UA Preview — Nov. 6-12, 2023


EXPANDING ALABAMA MURAL TRAIL OFFERS PASSPORT WITH PRIZES — With nearly 300 Instaworthy spots to visit, the Alabama Mural Trail is growing, and travelers now have another reason — other than a great selfie — to explore the trail. With the new, free digital passport, travelers can earn points to exchange for prizes by visiting a selection of murals on the trail, which is led by The University of Alabama Center for Economic Development in partnership with several state tourism and economic development organizations. For more information, contact Alex House, UA Strategic Communications, at  

UA LEADING PROJECT TO GIVE EV BATTERIES SECOND LIFE — Batteries for electric vehicles will find a second life in EV charging stations under a project led by The University of Alabama. With $4 million in support from the United States Department of Energy, UA is partnering with Alabama Power and Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc. to develop and demonstrate ways to use older EV batteries, extending their usable life and reducing their carbon footprint while lessening demand on power grids. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at


TRANSITION TO SHORTER DAYS CAN BE A STRUGGLE FOR SOME — “The effects of daylight savings time, or DST, are more than just seeing less sunlight,” said Dr. John Burkhardt, associate professor with UA’s department of psychiatry and behavioral medicine. “It can disrupt an individual’s circadian rhythms altering their sleep/wake cycle, which can cause sleep debt, and hormone levels. For individuals living with major depression, seasonal affective disorder or other mood disorders, this can be an unwelcome long dark period. These disorders are known to have effects like increasing depression and anxiety, fatigue, isolation, decreased drive, and in some cases suicidal ideations. A few recommendations to combat DST’s effects include using a light box or being outside in the morning throughout the time change to offset reduced sunlight exposure, maintaining your current sleep schedule and daily routines, practicing good sleep hygiene, staying physically active, and tracking your personal experiences during this time to make other necessary adjustments.” To schedule an interview, contact Burkhardt at


VETERANS DAY 5K — The UA ROTC programs will hold their annual 5K run to commemorate the valor and dedication of military veterans Nov. 10 at 5:45 a.m. at the Bureau of Mines Building 1 on the UA campus. The event is free and trophies will be awarded to the fastest male and female participants.  

JULIUS CAESAR — The UA department of theatre and dance presents “Julius Caesar” Nov. 6-11 at 7:30 p.m., and Nov. 12 at 2 p.m. in the Allen Bales Theatre. Travel back in time with Shakespeare’s unforgettable masterpiece. The production is directed by Seth Panitch, head of acting programs and professor of acting. Panitch has worked as a professional actor, director, playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker. His directorial work has been performed off-Broadway, at several Shakespeare festivals across the country, and at the National Theatre of Cuba. 

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