Environment & Nature

Two people with scientific equipment next to a stream.

UA Contributing Solutions to Wastewater Treatment in Rural Alabama

Engineering researchers at The University of Alabama are part of a prestigious project to demonstrate effective solutions to raw sewage draining into the waterways of the state’s Black Belt region.

Two men and a woman stand for a photograph in front of a building.

UA-Led Study of Southeastern Groundwater Assists Water Management

The University of Alabama is leading a 4-year, $6 million project to conduct groundwater research that will provide new scientific insights and make useful groundwater water predictions for the Southeast.

A tadpole is in a small pool of water inside the spiral of leaves of a plant.

Disruption to Tiny Life Can Lead to Big Changes in Warmer Climate

New research from The University of Alabama supports the growing consensus that, while some animals will find it difficult to adjust to predicted warmer temperatures, a more widespread effect of a changing climate is disruption in how ecosystems function.

A blue-gloved hand works on a lab bench inserting materials in a beaker.

Four Professors Receive Early Career Research Awards

Over the summer, four professors at The University of Alabama received national recognition early in their careers for innovative research that will increase understanding of our world while boosting UA’s educational mission.

A muddy creek under a blue sky with tall trees on its banks.

UA Researchers Part of National Project to Study Intermittent Streams

Biologists at The University of Alabama are part of a national research project that addresses water quality at the critical connection between streams that flow continuously and those with intermittent flow.

Dry, parched earth

UA Researchers Provide U.S. Drought Vulnerability Rankings

According to UA research, drought vulnerability comes from a combination of how susceptible a state is to drought and whether it’s prepared for impacts. The most and least vulnerable states could surprise.

A portrait of a man in front of an aquarium.

UA, Auburn, Others Join for Antarctic Biological Research

Twenty scientists soon embark on a 14-week voyage to study unexplored Antarctic waters to improve understanding of biodiversity undergoing rapid changes because of a changing climate.

A dragonfly is held on the finger of a human hand.

UA Part of National Project to Study Dragonfly, Damselfly Evolution

An international team of researchers that includes The University of Alabama are collecting and analyzing data for the insect order that contains dragonflies and damselflies.

Man poses for photo in wetlands.

UA Researcher Studying Link Between Pollutants and Hermaphroditic Fish

Pollution and chemical imbalances in water could have an adverse effect in fish that live among the mangrove trees along the Florida coast. Dr. Ryan Earley and his students are charting multiple courses to determine what causes changes in how the fish function.

The sun sits on the horizon above the ice-laden sea off the coast of Antarctica.

The Last Frontier

Antarctica’s unique role helps UA research push boundaries of discovery.