Dr. Bell addresses the crowd at Spring Campus Assembly

‘It’s Because of You’: Campus Assembly Honors Faculty, Staff 

With more than 440 universities in the U.S. to choose from, why do prospective students choose UA? That is the question President Stuart R. Bell posed to faculty and staff during Spring Campus Assembly April 17. 

“You are the answer to the question,” he said. “Each of you plays a pivotal role as a legacy builder, as a legend builder. … You are the architects of the shared vision and mission that we have at The University of Alabama.” 

The semiannual event gathered colleagues from across campus to celebrate faculty, staff and University achievements of the past year. The presidents of Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Assembly, the Office, Clerical and Technical Staff Assembly and Student Government Association shared updates from their organizations. 

Head Football Coach Kalen DeBoer also made a special appearance, sharing his appreciation for all faculty and staff do to ensure student-athletes’ success off the field.  

Keeping with tradition, two employees were recognized with University awards for their outstanding contributions to the Capstone.  

E. Roger Sayers Distinguished Service Award 

Dr. Bell and Bob Pierce holding his award

Bob Pierce, vice president for the Division of Advancement, received the E. Roger Sayers Distinguished Service Award.  

This award pays tribute to Dr. E. Roger Sayers, who served as president of The University of Alabama from 1988 to 1996, and it is bestowed upon faculty and exempt administrative personnel who have demonstrated exceptional dedication in advancing the University’s mission. 

In his eight years on campus, Pierce has been pivotal in crafting policies and procedures that redefined operational standards while fostering meaningful relationships with donors that deepen their connection to the University.

His role in orchestrating The Rising Tide Capital Campaign, characterized by visionary leadership, has left a lasting mark on UA’s legacy. Despite his sometimes behind-the-scenes endeavors, Pierce humbly attributes the campaign’s success to the collective efforts of others.

Pierce’s commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity is evident in every interaction, and he inspires high expectations and innovation among staff, motivating them to reach new heights and contribute positively to the division’s growth.  

 As one nomination attested, “Pierce exemplifies the epitome of a development professional, making giving a true joy. His leadership sets a standard worth emulating, earning him the admiration of colleagues and donors alike.” 

Dr. Minnie C. Miles Endowed Excellence Award 

Dr. Bell with Teri Terry, holding her award

Teri Terry, executive director for OTIDE information technology in the Office for Academic Affairs, received the Dr. Minnie C. Miles Endowed Excellence Award.  
This award pays tribute to Dr. Minnie C. Miles, a dedicated business faculty member who served The University of Alabama for 36 years, from 1942 to 1978, and recognizes exempt, non-faculty administrative employees who consistently go above and beyond in their roles, exceeding the expectations set for their positions while embodying the University’s mission. 
Terry is described as epitomizing commitment and innovation throughout her tenure at UA. Consistently praised for her unwavering dedication, she has advanced enrollment efficiencies and cultivated an environment that fosters continuous growth.   

Beyond her professional achievements, Terry was recognized for her enthusiastic commitment to personal and professional growth. Colleagues speak of her impact with awe, finding her leadership inspiring and energizing.   

As one nomination poignantly reflected, Terry’s impending retirement on July 2, 2024, marks the end of an era defined by integrity, leadership, quality service, campus collaboration and unwavering customer care. A poem by one of her colleagues captured the sentiment: “She has given her best to Bama — helping countless people along the way. Teri Terry is both a leader and a legend — And I am so thankful for all she has done for UA.” 

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