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UA In the News — Dec. 19, 20

Do You Need a Killer Instinct?
Talent Quarterly – Dec. 19
Some research says psychopaths make great CEOs—and the heartless exec in the corner office agrees. But a deeper dive into the science suggests you shouldn’t rip out your ticker just yet. Peter D. Harms, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of management at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on the assessment and development of personality, leadership, and psychological well-being. In addition, he is currently engaged in research partnerships with the U.S. Army and NASA. Karen Landay is a Ph.D. student at the University of Alabama. She received her MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Fishermen cry foul as China bids to fix drought-hit lake – Dec. 19
But the primary cause of problems is the two decades of intensive sand mining in the Poyang, said David Shankman, professor at the University of Alabama, who studies the lake. “Sand mining has made the drainage channel (in the northern part of the lake) deeper and wider” accelerating the draining, he said.
National Post
U.S. News & World Report
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UA political science professor explains what’s next in the impeachment process
WVTM-NBC 13 – Dec. 19
Dr. Allen Linken teaches political science at The University of AlabamaHe says it’s first important to understand what it means when the House of Representatives impeaches a president.

Want to help with severe weather research? University of Alabama looking for Tuscaloosa volunteers – Dec. 20
UA’s Center for Advanced Public Safety is doing a study to see how people prepare and react to severe weather events. Researchers are in need of several Tuscaloosa County families to observe during severe weather events next spring.

All available State Troopers put on Christmas travel period patrol – Dec. 18
The number of traffic crashes tends to go up around the holidays. The Center for Advanced Public Safety at the University of Alabama offers these tips to keep you and your family safe:

Santa visits children at The University of Alabama RISE program – Dec. 18
A special visitor stopped by the Stallings Center Center at the University of Alabama this morning. Santa Claus talked to kids enrolled in the Rise Program and got their Christmas wish lists.
CBS 42

Legalizing Cannabis Linked to Less Opioid Prescriptions
420 Magazine – Dec. 18
Benjamin J. McMichael, assistant professor at the University of Alabama School of Law, told Newsweek: “While we expected that recreational cannabis access laws would have a stronger effect on opioid prescriptions, I would say we were surprised that the effect was so much larger than medical cannabis access laws.”
Culture Magazine – Dec. 20

UA alumni group offers bowl tailgating event in Orlando
Tuscaloosa News – Dec. 18
The University of Alabama’s National Alumni Association is offering a “Tailgating with the Tide” event Jan. 1 in Orlando. Tickets cost $60 and include a buffet-style brunch, bottomless mimosas, indoor seats, access to TVs and UA merchandise. Children younger than 12 will be admitted for $50.

Our ancestors may have evolved the ability to talk 27 million years earlier than we thought
Genetic Literacy Project – Dec. 19
Linguist Thomas Sawallis of the University of Alabama and colleagues stress that functional human speech is rooted in the ability to form contrasting vowel sounds. The research team’s new study in Science Advances concludes that early human ancestors, long before even the evolution of the genus Homo, actually did have the anatomical ability to make such sounds.

Your Attachment Style is Making You Burned Out
Forge – Dec. 20
Within insecure attachment is a continuum of styles that range from anxious to avoidant. On the anxiety end are people who doubt their own worth in relationships and look for constant reassurance. Ironically, this often ends up pushing people away, says Peter Harms, an organizational psychologist and a professor of management at the University of Alabama: “They desperately want that affection, but the way that they seek it is kind of annoying.”

Prohibiting Caste Prejudice on Campus
Inside Higher Ed – Dec. 20
The caste system is a centuries-old social hierarchy that has led to oppression of people in lower castes in some South Asian communities, most notably in India, according to Equality Labs, an international South Asian human rights organization. Prejudices associated with caste also exist outside that part of the world in South Asian immigrant communities in the United States and elsewhere, said Steven Ramey, a professor at the University of Alabama who studies religion in Indian American communities.

The Trump-Giuliana Election Plan: Manipulating American Voters
Just Security – Dec. 18
The continual echo chamber risks having an even larger effect on the understanding of “low-information voters.” Political science professors Richard Fording at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and Sanford Schram at Hunter College, CUNY, defined such voters in 2016 as those who have “lower levels of knowledge about politics” and are less interested in collecting and considering new information to solve problems or decide among competing positions. Such voters, the researchers said, make up not all but a “sizable bloc” of Trump’s base and are “less prepared to challenge his misstatements and untruths.”

Alabama student to compete in Miss America pageant
Tuscaloosa News – Dec. 18
A University of Alabama student will compete for the title of Miss America on Thursday. Tiara Pennington, a 21-year-old Helena native, is in New Haven, Connecticut, where this year’s pageant will be held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. NBC will broadcast the Miss America competition beginning at 7 p.m. Central time Thursday.

UA student competes for Miss America Title
WVTM-NBC 13 – Dec. 19
The 2020 Miss America pageant airs tonight from the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resorts up in Connecticut. Miss Alabama Tiara Pennington, who is a student at The University of Alabama is set to compete tonight.
ABC 33/40
Monsters and Critics – Dec. 20

Watching fire gives lower blood pressure
Contura – Dec. 19
Researcher Christopher Dana Lynn at the Department of Anhropology at the University of Alabama has gone to the bottom of the question and conducted three studies on 226 adults to find out how blood pressure is affected by the fire.

Neighbors help collect any personal items form destruction in Lawrence County – Dec. 18
Students from the University of Alabama were also out on scene Tuesday conducting research. Police were patrolling the road to make sure no one is looting.

Electric bike sharing program upgrades its app at The University of Alabama
WBRC-Fox 6 – Dec. 19
A ride sharing program that specializes in electronic bikes is making big strides at the University of Alabama campus. Gotcha has been on campus since August. This week, the company announced changes to its app, that could help students locate bikes to ride.

Graduates of USM’s Master’s in Economic Development in high demand
Mississippi Business Journal – Dec. 18
USM has also joined with three other universities—Clemson University in South Carolina, Texas Christian University and the University of Alabama–to create the Advanced Economic Development Leadership executive education course, an experiential two-week program designed specifically for mid- and senior-level economic developers who want to examine contemporary issues on a deeper level.
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