Closer Than You Think

  • December 18, 2001

How are Portugal, Escambia County, Ala., and researchers in The University of Alabama’s Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies related? Well, each plays a role in this nation’s efforts to improve the recovery of domestic oil. And this is quickly becoming a near vital effort.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Scientists Today

  • December 17, 2001

Each summer, some of America’s best and brightest students spend 10 weeks at The University of Alabama, taking part in intensive undergraduate research programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

New Breed of Detectives

  • December 1, 2001

Health in human beings is strongly affected by culture and societal influences. From the social value of food to the impact of economic hardship on families, and from the existence of ancient battle wounds to discovering the presence of diseases long ago, medical anthropologists seek to find the clues and connections behind the overall health of individuals today and throughout history.

Under-Appreciated River is Home to One of Continent’s Most Endangered Animals

  • November 19, 2001

Unlike its well-publicized and environmentally troubled neighbor, the Cahaba, Alabama’s Sipsey River doesn’t get much attention. But a pair of University of Alabama researchers, who recently studied portions of the Sipsey’s biodiversity, say waiting until environmental problems arise before appreciating the area’s richness would be a mistake.

Intelligent Solutions

  • November 3, 2001

A team of researchers at The University of Alabama thinks answers to traffic problems in Birmingham and other U.S. cities lie in today’s advanced technology, answers that will produce safer highways, less congestion, more efficient commuting, quicker emergency response, and fewer frayed nerves.

Insights into the Mind

  • October 7, 2001

Computer games developed by a pair of University of Alabama psychology professors are giving researchers a clearer understanding of the learning problems children with autism face and could lead to development of the first performance-based test to diagnose the neurological disability.

Shelter from the Storm

  • October 6, 2001

You never know when they might come, but when severe weather events do occur, these devastating storms can rob families of their homes, their possessions, and sometimes their lives.

Physics Professors Seeking Clues to Tiniest of Elements

  • September 20, 2001

Neutrinos are among the most elusive particles known to man, yet these tiny elements have been giving scientists big headaches for many years. In fact the word neutrino, which even sounds small, is an Italian diminutive invented by the scientist Enrico Fermi.


  • September 18, 2001

It was hard to know which was hotter, the pepper sauce, the sweltering Louisiana temperatures or the secrets being unearthed.