Republican Primary Debate

The Republican National Committee will host the fourth Republican primary debate Dec. 6 in the Moody Music Building.  

The University welcomes the RNC and its presidential candidates for their upcoming primary debate. As a public institution, UA promotes free speech and facilitates numerous opportunities for civil discourse and presentation of ideas. Our campus is honored to serve as a neutral site for the debate, and hosting the event is not an endorsement of any candidate or political party. 

Any impact on campus activities and classes should be minimal.

The University is serving as the venue for the event. The RNC will manage the debate with its media partner, NewsNation

The University is not managing the event or tickets. The RNC controls all tickets for its event.

Exterior of Moody Music Building
Moody Music Building

Info for Media

Media inquiries about the event should be directed to NewsNation.

Media inquiries about UA and areas for non-credentialed media should be directed to Alex House.

Media Visiting Campus

  • No filming inside buildings or facilities without Strategic Communications prior approval/accompanying.
  • Do not enter classrooms or academic facilities; classes are still in session.
  • No filming inside Greek houses and residential buildings due to federal privacy compliance concerns.
  • Do not fly drones without prior approval with registration – especially near events.
  • Park in designated areas only. Strategic Communications can provide parking instructions.
  • Visitors and attendees are subject to all campus policies, including no weapons.

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The University of Alabama strives to remain neutral on public policy issues. Strategic Communications may facilitate interviews or share opinions expressed by faculty, staff, students, or other individuals regarding policy matters. However, those opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the University or its leadership, and do not constitute a statement on behalf of the University unless explicitly designated.