An overhead shot of URCA attendees walking around the Bryant Conference Center.

45 Students Honored for Research Presentations

This year’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference at The University of Alabama shined a light on the tremendous efforts in creativity and research performed by 550 UA undergraduates.

The event, which has grown alongside undergraduate students’ interest in research, highlights students’ work and helps them polish their communication skills.

This year’s winners by category include:

An Exploratory Study of Profile Imagery in Pick-Up Weaving
Kittson Hamill
Mentor: Dr. Virginia Wimberley

Cultural Threads: Exploring the Interplay of Social Norms and Design Preferences
Crystal Nichols
Mentor: Dr. Laurl Self

Unraveling the Threads: Understanding Fiber Fragmentation of Synthetic Textiles
Emilia Oblites
Mentor: Dr. Amanda Thompson

Moth Holes – BFA Thesis Exhibition
Samantha Norris
Mentor: Dr. Craig Wedderspoon

Preserving History, Step by Step: The Rehousing Journey of a Women’s Shoe Collection in The Fashion Archive
Kaylen Ruffin, Jamie Papazis and Paige Becwar
Mentor: Dr. Marcy L. Koontz

Saving Small Businesses: Solving the Small Business Ownership Succession Challenge
Kristen Neill
Mentor: Dr. Paul L. Drnevich

Perceptions of Opponent’s IQ and Rational Play
Timothy Alexander
Mentor: Dr. Tigran Melkonyan

Examining Consumer Protection from Multi-level Marketing Schemes within the Amway Standard
Brandon Suerth
Mentor: Dr. Luke Herrine

How Choices and Behavior of Others Affect Individual Portfolio Allocation
Izabella Melkonyan
Mentor: Dr. Paan Jindapon

The Motivations and Benefits of Undergraduate Research: A Systematic Review
Andrew Fickel, Jacob Kelley and Nick Elwing
Mentors: Dr. Todd Smith & Dr. Nathan Culmer

Conversational Agents Supporting Heritage Language Literacy in Western Alabama: A Neurocognitive Study of Sociolinguistic Factors
Aparna Bhooshanan and Addison Miller
Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang

Do Adjacent Letters Elicit a P3 Response?
Shelby Ballard
Mentor: Dr. Firat Soylu

Tree-ring Based Reconstructions of Tennessee Valley Steam Flow Applying Machine Learning
Kylie Overton
Mentor: Dr. Glenn Tootle

Data and Text Analytics to Identify Sex Trafficking Victims in Escort Reviews
Bailey Liddle
Mentors: Dr. Nick Freeman and Dr. Greg Bott

Acid Catalyzed Acetalization: A New Pairing for an Old Reaction
Katherine Perkinson
Mentor: Dr. James Harris

Catalyzing Engineering Entrepreneurship with Generative AI
Hunter Enders
Mentor: Dr. Peter Ludovice

Understanding Brain Metastatic Breast Cancer and Macrophage Interactions by Coculture Studies
Kyra Berger 
Mentors: Dr. Shreyas Rao and Dr. Sumiran Gurung

Characterization of SAP in Group B Streptococcus as a Novel Virulence Factor Contributing to Bacterial Meningitis
Aidan Flanagan and Jacob Wood
Mentor: Dr. Brandon Kim

Systematic Review: Impact of Psychological Pain Interventions on Depression in Older Adults
Lindsey Moon, Isabella Rabban and Lydia Fisher
Mentor: Dr. Avani Shah

The Relationship Between Concussion Symptom Clusters and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescent Male Football Players
Skylar Billings
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Wallace

Determining the Efficacy of “Concussion Bingo” as an Educational Intervention Among High School Football Athletes Within Alabama
Wesley Bryant
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Wallace

Effect of Brewing and Storage on Quality of Teas
Sara Ghulamani
Mentor: Dr. Lingyan Kong

Prosecuting a New Type of Crime: The Emergence of Computer Misuse Laws in the United Kingdom
Annika Lee
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Lockwood

Mary: How Trauma Shaped Motherhood in Slavery on UA’s Campus
Avery Ham
Mentor: Dr. Jenny Shaw

Queer Identity and Agency in the Japanese House’s “In the End it Always Does”
Abigail Byrd
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Robinson

Accelerating Precision Medicine with Undergraduates: Harnessing A.I. to Uncover Treatments for Rare Genetic Disorders
Ashley Ferguson
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Might

Impact of Environmental Variables in the Evolution of Plant-Pollinator Associations
Jenna Anger
Mentor: Dr. Michael McKain

Understanding the Interaction of Mg29 and RyR2 as They Relate to T-Tubule Organization and Cardiovascular Pathologies
Patrick Moore
Mentor: Dr. R. Nathan Correll

Investigation of Half-Metallicity in Mn2CoAl Thin Films
Riley Nold
Mentor: Dr. Adam Hauser

Synthesis and Photochemical Characterization of Two Novel Polypyridyl Ruthenium Compounds for Phototherapeutic Anticancer Applications
Pieter Boer
Mentor: Dr. Timothy Snowden

Using Foraminifera to Provide a Paleoclimate Analysis of Offshore Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers
Colton Byrne
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Totten

Variability of the Bering Sea Radiocarbon Reservoir Effect
William Holland
Mentor: Dr. Fred Andrus

Investigating the Trajectories of Magnetic Monopoles in the Galactic Magnetic Environment Using Monte Carlo Simulations
Cole Christie
Mentor: Dr. Igor Ostrovskiy

Race and Place: The Tension Between Deservingness and Citizens’ Benefits
Julia Dominguez
Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Davis

In the Shadows: How Stolen Black Labor Funded White Medical Treatment at Alabama Mental Hospitals
Zachary Bourg
Mentor: Dr. Erik Peterson

It Takes a Village: Modeling Collaborative Perinatal Healthcare in Alabama
Chloe Kaplan
Mentor: Dr. Holly Horan

Systematic Review: Impact of Psychological Interventions for Pain in Older African Americans
McKenzie Brown
Mentor: Dr. Avani Shah


Jennifer Brady, UA Strategic Communications,