UA Preview — April 15-21, 2024


Alabama Cyber Institute Leadership 

The Alabama Cyber Institute at The University of Alabama has reemerged under new leadership and strategic vision and is positioned to be a leader in computationally focused research. 

Why This Matters: ACI aims to advance computational research and empower UA faculty-led research that supports the University’s key research institutes in water, transportation, life research and materials, with plans to expand into new focus areas in the future. 

Youth Summer Camps 

UA will offer a variety of youth summer camps for children and teenagers from around the state and nation that provide engaging learning opportunities. 

Why This Matters: With options featuring a wide range of subject matter and activities, UA Youth Programs’ summer camps offer something for all children and teenagers. Around 20,000 youth participated in UA summer camps last year. 

Rural Health Conference 

The UA College of Community Health Sciences will host the 23rd annual Rural Health Conference April 17-18 at the Bryant Conference Center. This year’s event is titled, “Turning the Tide… On Individual, Domestic, and Community Violence.” 

Why This Matters: The Rural Health Conference focuses on health care issues relevant to rural communities. Each year, the conference provides a platform for health care professionals, community leaders, researchers, government officials and representatives of faith-based organizations who come together to hear from prominent speakers and share critical information and knowledge about the health disparities that impact rural Alabama. 

RISE Center Fundraisers 

The UA RISE Center will host the RISE Tournament of Champions April 18-19 to support fundraising efforts to help provide transformational opportunities to its students.  

Why This Matters: There are six RISE programs across the country and RISE Tuscaloosa is the only program that does not charge tuition to families with children who have special needs. Fundraisers like the golf and tennis tournaments are crucial to the school’s success. 

Goldwater Scholars 

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program has selected University of Alabama students Jackson Maxwell, Lena Seyfarth and Michael Zengel as Goldwater Scholars for 2024-2025. 

Why This Matters: By providing scholarships to college students who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering, the Goldwater Foundation is helping ensure that the U.S. is producing the number of highly qualified professionals the nation needs in these critical fields. 

Graduate School Centennial 

The UA Graduate School and Graduate Council are celebrating 100 years at the Capstone. 

Why This Matters: The UA Graduate School provides transformational advanced education opportunities with enrollments continuing to grow in recent years, alongside the growth in research and UA’s relatively new Research-1 status. 


Yunte Huang Lecture, Book Signing and Discussion 

April 15-16; Gorgas Library Yellowhammer Room 

She Loves Me 

April 18-21; Marian Gallaway Theatre 

Huxford Symphony Orchestra and University Choirs 

April 18; Moody Music Building Concert Hall 

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