UA Preview — March 18-24, 2024


Space and Aviation Scholars 

Three University of Alabama students were among 47 from around the nation selected for the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship

Why This Matters: The Brooke Owens Fellowship is a nationally acclaimed nonprofit program that awards exceptional women and gender minorities with an internship in the fields of space and aviation. 

Doomsday Glacier 

Dr. Rebecca Totten, associate professor in the department of geological sciences, is part of an international, multi-institutional team that discovered the start of the “Doomsday Glacier’s” recent retreat dates to the 1940s. 

Why This Matters: According to researchers, Thwaites Glacier plays a vital role in regulating the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and, thus, global sea-level rise. If the glacier were to collapse entirely, global sea levels are predicted to rise by 25 inches and have an impact on waters close to home. 

Capital Campaign 

UA’s Rising Tide capital campaign is setting a new standard for higher education within the state of Alabama, now aiming for an unprecedented $1.8 billion. 

Why This Matters: Having achieved its initial target of $1.5 billion in late February, the University is now embarking on The Rising Tide 2.0 — a 20% increase in the campaign’s goal, to be reached by the original end date of Sept. 30, 2026. 


Entrepreneur Resource Groups 

March 19; The EDGE 

Sakura Festival 

March 23; Warner Transportation Museum 

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