UA Preview — May 13-19, 2024


First Udall Scholar in 23 Years 

Benjamin Trost, a junior from Tuscaloosa, was among 55 college students from around the nation to receive the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship which identifies future leaders in environmental, tribal public policy and health care fields. 

Why This Matters: The Udall Undergraduate Scholarship honors the legacies of Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall, whose careers had a significant impact on Native American self-governance, health care, and the stewardship of public lands and natural resources. The scholarship is highly competitive, with students participating in their schools’ internal competitions before receiving consideration from the Udall Foundation. 

Summer Road Closures, Changes 

UA will have several road closures and lane adjustments on campus this summer. 

Why This Matters: Construction projects ramp up over the summer months with less volume on campus.  

Youth Summer Camps 

UA will offer a variety of youth summer camps for children and teenagers from around the state and nation that provide engaging learning opportunities. 

Why This Matters: With options featuring a wide range of subject matter and activities, UA Youth Programs’ summer camps offer something for all children and teenagers. Around 20,000 youth participated in UA summer camps last year. 


Dr. John Abbott is an entomology expert who can talk about the billions of 13-year and 17-year cycle cicadas emerging. 


Peeping through the Doors and Windows: Selections from the Permanent Collection 

Open through June 15; Sarah Moody Gallery of Art 

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