Thank-you notes Senior Instructor Susan Daria has received over the years.

The Term is Almost Over. Thank Those Who Helped You Get Here

If you’re nearing the end of your college career, or just closing out another successful year, formally thanking your professors is a great way to show appreciation to those who have influenced your academic career. 

It may seem like a very small gesture, but thank-you notes always meant a lot to me, since we do much of our work without direct feedback. 

Dr. Daniel Novak, associate professor of English and director of English undergraduate studies.

A traditional thank-you note sent through the mail is a unique and personal way to express your gratitude. This can be either with personal stationery with your name and return address written on the card, or just a simple thank-you card that can be bought from the grocery store.  

It doesn’t take a lot of money for the note to mean a lot to its recipient.  

Professor Daria holding a thank you note
Susan Daria, a senior instructor in the College of Communication and Information Science’s Advertising and Public Relations Department has gotten many thank-you notes from students over the years.

“Handwritten notes have a personality, warmth and gravitas that computer screens do not,” said Millie Chastain, UA College of Human Environmental Sciences alumna and director of the Protocol School of Alabama. “Handwritten and mailed thank-you notes are rare in modern society, and the fact that you spent time preparing a note tells teachers that they have made a lasting difference in you.”

The note should be brief and quickly explain your appreciation and gratitude toward the recipient. It is a “simple yet powerful way to acknowledge and appreciate the kindness, help or generosity of others,” Chastain said. 

How to Address Letters to UA Professors 

Many students rarely send letters and are even less likely to mail a letter to a university. Below is an address template and a link to the departmental mail stop codes and box numbers so you can make sure your letter makes it safely to its recipient. 
Address Template for UA Staff Members/Professors 

 Recipient’s Name 

Department Name 

Box 870XXX (replace with box number) 

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-(last 4 digits of box number) 

I have received many thank-you notes from students over the years. Emails are great and handwritten notes are great and easy to hang on to as evidence that we’re doing something right. Teaching can be difficult, and many of us aren’t sure if we’re getting through or making an impact. This type of communication from students shows us that we are making a difference, and it means more than students realize.

Dr. Brooke McKeever, Chair, Department of Advertising and Public Relations 

Writing a simple thank-you note takes up a tiny amount of time during your day but can repay you in dividends. Professors may be more likely to write you a letter of recommendation or act as a reference. Most importantly, it’s just a nice thing to do and a great way to thank your professors for all the work they’ve done to advance the academic experience of you and hundreds — if not thousands — of other scholars across the state and nation.