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Well-known UA Professor, Administrator Robert H. Garner Dies

Thousands of University of Alabama "baby boom" era students remember Dr. Robert H. Garner – either as the teacher of many undergraduate chemistry classes or as one of the University’s most sought-out advisers who...

September 21, 2004

No Tax Reform for Alabama in 2004; Republicans to Sweep State

Don't expect Alabama's governor or legislature to present another new tax package like the one soundly defeated in 2003, says University of Alabama political expert Dr. William Stewart.

December 15, 2003

Look for Continued Strength in Housing Market, but Below the Pace of Past Three Years

Housing sales, both for existing homes and new homes, have set records for the past three years, despite predictions by economists that the housing market could not continue expanding and that home prices would...

December 15, 2003

Preppy Fashion, Dresses will be Back in 2004; Men’s Fashion Also in the Spotlight

While predicting fashion trends has become increasingly difficult in recent years, a University of Alabama professor of clothing and design says you can still look for clues to fashion in the way Americans are...

December 15, 2003

Sex and Violence on Network Television will Continue to Increase

American television shows will continue their gradual trend toward more sex, vulgar language and violence, all in the name of audience market share and competition with cable channels, says noted television programming researcher and...

December 15, 2003

Coming Years will Bring More World-Wide Pandemics

Increasing population densities and lack of access to health care will contribute to an increase in world-wide disease outbreaks in the coming years, predicts Dr. John Higginbotham, epidemiologist and associate professor of community and...

December 15, 2003

OPEC Threats will Drive Up Gas Prices

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may decide to raise gas prices in the coming year due to a decrease in crude oil supply, says Dr. Peter Clark, associate professor of chemical...

December 15, 2003

Look for State Economy to Grow Next Year; Textiles and Apparel to Remain Gloomy

Alabama's economy is expected to grow by 3.8 percent in 2004 with real output, the total value of goods and services produced and expressed in 1996 dollars, rising to $121.6 billion, according to Dr....

December 15, 2003

Pension Plans at Stake as Congress, Courts Consider Issues

The future of American workers' pensions will be at stake in 2004 as legal and legislative decisions are made during the year, a University of Alabama pension expert says.

December 15, 2003

Alzheimer’s ‘Cocktail Therapy’ Expected in 2004

Americans will see the beginning of "cocktail drug therapy" for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in 2004, say Drs. Lou Burgio and Lucinda Roff, co-directors of The University of Alabama's Center for Mental Health...

December 15, 2003

New Motor Trends Include Hybrid Electric Vehicles and More Diesel Engines

While sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are the most popular vehicles on the market today, two University of Alabama engineering professors predict hybrid electric vehicles will join the SUV upsurge next year.

December 15, 2003

More Computer Viruses, Less SPAM Predicted for 2004

As if 2003 did not experience enough computer problems, three University of Alabama computer science professors predict there is more to come for computer viruses and SPAM in 2004.

December 15, 2003

2004 will be ‘The Year of the Internet Wars’ as Congress and Terrorists Enter the Fray

E-commerce is reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce to have ballooned to about $55 billion in 2003 — accounting for nearly 1.5 percent of all retail sales in the United States — but...

December 15, 2003

Roy Moore to ‘Take His Show on the Road’ in 2004

Ousted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore will "take his show on the road" in 2004, seeking test cases to keep the Ten Commandments issue before the courts and support for a constitutional amendment to...

December 15, 2003

Iraq to Cost Bush Re-Election, Barring Dramatic Changes

One year ago, a University of Alabama expert in military and political affairs predicted that war in Iraq in 2003 would equal defeat for President George W. Bush in the 2004 election. Now, some...

December 15, 2003