obtain a temporary restraining order against the city police department and District Attorney’s office. Jenny Carroll, a University of Alabama law professor and expert on civil asset forfeiture, said that while it was common for appeals to be made to the state’s Supreme Court, it was not common for the court to halt a lower court’s relief.

Scientists Use NSF Grant To Understand Hydrologic Controls On Carbon Processes In Wetlands
Science Magazine – Dec. 3

Wetlands play an important role in the carbon cycle, aiding in the storage and distribution of this crucial energy resource. Now a collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation will allow scientists to research the linkages between hydrological and carbon dynamics taking place in forested wetlands to better understand the role that these ecosystems plays in the export, storage, and emission of carbon. To that end, Virginia Tech scientists will be working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Alabama to study isolated wetlands in the Delmarva Peninsula area of Maryland.

Trump Ridiculed for Claiming Unnamed ‘Legal Scholars’ Praised Calls With Ukraine Leader as ‘Absolutely Perfect’
Common Dreams – Dec. 4
Joyce White Vance, a University of Alabama law professor and MSNBC contributor, urged reporters to “make Trump identify the legal scholars who reviewed the transcripts (plural!) and said they were ‘absolutely perfect.'” “Then those scholars should be interviewed,” said Vance. “But I feel certain they don’t exist.”

Rockford Star (Illinios) – Dec. 3
Graduations: University of Alabama: Brandon William Krause of Loves Park and Margaret Elizabeth Altintop of Poplar Grove.