Jennifer Feltman

Associate Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture

Feltman is a specialist of French Gothic architecture and sculpture, and a member of Chantier Scientifique de Notre Dame, the group of researchers officially authorized by the French Ministry of Culture – CNRS to study the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris as it is being restored. Her research addresses issues of the restoration of Gothic cathedrals, uses of virtual reality (VR) in cultural heritage and education, and the interpretation of imagery in stone sculpture of cathedrals.

She is available for media inquiries on the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and all aspects of Gothic sculpture and architecture.Her publications include “The North Transept of Reims Cathedral: Design, Construction, and Visual Programs” (Routledge 2016), “The Long Lives of Medieval Art and Architecture” (Routledge, 2019), and “Moral Theology and the Cathedral: Sculptural Program of the Last Judgment in France, ca.1200-1240,” (Brepols, forthcoming).

College College of Arts and Sciences

Department Art and Art History


Jennifer Feltman