Capstone Camp to Offer Summer Classes at UA

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama is offering a touch of college life to children and adults through the summer program, Capstone Camp.

Capstone Camp, a program taught by University of Alabama honors undergraduate and graduate students, offers students non-credit classes which usually last 2-3 weeks. The sessions will run June 5-Aug. 4 and are scheduled in the morning and afternoon depending on the particular class. The classes are designed to provide an introduction to University life and the campus. Registration for courses begins on April 3.

The camp primarily caters to the needs of students in grades 7-12. However, two divisions have been created to fit the needs of other individuals. Capstone Kids is a program designed to offer students in grades K-6 courses more suitable to their needs such as art, computers and the environment. Capstone Nights offers courses in the evenings for adults who would like to learn more about things such as personal finance and the Internet.

Capstone Camp offers three groups of classes to the students. The technology group includes classes such as Beginning and Advanced Webpage Design, Webpage Scripting, Introduction to Computer Programming and Introduction to Microsoft Office. These classes are designed to educate students on the latest developments in computer technology. The language program offers beginning and advanced students language instruction in a fun, creative way, by focusing on conversation rather than grammar. Some of the languages to be offered include French, Spanish and Russian. The Arts and Sciences group includes a variety of courses such as Introduction to Acting, ACT Prep, Leadership Development and Creative Writing.

The counselors for Capstone Camp are UA college students who have a special knowledge they desire to share with students of all ages. All counselors design their own classes and choose the time and dates that they want to offer their classes. Course offerings along with dates and times will be announced on April 3.

For more information about Capstone Camp, please call Tiffany Ferguson at 205/347-3173.


Carin Charles or Linda Hill, Office of Media Relations, 205/348-8325


Tiffany Ferguson, 205/347-3173