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UA In the News — Jan. 8

UA Engineers Help Find Site to Drill for Antarctica’s Ancient Ice
NBC 13 – Jan. 7
Engineers from The University of Alabama are on the hunt for ancient ice. The researchers developed a unique radar to be used in Antarctica. They hope to find and recover ice that could be close to 1.5 million-years-old.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic, New Research Says
Routefifty – Jan. 7

The opioid epidemic has claimed the lives of over 700,000 Americans. While no state has been immune to the crisis, overdoses have been particularly devastating in certain states, like  Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. “People have been talking about cannabis as a substitute for opioid for years,” said Benjamin McMichael, a law professor at the University of Alabama and the study’s lead researcher.

Renovations to Mal Moore Athletic Facility
ABC 33/40 – Jan. 7
Take a look at this new video in this morning showing the work being done on The University of Alabama athletic facility. Director of athletics Greg Byrne shared this video on Twitter saying this was the training, the equipment and the locker room area.

Online Schools Report Publishes Ranking of Best Online Library Science Master’s Degrees for 2020
WEDNY NewsJan. 6
Online Schools Report has released their ranking of the Best Online Master’s Degrees in Library Science. OSR, the new student resource site, based their ranking strictly on data, prioritizing the school’s ability to deliver an online education comparable to an on-campus degree. The University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
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Fox (Lubbock, Texas)
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