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Fall 2023 Degree Candidates Announced

More than 2,000 graduates will earn their degrees this fall and be honored at the fall 2023 commencement ceremonies Saturday, Dec. 16.

The graduates represent 17 countries, 43 states and 61 Alabama counties.

Name City State Nation Degree
Kimberly Pena RojasEielson AfbAKBachelor of Science
Gerri Lyn DavisKetchikanAKMaster of Arts
Jon A. Horton, Jr.AkronALB S in Civil Engineering
Haley Heckman BeechAlabasterALDoctor of Philosophy
Georgette Marie ScottAlabasterALBachelor of Arts
James R. DanielsAlabasterALB S Commerce Business Admin
Hailey Kathryn WhiteAlabasterALB S in Education
Amber Leigh MillerAlabasterALMaster of Arts
Dominique C. ChatmanAlabasterALB S in Human Environ Science
Joel B. WootenAlbertvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Nahom Seyefe WorkalemahuAlbertvilleALB S in Electrical Engineering
Haley Elizabeth YorkAlbertvilleALDoctor of Philosophy
Thomas K. HumphreyAlexander CityALB S Commerce Business Admin
Christopher K. GrahamAlexander CityALBachelor of Arts
Loraina S. LacksAlexandriaALBachelor of Science
Jessi M. LathamAlicevilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Nealey E. SikesAndalusiaALBachelor of Arts
Molly P. StewartAndalusiaALMaster of Arts
Connor Brian LawsonAndalusiaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Emma B. OwsleyAnnistonALB S in Nursing
Dalauna Gordon DatesAnnistonALBachelor of Science
Hailey K. WhiteAnnistonALB S in Nursing
Elizabeth Hadley SmithAnnistonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Holden Daniel AbernathyAnnistonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tyde A. LacherAnnistonALBachelor of Arts
Cooper S. MontgomeryAnnistonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Bryan A. VanegasArabALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jeffrey L. KennamerArabALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Karla R. HiceArdmoreALB S Commerce Business Admin
Makenna Brooke BeardAshvilleALB S in Nursing
Brooklynn T. ColemanAthensALBachelor of Arts
Summer M. PerryAthensALB S in Nursing
Ashlynn Grace McMahanAthensALMaster of Arts
Devin M. CainAthensALBachelor of Arts
Anna G. JanesAtmoreALB S Commerce Business Admin
James M. HenleyAtmoreALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kelly Long LynchAuburnALMaster of Science
Jacob C. WatersAuburnALB S Commerce Business Admin
Maegan Victoria McCaneAxisALMaster of Arts
Maegan Victoria McCaneAxisALMaster of Public Health
Olivia G. SteegeBay MinetteALBachelor of Science
Allyson B. OdomBessemerALB S Commerce Business Admin
Trenton W. SavageBessemerALB S in Nursing
Rakilah L. GipsonBessemerALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kayla J. SealsBessemerALBachelor of Science
Tamera Floyd MaysBessemerALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Kaleb A. KingBessemerALBachelor of Arts Communication
Victoria Abigail WellinghurstBessemerALMaster of Science
Jordan T. KingBessemerALBachelor of Science
Alexander Nicholas KossmannBessemerALB S Commerce Business Admin
Emily E. RayBessemerALB S in Education
Zachary Sidney ElliottBessemerALB S in Education
Tyler W. ChanceyBessemerALBachelor of Science
Adriana ChavezBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Courtney Quiana ChismBirminghamALDoctor of Social Work
Payton Manon NobleBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Polly H. ForrestallBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
A'Mya Tanay LewisBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Taylor HunterBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Blake D. RothBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Gracie Katherine RothBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
William J. ChristopherBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jasmine LaJoi FowlerBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Colton B. ArringtonBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Madison Kay HydeBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Dutch Adams FreemanBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Russell M. ThomasBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ryan A. IngleBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Hinton N. LivingsBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lutheria M. JacksonBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Morgan D. SandersBirminghamALB S in Education
Sarah A. BarkerBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Abraham JaimesBirminghamALB S in Civil Engineering
Kaddyjatou JallowBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Will F. CookBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Saleena S. JanBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Julia G. CorcoranBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Luke C. LydaBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Aliyah L. JohnsonBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Jack R. MajewskiBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Benjamin Byington BeldenBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Trey Aristide JohnsonBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Kenneth TrucksBirminghamALDoctor of Education
Mary D. TurnerBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Jermeria N. BennettBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Isabella N. CrimBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Abby T. GonzalezBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Mason J. BergBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Smitkumar PatelBirminghamALMaster of Science
Emily MartinBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Takyia Kamille CunninghamBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Isabella M. SeoaneBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Erin Nicole JonesBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Kennedy S. PavlovBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Jameson P. JonseofBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Walter F. VetranoBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kaiya S. JordanBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Charles S. MazeBirminghamALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Lewis Grey DavieBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Michael M. McClurgBirminghamALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Bobby Jamal Keahey, Jr.BirminghamALBachelor of Science
Kathryne L. SidesBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Michael H. GurleyBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Daryl D. DeeterBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Jade Deneen McGeeBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Amagee U. SimsBirminghamALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Lauren R. KhieuBirminghamALBachelor of Science
William Benjamen McGuckenBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Jonathan Paul PlaiaBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Gabrielle E. MckayBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Taylor Gabrielle PlayerBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Dalton A. BrewerBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Natasha DilworthBirminghamALBachelor of Social Work
Jason R. KimbroughBirminghamALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Gaquincy Alan McKinstryBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Baylor J. WeldyBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Erin E. SmithBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Vincent C. WestBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Maxwell H. DonaldsonBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Justice E. SmithBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Henry Hain McPhersonBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Shelby Bryanna SmithBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel DoudBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Bennett H. WhisenhuntBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tannor William DowdsBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sara E. PriborskyBirminghamALB S in Education
James D. Harris IVBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauron Brooke KnightonBirminghamALMaster Library Infor Studies
Elizabeth Ann HartBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Donna Lee DukeBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Aaron Paul DunnBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tamika Sturgeon DunningBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Cedric D. Sparks, Jr.BirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Caleb A. MillsBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Aisha Monikee BurrowBirminghamALDoctor of Social Work
Madison E. MillsBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Matthew EddlemanBirminghamALMaster of Arts
Juanita BurtsBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Timerri L. WilliamsBirminghamALBachelor of Science
Sterling W. Edwards, Jr.BirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Leon W. Edwards IIIBirminghamALB S in Human Environ Science
Madison Bailee MinorBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Riley Kenneth BushBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Richard B. BylerBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Mason A. ByrdBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Haley E. StallworthBirminghamALB S in Civil Engineering
Courtney B. HeronBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Brooks R. ReddyBirminghamALMaster of Science
John L. ReedBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Dane J. MoodyBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Connor E. CampbellBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Caleb J. MooreBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Zachary T. ReismanBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Andrew K. HillBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jakarius L. HillBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
James Townsend LasseterBirminghamALMaster Public Administration
Brandon C. StephensBirminghamALMaster of Science
Virginia F. CarneyBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Christopher B. MooreBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Brandon C. StephensBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Aahil HiraniBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cidney EverhartBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Patrick Scott MorrisBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
William J. MorrisonBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lyndia S. StinsonBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Davis L. LawsonBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Braylee N. MossBirminghamALB S in Education
Alyse A. HoltBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Spencer D. CaryBirminghamALB S in Chemical Engineering
Matthew T. WronaBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Caroline E. CaseyBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Catherine E. HoppenjansBirminghamALB S in Nursing
Tyler Brooks RobertsBirminghamALM S Metallurgical Engineering
Adrianna J. CeronmirandaBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kaden E. YarbroughBirminghamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Isabel K. SullivanBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Samantha J. AmersonBirminghamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Erin Monique ChatmanBirminghamALBachelor of Arts
Melanie Nicole Anderson SwansonBirminghamALM S in Human Environ Sciences
Sydney Denise KilpatrickBlackALBachelor of Arts
Williams C. FranklinBlountsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Seth Ray HopperBoazALBachelor of Arts Communication
Brooke MeyerBrantleyALMaster of Science
Tucker L. McdanielBrewtonALBachelor of Science
Caleb C. WhitworthBrewtonALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Sela K. McDonaldBrookwoodALBachelor of Science
Summer L. PriceBrookwoodALB S in Education
Alexander C. CannonBrookwoodALB S Commerce Business Admin
Michelle Leigh FleishmanBrookwoodALBachelor of Arts
Robin L. WardCaleraALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Chandler E. PooleCaleraALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cary M. RobinsonCaleraALBachelor of Arts Communication
Gracie L. WymaCarbon HillALBachelor of Arts Communication
Jasmine K. CunninghamCarrolltonALBachelor of Arts
Rachel E. KnightCatherineALBachelor of Science
Jordyn M. StarrCentreALB S in Nursing
Anna Elizabeth BrownCentrevilleALB S in Nursing
Thomas J. SamsChelseaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cameron W. GageChelseaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Victoria S. SchmerChelseaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauren K. BennettChelseaALBachelor of Science
Madison C. PizzatoChelseaALMaster of Arts
Ella Hope PlaiaChelseaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Charles Stephen HendricksChelseaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Tracey DerryberryCherokeeALBachelor of Science
Taylor J. PopeChildersburgALBachelor of Arts
Elizabeth B. RomanickChunchulaALBachelor of Science
Parker B. McCormickClantonALBachelor of Arts
Abbey Lynne MosesClantonALBachelor of Social Work
Hannah D. WellsClevelandALMaster of Science
Hannah D. WellsClevelandALB S Commerce Business Admin
Adeline Brook SpruiellCokerALBachelor of Science
Jakob D. ClaytonColumbianaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Pamela Collins FlowersCottondaleALB S in Human Environ Science
Reagan Kiley ChristianCottondaleALBachelor of Arts
Johnnie Mae HunterCottondaleALMaster of Arts
Bailey L. FosterCottondaleALBachelor of Science
Matthew J. OsmentCottondaleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Baili Jade GallCottondaleALMaster of Public Health
Hope Marie OwensCottondaleALB S in Education
Myrikle WalkerCottondaleALB S in Education
Jason D. WilsonCottondaleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kirstin L. WilsonCottondaleALB S in Nursing
Nathan T. FladstolCottondaleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Maggie C. GibsonCropwellALBachelor of Science
Carmen J. Tizapa-ZamoraCullmanALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cooper Reese BeckCullmanALB S Commerce Business Admin
Amber GriffinCullmanALBachelor of Science
Jennifer Lee BranchCullmanALMaster Business Administratn
Timothy A. NalleyCullmanALB S in Human Environ Science
Justin M. GravesCussetaALBachelor of Arts
Nyla A. JacksonDaphneALMaster of Science
Christopher WeinbergDaphneALB S in Nursing
Elizabeth BrooksDaphneALMaster of Arts
Allison C. PowersDaphneALB S Commerce Business Admin
Maliyah M. HendersonDaphneALB S in Education
Shanavia L. ReedDaphneALMaster Library Infor Studies
John Timothy SmithDeatsvilleALB S in Nursing
Tamyra R. TidwellDecaturALB S in Nursing
Karli R. PattersonDecaturALB S in Nursing
Reagan Leann GowenDecaturALBachelor of Science
Lauren Audrey McGillickDecaturALB S in Nursing
Addison C. DillardDecaturALB S Commerce Business Admin
Addison J. McNuttDecaturALMaster Business Administratn
Luther A. LindsayDemopolisALB S in Computer Science
Sarah M. VeresDemopolisALB S Metallurgical Engineering
Christina S. CarterDemopolisALB S in Nursing
Trace M. LockeDothanALBachelor of Science
Alyssa M. GabrielsonDothanALB S in Computer Science
Daniel GarciaDothanALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jaala TorrenceDothanALB S in Education
Jordan S. GilbertDothanALB S in Human Environ Science
Emma C. GloverDothanALB S in Education
Laura K. CroftDothanALBachelor of Arts Communication
Riya M. PatelDothanALB S Commerce Business Admin
Caroline S. DeanDothanALJuris Doctor
Katherine J. KeytonDothanALBachelor of Arts
Julie SommerDothanALMaster Business Administratn
Alexis Eburre WilkinsDothanALBachelor of Arts
Michelle MillerDothanALMaster Library Infor Studies
Phillip B. ButterfieldDothanALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sarina Renae WilliamsDothanALBachelor of Arts Communication
Jamesen Pylant HicksDothanALB S in Nursing
Hannah K. FergusonDothanALB S in Education
Sarah K. MurrayDothanALMaster of Science
James E. MooreDouble SpringsALBachelor of Science
Emmy E. RabrenDozierALB S in Civil Engineering
Sarah Catherine ThomasonDuncanvilleALBachelor of Arts
Maxine M. BallDuncanvilleALBachelor of Arts
Bailey Virginia TillmanDuncanvilleALBachelor of Arts
Kaylyn R. MarlowDuncanvilleALB S in Civil Engineering
Jack W. SmalleyDuncanvilleALB S in Nursing
Kathleen BurnettDuncanvilleALMaster of Science
Juliette Ondraya SpurlingDuncanvilleALMaster Library Infor Studies
Mark R. ChapmanDuncanvilleALB S in Computer Science
Sarah Catherine PerkinsEclecticALB S in Computer Science
Emajua Miya-S'niq MauzonEightMileALBachelor of Science
Lauren K. HaleyElbaALB S in Education
Aja D. ReeseElbaALBachelor of Arts
Savannah D. JohnsonElmoreALBachelor of Arts
Joan M. WarnerEnterpriseALBachelor of Music
Emily Ware BrewerEnterpriseALB S in Human Environ Science
Kelaiyah Elaine MitchellEnterpriseALBachelor of Arts
Kirsten Lee StandiferEnterpriseALB S Commerce Business Admin
Anaiya S. HornsbyEnterpriseALBachelor of Social Work
Kimora S. LeggettEnterpriseALBachelor of Social Work
Michael C. GoreEthelsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ursula S. LindseyEufaulaALB S in Human Environ Science
Ashleigh Lauren McKeeEufaulaALBachelor of Science
Le Asia Q. SmithEufaulaALB S in Education
Ariel T. BoykinEvergreenALBachelor of Arts
Tamryn M. PeoplesFairfieldALBachelor of Science
John Hampton Oldshue, Jr.FairhopeALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kaitlin Lamoine FucichFairhopeALBachelor of Arts
Michael Noah BarnardFairhopeALB S Commerce Business Admin
Anna M. BootheFairhopeALB S in Nursing
Meggan Elizabeth McGrewFairhopeALB S in Nursing
Ellie P. BrownFairhopeALBachelor of Arts
Claude D. Harrell IVFairhopeALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lily Elizabeth RadcliffFairhopeALB S in Nursing
Taylor Alexis RawlsFairhopeALB S in Nursing
Davis Fisher RhodesFairhopeALB S in Civil Engineering
Axel A. SwansonFairhopeALBachelor of Arts Communication
Cyrus D. CharpentierFairhopeALB S in Nursing
Elizabeth R. CrowellFayetteALBachelor of Arts
Xavier F. McDougleFayetteALB S Commerce Business Admin
Alexis Mattie LeeFlomatonALBachelor of Arts
William S. RogersFlorenceALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tiffany D. HutchesonFlorenceALB S in Nursing
Hannah K. SchrieberFlorenceALMaster Library Infor Studies
Kiah Brindley HaddockFlorenceALMaster of Arts
Nakya M. WeakleyFlorenceALB S in Education
Joseph P. EgeeFlorenceALMaster of Arts
John David Zachary CalvertFlorenceALB S in Computer Science
Kneeland Homan HibbettFlorenceALBachelor of Arts Communication
Ryan James LandisFlorenceALB S Commerce Business Admin
Shantel Janae FaganFlorenceALB S Commerce Business Admin
Madison B. SwannFlorenceALBachelor of Music
James A. PattersonFoleyALMaster of Arts
Christabel Eneyuma UfotFort MitchellALB S in Nursing
Lorelei J. DeatonFort MitchellALBachelor of Social Work
Lexiss Perez GallegosFort PayneALB S Commerce Business Admin
Allison D. BoboFort PayneALB S in Education
Michael Lee Gullage, Jr.Fort PayneALBachelor of Science
Jed T. ReeceFostersALBachelor of Science
Lydia C. MimsFrisco CityALMaster of Science
Lydia C. MimsFrisco CityALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyleigh R. RichardsonFruitdaleALB S in Education
Justin G. TrammellFultondaleALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Joshua R. ChristopherGadsdenALBachelor of Arts
Judson R. ChristopherGadsdenALBachelor of Science
Sarah E. ThorntonGadsdenALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sarah Elizabeth JaggearsGadsdenALBachelor of Arts
Kani Sha'lom TreadwellGadsdenALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jackson Cole CoxGadsdenALB S in Nursing
Steven F. Pate, JrGadsdenALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Jaylan A. WesleyGadsdenALBachelor of Arts Communication
Riley Elizabeth PriceGadsdenALB S in Nursing
Kera R. DudleyGadsdenALBachelor of Science
Will LankfordGadsdenALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jaden P. AllenGadsdenALBachelor of Arts Communication
Makayla P. MooreGallionALBachelor of Social Work
Destiny Denise StewartGardendaleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Morgan E. RogersGardendaleALBachelor of Arts
Morgan E. RogersGardendaleALBachelor of Science
Madison Rayann GraceGaylesvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Anthony Gregory BusbyGilbertownALBachelor of Arts
Tiffiny Michelle HardnettGoodwaterALB S in Human Environ Science
Tahj Umei RobbinsGoodwaterALB S Commerce Business Admin
Noah M. BryantGordoALB S Commerce Business Admin
Justina W. ElrodGordoALBachelor of Arts
Haylee Kay PuliscianoGrandBayALB S in Computer Science
Melanie L. GoffGrantALBachelor of Arts
Nicholas E. WattsGrantALB S Commerce Business Admin
Bennie F. Lewis, Jr.GreenvilleALDoctor of Education
Yarbi Diana ThornhillGroveHillALBachelor of Social Work
Stephanie Dawn StephensGroveHillALBachelor of Arts
Benjamin Cooper BurtGuinALBachelor of Science
Thomas B. GoodwinGulf ShoresALB S Commerce Business Admin
Chloe C. KnightGulf ShoresALBachelor of Science
Olivia C. GriepGuntersvilleALBachelor of Fine Arts
Loran Carlyce Ward IIIGuntersvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Christian D. PickardGuntersvilleALBachelor of Arts
Breanna L. BrownGuntersvilleALBachelor of Arts
Chyah D. CousinsGurleyALB S in Mechanical Engineering
William D. GloverGurleyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Christian Michael PollastroGurleyALMaster Business Administratn
Jason Kenneth SowellGurleyALBachelor of Arts
Jason Kenneth SowellGurleyALB S in Microbiology
Allison E. CarterGurleyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Mary K. EvansHaleyvilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Ashley M. HouseHaleyvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Townley B. CorneliusHancevilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Gavin K. JaredHartselleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ashton C. JohnsonHartselleALM S in Computer Science
Ashlyn R. WardHartselleALB S in Nursing
Jordan G. CarmackHartselleALB S in Human Environ Science
Riley D. WoodHartselleALB S Construction Engineering
Amber Victoria ParkerHarvestALMaster of Arts
Ariana F. Martinez-KilgoreHarvestALBachelor of Arts
Saylor G. CuzzortHarvestALBachelor of Arts Communication
Alexander Hamilton KingHarvestALM S in Mechanical Engineering
Eric B. BullardHarvestALBachelor of Arts Communication
Paige L. ChandlerHarvestALB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel L. PoseyHaydenALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jamyah Lei JacksonHeadlandALB S in Education
Anna G. DixonHeadlandALBachelor of Social Work
Madelyn A. SteeleHeadlandALB S in Nursing
Emily Mason HolderHeadlandALB S in Nursing
Alexis Sherrell StovallHeadlandALBachelor of Arts
Jakson C. SpurlinHeflinALB S in Electrical Engineering
Alexandra R. HughesHelenaALBachelor of Arts
Glynn M. ClaridyHelenaALB S in Education
Nolan Alan ComerHelenaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Abigail A. TraweekHelenaALB S in Education
Katelyn A. SchlotzhauerHelenaALB S in Education
Sadie M. CrawfordHelenaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauren C. ScottHelenaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Britton Nicole DamsgardHelenaALB S in Nursing
Benjamin C. GulledgeHelenaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Adine McFallHelenaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Samantha M. RobinsonHelenaALBachelor of Science
Andrew R. WhitedHenagarALB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel H. CavittHenagarALB S in Human Environ Science
Mathis M. GarrettHollyPondALB S Commerce Business Admin
Daylee A. DudleyHollywoodALBachelor of Science
Allain Frederick Baquiran RapadasHomewoodALB S in Computer Engineering
Mary Jane E. RoseHooverALMaster of Science
Mary Jane E. RoseHooverALB S Commerce Business Admin
Divya D. PatelHooverALMaster of Accountancy
Chandlar Smith ShieldsHooverALMaster of Arts
Lauren E. HalcombHooverALB S Commerce Business Admin
Philip F. DonaldsonHooverALB S Commerce Business Admin
Riley C. WhiteHooverALMaster of Science
Abigail Day MesserHooverALMaster Library Infor Studies
Jack H. MilliganHooverALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sarah Palecek HewittHooverALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Nada M. Al-AssiHooverALMaster of Public Health
Laurel J. LeslieHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Austin Scott TaylorHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Evan D. LinmanHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sarah Griffith GarrisonHuntsvilleALMaster of Science
Stephen R. CopelandHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts
Hunter K. VandiverHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Nathanael W. VaughanHuntsvilleALBachelor of Science
Gabriel Dominic PenotHuntsvilleALBachelor of Science
Ansley Caroline BolesHuntsvilleALBachelor of Science
Rachel K. McClainHuntsvilleALMaster Library Infor Studies
Joseph Michael Gregg IIHuntsvilleALMaster Business Administratn
Tucker Dawson McClungHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyla McDonaldHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Rylie Grace DeBargeHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Alyssa L. PoeHuntsvilleALB S in Education
Katherine L. HarperHuntsvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Matthew Timothy SnoddyHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Elizabeth Moore BryantHuntsvilleALMaster of Science
Elizabeth Moore BryantHuntsvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Adeline A. HeeneyHuntsvilleALMaster Business Administratn
Keith A. WatsonJacksonALDoctor of Philosophy
Callie Mae PayneJacksonvilleALMaster of Arts
Robert G. BarberJasperALMaster of Arts
Conner S. WesleyJasperALBachelor of Science
Claude J. BryanJasperALBachelor of Arts
Mary Catherine L. SpeerJasperALBachelor of Science
Jaiden M. MalcomJemisonALMaster of Science
Jaiden M. MalcomJemisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kelsey A. PorterJemisonALBachelor of Science
Hanah L. RobinsonJoppaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Madison Michelle RominesKillenALB S Construction Engineering
Mitchell Dale TruittKillenALB S Commerce Business Admin
Benjamin W. HamnerKillenALMaster of Science
Robert S. MeltonKillenALB S in Computer Science
Jada N. AndersonKillenALBachelor of Science
Avalee Katelyn BeanLaceys SpringALBachelor of Music
Tiffany Tashae DanielLafayetteALBachelor of Science
David N. HollandLake ViewALMaster of Science in Nursing
Alexis NolenLeedsALMaster of Arts
Julian M. LattyLeesburgALB S Commerce Business Admin
Chloe D. KingLeightonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Katlyn A. CarteeLeroyALB S in Education
Haley BryAnna HabbardLevelPlainsALBachelor of Arts
Sarah Lynn ShippLillianALB S in Human Environ Science
Alexis N. DavisLincolnALB S in Education
Maggie A. BradleyLivingstonALB S in Nursing
William Kirk RiderLoxleyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauren HowellMadisonALBachelor of Science
Nicolas Jerrod TaylorMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jessica A. CoeMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jordan Renee GaddyMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Nicholas C. SamarasMadisonALBachelor of Science
Blake E. OvermyerMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Makayla O. BarnettMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Makayla A. TownsendMadisonALMaster of Science
Makayla A. TownsendMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauren E. GouldMadisonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Sarah Lorraine PaulMadisonALB S in Education
Jonathan A. Blackwell, Jr.MadisonALBachelor of Science
Jitendra Jayantilal KalariyaMadisonALB S in Nursing
Jesse K. KelleyMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Henry L. BottersMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Caroline R. DayMadisonALM S Environmental Engineering
Victor S. Hagan, JrMadisonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Matthew E. WeaverMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Raegan G. HallMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Jayna Alise WhiteheadMadisonALB S in Human Environ Science
Susanna M. EdgecombMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Ke'Ara L. LacyMadisonALBachelor of Arts
Christopher Karol AdamczykMadisonALBachelor of Science
Matelyn G. EllisMadisonALB S in Human Environ Science
Cordell X. EllisonMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Verell T. EllisonMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Laken R. LansdellMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Faith Hope AlbertinaMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Avery M. MooreMadisonALBachelor of Arts Communication
Joseph A. HolderMadisonALBachelor of Arts
James Wilder Carter, JrMadisonALMaster of Science
James Wilder Carter, JrMadisonALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cameron W. LeathersMadisonALBachelor of Science
Patrick Harold IveyMarionALBachelor of Arts Communication
Alexandra Nicole ReynoldsMarionALBachelor of Arts
Abigail E. OlliffMayleneALBachelor of Social Work
Erin Kate LongMayleneALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kennedi D. GrantMc CallaALMaster of Arts
Lynsie GlasscockMcCallaALBachelor of Science
Haley B. DavlinMcCallaALBachelor of Science
Brent Michael HalbertMcCallaALBachelor of Arts
Colby D. HavronMcCallaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sabrina G. SpringerMcCallaALBachelor of Science
Virginia Lowry CainMcCallaALDoctor of Philosophy
Carson S. StarkeyMcCallaALBachelor of Arts
Brandon J. CharlesMeridianvilleALBachelor of Science
Marshall D. CorneliusMidland CityALB S Commerce Business Admin
Emilee Chyenne CorreaMidland CityALM S in Human Environ Sciences
Amber J. ApplingMillbrookALBachelor of Arts
Noah S. DavisMillbrookALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kalynn E. McelrathMillbrookALB S in Nursing
Carley N. LambMillportALB S in Human Environ Science
Ian M. LewisMobileALBachelor of Science
Madalyn E. HupfMobileALBachelor of Music
Jorden A. CobbsMobileALB S in Nursing
Sophie Claire LomaxMobileALB S in Human Environ Science
Elizabeth Frances LongMobileALB S in Nursing
Sean D. Owens IIMobileALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tovah Woods CookeMobileALMaster of Arts
Stephen Verscheure Toomey, Jr.MobileALB S Commerce Business Admin
Virginia E. JeffriesMobileALB S in Nursing
Markel D. JohnsonMobileALB S in Education
Allyson Elizabeth MancarellaMobileALB S in Nursing
Joshua Douglas GodwinMobileALMaster of Science in Nursing
Damia A. ScottMobileALBachelor of Arts Communication
Cannon G. BetheaMobileALBachelor of Arts
Jaquita M. JonesMobileALBachelor of Arts
Julia Marche GrantMobileALBachelor of Science
Ellis E. PennMobileALBachelor of Arts Communication
Natalie K. McCormickMobileALB S in Nursing
Taylor Christian WarrenMobileALBachelor of Arts
Caroline G. McGrathMobileALB S in Education
Lindsey Yvonne SmileyMobileALB S in Nursing
Kayleigh N. WellsMobileALBachelor of Arts Communication
Anne Laurence KleinMobileALBachelor of Science
Anne Laurence KleinMobileALB S in Human Environ Science
Amanda C. MentonMobileALB S in Education
Shamaya V. HaughtonMobileALBachelor of Arts
Jordan T. RagsdaleMobileALB S in Nursing
Matthew W. LaBoeMobileALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Matthew S. HelvestonMobileALB S Commerce Business Admin
Campbell Curtis AdkinsMobileALB S Commerce Business Admin
Veronica A. WilsonMobileALMaster of Science
Nicholas A. ReedMobileALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas A. EtheredgeMobileALB S in Education
Mary C. MorganMobileALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kimberly F. TabarrokMonroevilleALBachelor of Science
Eli J. MaskMontevalloALBachelor of Arts
Jessica M. EdwardsMontevalloALBachelor of Science
Joseph Eric HoneycuttMontevalloALMaster of Arts
Gracie L. StricklandMontevalloALB S in Nursing
Andrew L. Zow, Jr.MontevalloALBachelor of Arts
William Cannon NewtonMontgomeryALB S in Human Environ Science
Arden A. LieuxMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts
Alexander H. ChungMontgomeryALMaster of Arts
Leigh Ann ClarkMontgomeryALMaster of Arts
Trinity A. JacksonMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts
Amelia G. CollinsMontgomeryALB S in Education
Kenneth Jermaine Bell, JrMontgomeryALB S in Civil Engineering
Tia S. CramptonMontgomeryALB S Commerce Business Admin
Katherine G. JohnstonMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts Communication
James W. JohnstonMontgomeryALB S Commerce Business Admin
Megan Elise BoswellMontgomeryALBachelor of Science
Sydney D. WarrenMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts
Opal P. KhotsombathMontgomeryALB S in Electrical Engineering
Allison Coats BroachMontgomeryALMaster of Arts
Tracy Denise PressleyMontgomeryALDoctor of Philosophy
William McKinney Eagerton IIIMontgomeryALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lucy B. EdwardsMontgomeryALBachelor of Science
Chad WilliamsMontgomeryALDoctor of Education
Jordan N. SteeleMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts
Leonard K. Carpenter, Jr.MontgomeryALB S in Electrical Engineering
Catina Woods SistrunkMontgomeryALMaster of Arts
Indi M. RobinsonMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts
Mallory L. HoulditchMontgomeryALB S in Human Environ Science
Jacob T. SylvestMontgomeryALBachelor of Arts Communication
Christopher M. RoperMoodyALDoctor of Philosophy
Cameron B. GalbreathMoodyALBachelor of Arts Communication
Nathan F. PartainMoodyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lauren G. WilliamsMoodyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Mason G. GibbsMoundvilleALBachelor of Science
Haden G. JonesMoundvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Abigail Crawford BradleyMoundvilleALMaster of Arts
John T. DempseyMoundvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ch'rista Victoria Walker BrooksMoundvilleALMaster of Science
Daphne J. BrownMoundvilleALBachelor of Arts
Sheila Lynn WilsonMoundvilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Dave L. Richardson, Jr.MoundvilleALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Elijah Karriem AliMoundvilleALB S in Education
Jacob Mitchell WrightMoundvilleALB S in Nursing
Kaitlyn N. WyattMoundvilleALB S in Nursing
Sabrina Diane StanleyMountain BrkALDoctor of Philosophy
John S. CarothersMountain BrkALB S Commerce Business Admin
Mavis B. BrownMountOliveALMaster of Arts
Alea Brittany AdairMountOliveALB S Commerce Business Admin
Emmaline R. ArcherMuscle ShoalsALB S Commerce Business Admin
Bailey J. Thompson-RenfroeMuscle ShoalsALBachelor of Social Work
Andrea R. JacksMuscle ShoalsALBachelor of Arts
Andrea R. JacksMuscle ShoalsALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jessi Blackstock TidwellMuscle ShoalsALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Mary E. SaylorMuscle ShoalsALBachelor of Science
Chloe H. AllenMuscle ShoalsALB S in Nursing
Chadwick L. TittleNauvooALB S in Civil Engineering
Carly G. BlankenshipNew HopeALBachelor of Arts
Lilly N. HoneaNew HopeALMaster of Arts
Nicaria Dontres AndrewsNew MarketALB S in Nursing
Anny Ina OppermanNew MarketALBachelor of Science
Hunter D. GatesNew MarketALMaster Public Administration
Sable Alexis CulpepperNew MarketALB S Commerce Business Admin
Carolina Spring TaylorNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Courtney Chapman ThomasNorthportALDoctor of Social Work
Emma L. ThomasNorthportALB S in Nursing
William K. RyanNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Amelia Merrill ThorntonNorthportALMaster of Arts
Charles T. Sanford, Jr.NorthportALB S in Civil Engineering
Valerie D. CookNorthportALB S in Nursing
Ava GhadimiNorthportALMaster of Science
William B. BeamsNorthportALB S in Electrical Engineering
Emery J. JonesNorthportALB S in Nursing
William C. PayneNorthportALB S in Civil Engineering
Madison Elizabeth JonesNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Samantha J. BlackNorthportALBachelor of Science
Katelyn M. DaniewiczNorthportALBachelor of Fine Arts
Reagan A. ShultsNorthportALBachelor of Science
Tanya Burns ShuttlesworthNorthportALB S in Nursing
Keely A. SimmonsNorthportALBachelor of Social Work
Amber L. BrackettNorthportALB S in Human Environ Science
Baylee C. WatkinsNorthportALB S in Electrical Engineering
Ashley Nicole DelaneyNorthportALB S in Nursing
Jenna Maryann HallNorthportALMaster of Arts
Carson S. SkeltonNorthportALBachelor of Science
Taylor Jameson PodmoreNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Laren HammondsNorthportALMaster Library Infor Studies
Coleman P. SmithNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Karlee D. HamnerNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
John Cole WheatNorthportALB S in Education
Ashley McReynoldsNorthportALBachelor of Social Work
John B. MealerNorthportALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Chad Daniel WillcoxNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kaitlyn McKenzie KreiderNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Conner M. RameyNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Carolina P. RebeloNorthportALMaster of Arts
Gabrielle A. WillisNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Katelyn M. HerringNorthportALB S in Education
Cade Taylor HerringNorthportALB S in Education
Isaac B. EllisNorthportALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Stella E. WilsonNorthportALMaster of Science
Spenser R. Winchell-BrownNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Alexander James ReeseNorthportALB S in Computer Science
Mckenzie H. MooreNorthportALB S in Nursing
Carolyn G. CarloNorthportALBachelor of Arts
Winfield Ezell IIINorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
David J. HodgsonNorthportALB S in Electrical Engineering
Jessica N. FairNorthportALBachelor of Arts Communication
Will Crocker WrightNorthportALDoctor of Philosophy
Stephen M. Mundy, JrNorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Geoffrey P. Ledbetter, Jr.NorthportALB S Commerce Business Admin
Nathaniel R. CullenOdenvilleALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Payton L. McdanielOdenvilleALB S in Education
Wesley A. GrayOneontaALBachelor of Science
Landon T. BothwellOneontaALB S in Human Environ Science
Kristen Chere LakeOneontaALB S in Nursing
Ladarius Q. ForemanOpelikaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Diamond J. BedellOpelikaALBachelor of Arts
Takeysha Nicole McCulloughOpelikaALMaster of Arts
Jamiya T. McDougaldOpelikaALBachelor of Science
Breanna L. BurtonOpelikaALBachelor of Science
Donna Beverly CarterOpelikaALMaster of Science
Lakayvian O. HouseOpelikaALBachelor of Science
Katherine L. SmithOppALBachelor of Science
Annacatherine JordanOrange BeachALB S in Human Environ Science
Adam R. ChandlerOrange BeachALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ryan Andrew KellarOwens X RdsALMaster Business Administratn
Brennaman Claire FoggOwensCrossRoadsALB S Commerce Business Admin
Connor W. O'HalloranOwensCrossRoadsALBachelor of Arts Communication
Jennifer StevensOwensCrossRoadsALMaster of Arts
Tamara L. LittleOxfordALMaster of Arts
Bradey C. GoodsonOxfordALB S Commerce Business Admin
Helenia M. HessOxfordALBachelor of Science
Matthew S. GermanOzarkALBachelor of Arts
Elizabeth M. SchislerOzarkALB S in Education
Ainsley Nicole BinghamOzarkALB S in Nursing
Caroline KellyOzarkALMaster of Arts
Dakarai A. SilerOzarkALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tristin R. LollarParrishALBachelor of Arts
Coretta Hernette CollinsPelhamALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Zachary A. ThurberPelhamALB S in Electrical Engineering
Gabrielle A. PattersonPelhamALBachelor of Science
Aniyah E. PeppinsPelhamALBachelor of Arts
James E. BowenPelhamALBachelor of Arts Communication
Ethan Alexander HedkePelhamALB S in Chemical Engineering
Kirklin J. AbercrombiePelhamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Cody A. MondayPelhamALB S in Education
William B. WinksPelhamALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kayla A. DonaldsonPell CityALB S in Civil Engineering
Irina E. AvilaPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Ava L. CochranPhenix CityALB S in Education
Gage M. TilleryPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Samiah K. LovePhenix CityALB S in Education
Amari R. LunaPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Terrell J. CovingtonPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Jacqueline C. BenjaminPhenix CityALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jabari K. Gooden-WilliamsPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Keltravious L. JonesPhenix CityALB S Commerce Business Admin
Darieal J. MathesPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Judith Roberts BoromPhenix CityALBachelor of Arts
Anna Joy KayPhenix CityALMaster Library Infor Studies
Jeanna PixleyPhenix CityALDoctor of Social Work
Ashley Nicole DurfyPhenix CityALMaster of Arts
Dillon C. RackardPhil CampbellALBachelor of Arts Communication
Garrett J. McintyrePiedmontALBachelor of Arts Communication
Emily R. KisorPiedmontALB S in Civil Engineering
Will B. DaileyPike RoadALB S in Nursing
Pamela J. KangelosPike RoadALEducational Specialist
Samantha Kitchens PhillipsPike RoadALEducational Specialist
Carine Laure DjuidjePike RoadALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Austin Elan HanoverPike RoadALB S Commerce Business Admin
Destini B. BrownPike RoadALBachelor of Arts
Simone E. BrownPike RoadALB S in Education
Jacob S. OwensPinsonALB S in Human Environ Science
Bria S. TuckPinsonALEducational Specialist
Katelyn C. PrewittPinsonALBachelor of Science
Ashley Nichole ReesePinsonALEducational Specialist
Ally M. DarwinPisgahALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kyrea Ivy HallPittsviewALBachelor of Arts Communication
Aaliyah N. BallPleasantGroveALBachelor of Science
Donnetta G. MayweatherPleasantGroveALB S in Nursing
Andrew Lamar CarpenterPleasantGroveALB S Commerce Business Admin
Deward Myles, Jr.PleasantGroveALB S Commerce Business Admin
Daniel J. AndrewsPrattvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Joshua P. ArgoPrattvilleALBachelor of Science
Matthew Noah SavagePrattvilleALB S in Computer Science
Jessica Fletcher BatesPrattvilleALMaster of Arts
Benjamin J. ShaversPrattvilleALBachelor of Arts
Rachel A. LapointePrattvilleALBachelor of Arts
Keia L. ErvinPrattvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Michael L. StoryPrattvilleALBachelor of Arts
Richard D. ShacklefordQuintonALB S Construction Engineering
Presley Erin McCainRaglandALB S Commerce Business Admin
Beth Tidwell ShadoanRainbow CityALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Hayley N. GreenRainbow CityALBachelor of Arts
Hayley N. GreenRainbow CityALBachelor of Science
Jovie B. EdwardsRainbow CityALB S in Nursing
Caleb WombleRalphALBachelor of Social Work
Jah-Marien D. LathamReformALBachelor of Science
Taylor B. SimpsonRiversideALBachelor of Science
Stephen Daniel UnderwoodRobertsdaleALB S in Nursing
Kristen Holley WalkerRobertsdaleALMaster of Arts
Jose Guadalupe Silva DiazRobertsdaleALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kaitlin R. TrousdaleRogersvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jennifer Kaye PaceRussellvilleALMaster of Arts
Tristen G. BickerstaffRussellvilleALBachelor of Arts
Jack I. CochranSaralandALB S Commerce Business Admin
James Douglas Godwin, JrSaralandALB S in Human Environ Science
Haleigh HeatonSaralandALB S in Civil Engineering
Sterling C. TedderSatsumaALMaster of Tax Accounting
Cathy Jennier HinkSatsumaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Caitlin Danielle LuskScottsboroALBachelor of Social Work
Melissa Nicole KnightScottsboroALMaster of Arts
Kathryn Anne MillerScottsboroALMaster Business Administratn
Anna G. NorrisSealeALBachelor of Social Work
William Heath NorwoodSectionALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Hunter J. TownsSelmaALBachelor of Arts
Hunter J. TownsSelmaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Alex D. Perkins, JrSelmaALBachelor of Arts
Destiny J. DavisSelmaALB S in Education
Alexis Denisha DavisSelmaALBachelor of Social Work
Sherreil EdwardsSelmaALBachelor of Science
Tyler M. ElliottSelmaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Tyaira McKenzie J. McCloudSemmesALBachelor of Science
Allie E. JohnsonSilasALBachelor of Arts
Zachary Lee ChornSlocombALB S in Education
Macy L. BirgeSlocombALB S in Chemical Engineering
Jasmine L. JonesSmiths StationALBachelor of Arts Communication
Cambriea L. HarrisSmiths StationALBachelor of Arts
Grace C. CrawleySomervilleALB S in Education
Charles T. LinamSpanish FortALB S Commerce Business Admin
Andrew Register ScottSpanish FortALBachelor of Arts
Olivia Rose BrabantSpanish FortALB S in Human Environ Science
Elizabeth M. KingSpanish FortALBachelor of Arts
Emily K. WilsonSpanish FortALMaster of Arts
Taiye O. AjayiSpanish FortALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Blaire C. LangleySpanish FortALB S Commerce Business Admin
Tanya HodgeSpanish FortALDoctor of Nursing Practice
Kristin Ann StoughSpanish FortALB S Construction Engineering
Stone H. LoganSpringvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Hannah E. BishopSpringvilleALBachelor of Arts
Faith Evelyn SpeightsSpringvilleALBachelor of Science
Kaitlin S. LakeSpringvilleALB S in Nursing
Michael D. MorrisonSpringvilleALMaster of Science
Jacob L. TinnellSterrettALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jacob T. CalmaSterrettALBachelor of Science
Kristen L. CatesSterrettALB S Architectural Engineering
Dakota L. DaughertySylacaugaALB S in Civil Engineering
Patrick A. RoysterTalladegaALB S in Education
Judson D. HarmonTalladegaALBachelor of Arts
Caden Alexander KilpatrickTallasseeALMaster of Science
Devyn K. DumasTallasseeALB S in Education
Deja M. BroughtonTheodoreALBachelor of Science
Lucas Howard ChaneyThomasvilleALB S in Electrical Engineering
John R. WoodThorsbyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Erin Susanne StenderToneyALMaster of Arts
Alexia Jonae SharpTown CreekALB S Commerce Business Admin
Noah J. AdamsToxeyALB S in Human Environ Science
Timothy L. StreetTraffordALM S in Computer Science
Jared A. FullerTroyALB S in Civil Engineering
Tionna K. Douglas CargleTroyALB S in Education
Heaven M. HorneTroyALB S Commerce Business Admin
Joseph D. ColeTrussvilleALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Brett Jolly IITrussvilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Stephen B. ShaddixTrussvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Ashley T. GreeneTrussvilleALB S in Nursing
Jacob R. GunterTrussvilleALB S in Civil Engineering
Alexander T. PlantTrussvilleALBachelor of Arts
Dylan J. WebbTrussvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Brylan S. SomersTrussvilleALB S in Nursing
Cameron L. RamsayTrussvilleALB S in Nursing
Alexis G. WitcherTrussvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
James Collin SwatzellTrussvilleALBachelor of Arts Communication
Nguyen Hung NguyenTuscaloosaALM S in Electrical Engineering
KeyShon Dunte'a TaggartTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Carley Cheyenne FloydTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Obaida Abdullah O TahaTuscaloosaALMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Caitlyn A. LewisTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Nadan ChoTuscaloosaALM S in Civil Engineering
Katarina E. ArildTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Alice LightfootTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
David Mccain ArnoldTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Alice LightfootTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Thomas Patrick FranzemTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Tyler H. FrederickTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Valentine Ikenna IlojianyaTuscaloosaALM S in Mechanical Engineering
Phaedra ClausellTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Cole G. ThomasTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Miranda Christine AveryTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Timothy J. ClementsTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kenan Timothy FronkTuscaloosaALM S Metallurgical Engineering
Zachary T. IngramTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Jamie RyanTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Ivy S. FulfordTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Taoli LiuTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Ivy S. FulfordTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Katilyn Hannah FullerTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Oliver C. Baker IVTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Sara SaliajTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Henry M. GageTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Rachel K. BanksTuscaloosaALB S in Education
Vanessa M. SanchezTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Arsheba April SandersTuscaloosaALM S in Human Environ Sciences
Klaudio BardhokuTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Joshua Milod LotfiTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Anthony Micheal GarciaTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Benjamin De Jesus Garcia JimenezTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Tolulope Opeyemi SanniTuscaloosaALM S in Civil Engineering
Paul Jeremy CookTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Nathan Ryan OwensTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
James Colton GarrettTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Andrew J. TomsTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Keyhan GavahiTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Roberto Carlos Luna, Jr.TuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Katherine Lashae BaxterTuscaloosaALEducational Specialist
Maskel-Daelen David Jenks IIITuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Desiree E. OzolsTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Robert Dylan BaxterTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Isabella M. ScaturroTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Cassandra Marie JensenTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Christopher Derek Logan MadisonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Hensley Ann SchmittTuscaloosa ALBachelor of Arts Communication
Dylan James SchneiderTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Brian Spence CoxTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Trevina Olivia ParkerTuscaloosaALBachelor of Social Work
Nathan Felt GoldsteinTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Claire E. SchweikerTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
James Marcum IIITuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Grayson R. MarloweTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Chibuike Robinson UmeikeTuscaloosaALM S in Civil Engineering
Veronica Sharp CrossTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Henry F. CullTuscaloosaALMaster Business Administratn
Alaina Dawn MarsheckTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Kendal M. GorczycaTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Kalix J. PatrickTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Allison Elizabeth PatrickTuscaloosaALMaster of Fine Arts
Brianna Ayango PattaTUSCALOOSAALBachelor of Science
Olivia G. JonesTuscaloosaALB S in Education
Cole A. CustredTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Jacarolyn A. Billups-CurryTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Nathan E. JonesTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Christopher R. SevenishTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Paul E. Vercher IIITuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Ronica Nischal PeramsettyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Hadley Rose JostsonsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Patricia Ann PerkinsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Kaiya Chanel ShermanTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Kaiya Chanel ShermanTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Carly Amber DavisTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Joseph C. WalkerTuscaloosaALB S in Computer Science
William David GreenTuscaloosaALBachelor of Social Work
Macey Lauren BoothTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Alyssa Noel KandowTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Joshua Robert PetersonTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Darion Gabrielle PettawayTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Michelle McGraw BordnerTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Upama KarkiTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Grayson M. ShookTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Camille WaltmanTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Skyler Autumn Rae DavisTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Lauren GrootersTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Zabahi Arthur GuehiTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Loren SiegTuscaloosaALM S in Marine Science
Sydney N. PierceTuscaloosaALB S in Computer Science
Howie A. BoxleyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Jose Christofer Pineda CervantesTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Dylan T. HackettTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Mary Wallace PittsTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Dustyn Charles DelrympleTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Owen W. DemoreTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Hunter A. BrantleyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Maycie L. DiblerTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Katlyn DickersonTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Asia Nicole PleasantsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Joshua Earl Rutland HambyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Madeline K. KingTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Charles G. BrockTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Shannon K. PogueTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Hunter D. SmithTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Heather Latrise PokeTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Tyler J. McMullenTuscaloosaALB S in Education
James W. PorterTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
LaKeesha A. HannahTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Sean D. McNeilTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Lauren Alexandra KirsteTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
William Harry Priakos IIITuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Mason McVickerTuscaloosaALM S in Electrical Engineering
Jaxson C. DoyleTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Jayuanna L. HarrisTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Olivia L. SmithTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kelsey A. WhiteTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Kasey PriedeTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Cydney HarstonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Bryson A. DuckworthTuscaloosaALB S in Computer Science
Logan M. WhittTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Rebecca J. MhagamaTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Madison BryantTuscaloosaALMaster Library Infor Studies
Douglas B. WilkersonTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Fnu PushpendraTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Douglas B. WilkersonTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Raghu Vamsi KondapaneniTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Keiosha Rochelle QuarlesTuscaloosaALEducational Specialist
Shyla Denise DumasTuscaloosaALB S in Education
Oswaldo QuevedoTuscaloosaALM S in Human Environ Sciences
Cindy E. HayesTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Amy Lynn WilksTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Alyson R. HeathTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Tiara M. WilliamsTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Asia L. AaronTuscaloosaALBachelor of Social Work
Ashton A. WilliamsTUSCALOOSAALBachelor of Science
Madison Sloane HeltonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Katherine Grace HendersonTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Afnan Jaber Abu QahouqTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Marlon LeRone HenryTuscaloosaALB S in Education
Summer Starkie RawlsTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Hutson W. StaggsTuscaloosaALMaster Business Administratn
Andrew CagleTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Rylan David LairdTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Meredith Bush MockTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Eli S. AdamsTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Josephine Adamki AdamsTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Garrett R. LakeTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Andrew O. StanleyTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Yasmir RoShaunau LampleyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Suhaib Abdul Hakeem Amer Al Kiyumi, SrTuscaloosaALB S Environmental Engineering
Rachel Pate WinglerTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Savannah R. HicksTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Teriana M. MooreTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Hassan S S S AlajmiTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
William Garrett ReichardTuscaloosaALMaster of Science
Delaney Dakota EpleyTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Emily R. MooreTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Sara Jasmine EppersonTuscaloosaALBachelor of Social Work
Annie ReinerTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Abdulkreem E H O AldaihaniTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Jaser A J A AleneziTuscaloosaALB S in Civil Engineering
Leroy J. CarnleyTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Lacey R. LathamTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Jamilya Laquice SterlingTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Tatyana S. AlexanderTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Sarah Elaine RiceTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Dalton G. MorrisTuscaloosaALMaster Business Administratn
Michael A. Lavender IITuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Evan T. RichTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Kristin G. FairTuscaloosaALBachelor of Science
Ali H A SH KH A AlharbiTuscaloosaALB S in Electrical Engineering
Benjamin H. MortonTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Trianna C. LawsonTuscaloosaALMaster of Public Health
Nate C. FarishTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Jamia C. StokesTuscaloosaALB S in Education
Husain J M KH M A AljameaTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Russell D. MotschTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Meghan Danielle WrightTuscaloosaALMaster of Arts
Mishari M F A S AljedeiTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Erin A. FarleyTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Lafaijah Brejeanelle LaytonTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Murtadha Ali H Alkafil, Sr.TuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Alicia Cherise Carter-HillTuscaloosaALB S in Human Environ Science
Taylor M. RiepeTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
John C. FergusonTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth Brooks LeachTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Garrett M. StrengthTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Jaylah Noel CatlinTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Jackson F. LeachTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Charlotte Petonic RobbinsTuscaloosaALM S in Human Environ Sciences
Yousef S H O AlotaibiTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Tiffanie HopkinTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Luke M. RobbinsTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Chenxuan YangTuscaloosaALDoctor of Philosophy
Qayid Rizq AlrashedTuscaloosaALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Yousef KH A M H M AlterkaitTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Jane LeeTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Charlton Overstreet SullivanTuscaloosaALB S in Chemical Engineering
Dolim LeeTuscaloosaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Barbara Ellen YerkesTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Liam Frederick AndersTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts
Kyle R. FloodTuscaloosaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Maciah Alyssa FlournoyTuscaloosaALB S in Nursing
Fayth L. FuquaTuscumbiaALBachelor of Science
Rachel Christiana NobleTuskegeeALBachelor of Arts
Eric Cameron SandersValleyALBachelor of Arts Communication
Damasia Jewel ChambersValleyALBachelor of Arts
Collin Michael HumphryesVanceALBachelor of Arts
Mollie Elizabeth TinneyVanceALDoctor of Philosophy
Grace Bradlie StoneVanceALBachelor of Arts
Nathan A. JohnstonVestaviaALMaster of Science
Nathan A. JohnstonVestaviaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Grant P. McLeanVestaviaALMaster of Science
Grant P. McLeanVestaviaALB S Commerce Business Admin
Holly S. KennedyVestavia HillsALMaster of Science
Zachary S. ShawVestavia HlsALB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kira Ledbetter AaronVestavia HlsALEducational Specialist
Madeline C. MooreVestavia HlsALM S in Computer Science
Mia Ciera DatcherVincentALB S in Nursing
Macy Cheyenne BaxterVinegar BendALBachelor of Arts
Miles J. ChristensenVinemontALM S in Mechanical Engineering
Caitlyn D. CooperWarriorALBachelor of Arts
Hamilton Garrett TrimbleWarriorALB S Commerce Business Admin
Margaret Elizabeth GoolsbyWarriorALB S in Nursing
Antoniyah R. WilliamsWarriorALMaster of Science
James E. Jones IIIWebbALB S in Electrical Engineering
Alicia N. IngramWest BloctonALBachelor of Social Work
Sydney A. JasonWest BloctonALBachelor of Arts
Jacob T. GrahamWest BloctonALB S in Civil Engineering
Joshua T. GrahamWest BloctonALB S in Civil Engineering
Braxton G. LeonardWetumpkaALBachelor of Arts Communication
Thomas Landon GrantWetumpkaALBachelor of Arts
Tavien J. WhiteWetumpkaALB S in Education
Jessica L. WhitehurstWetumpkaALB S in Education
Abigail Rylee MillerWetumpkaALBachelor of Arts
Madison A. RatliffWetumpkaALB S in Nursing
Meredith A. NorwoodWilsonvilleALB S Commerce Business Admin
Amber R. WootenWilsonvilleALB S in Human Environ Science
Timothy L. BradfordWinfieldALB S Commerce Business Admin
Olivia A. BurlesonWinfieldALB S in Education
Haley Nicole GoreWoodstockALBachelor of Arts Communication
Zan David AllbertWoodvilleALB S in Chemical Engineering
Emily Mari DavidsonFpoAPB S Commerce Business Admin
Harrison Archie KitsonBentonvilleARBachelor of Arts
Stephen Michael DuganJacksonvilleARMaster of Arts
Andrew David HelmsLittle RockARB S in Computer Science
Victor Thomas SponerN Little RockARMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Jacob F. DavisSpringdaleARB S Commerce Business Admin
Dana PlastingFlagstaffAZMaster of Science
Jasmine MatthewsKingmanAZMaster of Science
Christopher James MaciasMaricopaAZBachelor of Arts
Erika LutzMesaAZMaster Library Infor Studies
Joseph Daniel MulhernPhoenixAZB S in Computer Engineering
Thomas Robert FletcherPhoenixAZMaster of Arts
Emily PottingerPrescottAZBachelor of Science
Jennifer Ashley NowickQueen CreekAZMaster Library Infor Studies
Annika Taylor BengeScottsdaleAZB S in Human Environ Science
Adam G. BusbeeScottsdaleAZB S Commerce Business Admin
Callan R. SpoonerScottsdaleAZB S in Computer Engineering
Meghan N. OliveTucsonAZBachelor of Arts
Garrett Aiden HasteBen LomondCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Gilbert RamirezBerkeleyCAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Jordan WenckCarlsbadCAMaster of Science
Chika OuCoronaCAB S in Human Environ Science
Grace Elaine GeetingElDorado HillsCABachelor of Arts
Samuel J. ParhamElDorado HillsCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Elaine L. LavoieElSegundoCABachelor of Arts
Faith Jordan WambleFairfieldCABachelor of Science
Dimna CovarrubiasFontanaCAMaster of Science
Breanna Ashley Holt-BetancourtFontanaCAB S in Human Environ Science
Kelsey Elizabeth StinsonFountainValleyCAB S in Human Environ Science
Alyssa C. AraujoGlendaleCABachelor of Arts Communication
Mia Isabella BurcherGlendaleCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Morgan HaugheyHollisterCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Natalie Elizabeth VirgaIrvineCABachelor of Arts
Michael E. BushIrvineCABachelor of Arts Communication
Chase Thomas MonarchLadera RanchCABachelor of Arts Communication
Alexandra Lauren MandelLaHabraCABachelor of Science
Alexis N. IllesLaJollaCAB S in Human Environ Science
Claudia J. WolfeLake ForestCAB S in Human Environ Science
Remmie Magdalena PintorLos AngelesCAB S in Education
David ParkinsonMill ValleyCAMaster of Arts
Jamie Madeline BrownMission ViejoCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ian J. McDanielMontclairCABachelor of Arts Communication
Hannah N. YasenchokMoorparkCAB S in Education
Naser S H M AlshammariPasadenaCAKuwaitB S in Chemical Engineering
Maguire Kenneth Christian PeachPaso RoblesCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ryan Jack WadePls Vrds PnslCABachelor of Arts
Joshua Wever BurdetteRcho Sta MargCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ryan Thomas VersenRedwood CityCABachelor of Arts Communication
Morgan Margaret HelderRocklinCAB S in Civil Engineering
Eduard Robert StefanescuRocklinCAB S in Computer Science
Yu Horng NguyenS El MonteCAMaster of Science
Sierra Barbara BonettiSacramentoCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Robert W. NiemiraSan BrunoCABachelor of Science
Hayden Hamilton LewisSan DiegoCAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Michelle ArnoldSan DiegoCAMaster of Science
Juddy Pearl Lacebal CamalesSan DiegoCAMaster of Science
Victoria Ann StuecklenSan DiegoCAMaster of Science
Alexandra Lauren KnappSan JoseCABachelor of Arts
Sasha Mae PickardSaratogaCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Kelli Marie ArtinianSierra MadreCAMaster of Science in Nursing
Beverly Ellen SchwerinSouthPasadenaCAMaster of Science in Nursing
Natalie Danielle OwenSun ValleyCABachelor of Science
Jared Max FriedmanTarzanaCAMaster of Science
Jacey Janelle HamiltonTrabuco CanyonCABachelor of Arts Communication
Lawless F. AlanVan NuysCAB S Commerce Business Admin
Cecilia Elisabeth GoncalvesVenturaCABachelor of Arts
Matthew Patrick ElmoreWalnut CreekCAMaster of Science
Alessandra Juliet ArevaloWhittierCABachelor of Science
Amarjit SohalYuba CityCAMaster of Arts
Mackenzie G. WalkerAuroraCOBachelor of Arts
Dillon Robert VavakBroomfieldCOM S in Mechanical Engineering
Lukas Robert BaltzerColorado SpgsCOB S in Mechanical Engineering
Fabian Javier MunozColorado SpringsCOB S in Mechanical Engineering
Falah M F N AlhajriFort CollinsCOB S in Chemical Engineering
Luke Alan JonesHghlnds RanchCOB S in Mechanical Engineering
Madison Taylor AllenLittletonCOB S in Nursing
Alexis Damiana LebkuecherParkerCOB S Commerce Business Admin
Clarissa Beth WestbyTimnathCOMaster of Arts
Marin SweeneyCromwellCTB S in Nursing
Caitlin Jolie CollinsEastonCTBachelor of Arts
Kaylee PhelanFarmingtonCTBachelor of Arts
Matthew James BrennanHamdenCTDoctor of Social Work
McKenzie Marie AudeMadisonCTB S in Human Environ Science
Madison Marie AudeMadisonCTBachelor of Arts
Morgan E. BarnumSouthingtonCTBachelor of Science
Erica Rose CunninghamStamfordCTBachelor of Arts Communication
Michael R. FioriTrumbullCTB S Commerce Business Admin
Brittany Summer BellWest HavenCTBachelor of Science
Mallory SmithSeafordDEMaster of Science
Bonnie ChermakWilmingtonDEMaster of Arts
Molly E. LambdinWilmingtonDEBachelor of Arts Communication
Babatunde Olawale OwolabiOjoFCNigeriaM S in Civil Engineering
Andrew Art OtanesApopkaFLBachelor of Arts
Cameron Douglass WallsApopkaFLB S in Mechanical Engineering
Cailyn G. BrummittBartowFLBachelor of Science
Max Gerard SerenaBoca RatonFLBachelor of Arts
Peyton Elizabeth BrowneBoca RatonFLBachelor of Science
Ryan P. WilliamsonBonita SpringsFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Pamela L. RobinsonClearwaterFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Veronica Carter ShawCottondaleFLB S in Nursing
Isaiah T. CookeCrestviewFLB S in Electrical Engineering
Max Harrison EisenbergdelRay BeachFLBachelor of Arts
Angel Christopher DiazDoralFLMaster of Science
Priscilla Gail HortonFern BchFLDoctor of Nursing Practice
Makayla L. LucasFort LauderdaleFLBachelor of Science
Lily Catherine GriffithFort MyersFLMaster of Arts
Jeffrey Leonard BurnsFort WaltonBeachFLMaster of Laws
Riva Belle SwordFreeportFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Samantha Deann StaabGainesvilleFLB S in Nursing
Jacob StephensGainesvilleFLMaster of Science
Daly Elizabeth OstranderGulf BreezeFLB S in Human Environ Science
Chandler T. BurttGulf BreezeFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Samuel Gabriel AsnisHialeahFLBachelor of Arts
Jenna Rose CostelloHollywoodFLB S in Nursing
Thaiu Jachin Jones-BellHollywoodFLB S in Human Environ Science
Kaitlyn A. SuarezHollywoodFLBachelor of Arts
Abdullah SevincHomesteadFLTurkeyMaster of Arts
Shiori Sasha JohnsonJacksonvilleFLB S in Human Environ Science
James C. Skinner, JrJacksonvilleFLMaster of Arts
Abigail E. PullenJacksonvilleFLBachelor of Music
Craig Lance LavoskyJacksonvilleFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Jennifer A. Alvey-DzierzynskiJacksonvilleFLMaster of Science
Brittany Marie TesorieroJupiterFLMaster of Science
Sydney Taylor BattamsLabelleFLB S in Education
Nikola MatsonLady LakeFLDoctor of Nursing Practice
Patrick Joseph HickeyLake WorthFLB S in Nursing
Megan Michele WelchLakelandFLMaster of Science
Zachary A. KendallLand O LakesFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Regan O. SoutherlandLithiaFLB S in Education
Riley B. MoodyLithiaFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Kiersten Faith LopezLongboatKeyFLBachelor of Arts
Kevin Eirik BoehmLongboatKeyFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Dylan G. PixtonLongwoodFLMaster of Science
Natalie M. MitchellMariannaFLBachelor of Arts
Ross C. LightleMelbourneFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Michael M. HinesMelbourneFLMaster of Arts
Antonio AquilinoMiamiFLMaster of Arts
Laura S. OteroMiamiFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Anthony Martin MirabalMiamiFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Stuart Christoffer McKennaMiami BeachFLM S in Mechanical Engineering
Chelsie Lynn BordenMiltonFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Austin C. SmithMolinoFLB S in Mechanical Engineering
Emilia Julia BoultbeeNaplesFLBachelor of Arts
Jordan M. KlawansNaplesFLBachelor of Arts
Alexzandria Marie EytelNaplesFLB S in Education
Jacob AndersonNavarreFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Joseph Henry PabstNicevilleFLMaster of Science
Jack D. GreenNicevilleFLMaster of Science
Jack D. GreenNicevilleFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Roger Jason MontgomeryNicevilleFLBachelor of Arts
Madison Ryleigh FosterOcoeeFLB S in Chemical Engineering
Darielle B. RichardsonOpa LockaFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Canon E. ClaycombOrlandoFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Shanty Serena MarajOrlandoFLB S in Human Environ Science
Zhen WeiOrlandoFLDoctor of Philosophy
Taliyah N. KingOrlandoFLB S Commerce Business Admin
David YannickOrlandoFLMaster of Science
Kayla Elizabeth McLaughlinOrmond BeachFLB S in Human Environ Science
Finley S. WaldenPaceFLM S in Computer Science
Finley S. WaldenPaceFLB S in Computer Science
Makayla ParrisPalm Beach GardensFLBachelor of Arts
Hunter J. HartPanama CityBeachFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Frances Evan TaylorPensacolaFLBachelor of Social Work
Kathryn Elizabeth OlsenPensacolaFLMaster Library Infor Studies
Debbie LoganPensacolaFLB S in Nursing
Lindsey P. JerniganPensacolaFLBachelor of Science
Molley Brown MajewskiPensacolaFLB S in Human Environ Science
Shannon Kaye DullardPensacolaFLDoctor of Philosophy
Katie Lee KrohnPlacidaFLBachelor of Science
Rachel Renee KelleyPompano BeachFLB S in Human Environ Science
Laurent Blake HallonquistPompano BeachFLMaster of Science
Michael Anthony WrightPompano BeachFLMaster of Arts
Chloe C. CapenPort Saint LucieFLB S in Education
Aspen Nichole WilhelmPunta GordaFLBachelor of Science
Francine E. BayliesRiverviewFLB S in Human Environ Science
Sarah Nichole SchutjensRiverviewFLB S in Human Environ Science
Taylor Leigh MellonRosemaryBeachFLB S Commerce Business Admin
April KellySaint CloudFLMaster Library Infor Studies
Tyr Gunther ErikssonSaintAugustineFLBachelor of Arts
Kai R. McleodSarasotaFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Grey Charles SmithSarasotaFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Maximilian Shaw FisherSarasotaFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Kristina SaundersSt AugustineFLMaster of Science
Alexa Rose MacholsSt AugustineFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Salvadore Joseph Barranco IIITampaFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Priscella K. ShreveValricoFLBachelor of Arts Communication
Timothy J. SmithVero BeachFLB S in Human Environ Science
Tyler Maree TrayerWebsterFLMaster of Science
Morgan Kay McneillWest Palm BeachFLB S Commerce Business Admin
Allison M. EdwardsWinter HavenFLBachelor of Science
Anyssa Hope HernandezZephyrhillsFLBachelor of Science
Eliud KipsangEldoretFRKenyaB S in Human Environ Science
Erika N. JohnsonAcworthGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Ashleigh Jean KetchAcworthGAB S in Education
McKayla Ireland AndersenAcworthGABachelor of Music
Sophia Annemarie MattosAlbanyGABachelor of Arts
Josie Alexandra CloudAlpharettaGABachelor of Arts Communication
Julia V. BeckerAlpharettaGABachelor of Science
Philip Barksdale JonesAlpharettaGAMaster of Science
Jisoo Cantun BollesAlpharettaGABachelor of Arts
Kaitlyn M. KingAlpharettaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Erin Rae WilliamsAlpharettaGABachelor of Arts
Dean Thomas CarperAlpharettaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Andrew Joseph StuhltragerAlpharettaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel Theresa FlaggAlpharettaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Braelyn Kennedy YoungAlpharettaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Robert Eugene Lavender, JrAmericusGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Trisha A. ChericoAtlantaGAMaster of Science
Graham C. HumphreysAtlantaGAB S in Education
Callie Desiree BabinAtlantaGAB S in Human Environ Science
Rebecca CohenAtlantaGAMaster of Science
Karnera Denise GaffordAtlantaGAMaster of Arts
Karnera Denise GaffordAtlantaGABachelor of Arts Communication
Erin Elizabeth ParchmentAtlantaGAMaster of Science
Isabel K. JonesAtlantaGAB S in Nursing
Samuel Reese MillerAtlantaGAB S in Civil Engineering
Nathan F. EadsAtlantaGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Courtney N. WilliamsAtlantaGAB S in Human Environ Science
Catherine Grayson FallonAtlantaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Nicole R. MulfordAtlantaGAB S in Nursing
Kimberly FlanneryAtlantaGAB S in Human Environ Science
Danielle I. JacksonAugustaGABachelor of Science
James W. AdamsAugustaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Benjamin M. HaasBishopGABachelor of Science
Cary S. BennettBlackshearGAB S in Human Environ Science
Delaney Elizabeth WesolowskiBrooksGAB S in Nursing
Kaitlyn B. DipiazzaBufordGABachelor of Arts Communication
Nicole TogliattiCantonGAMaster of Science
Hailey Christina GomischCartersvilleGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Noah Richard SheltonColumbusGABachelor of Arts Communication
Raymond G. HanleyColumbusGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Hayley Noelle SandersConyersGABachelor of Arts
Thomas E. Nelson, Jr.CordeleGABachelor of Arts
Jack McKenzie FragerCummingGABachelor of Arts Communication
Michael Olin PageCummingGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Michael Olin PageCummingGABachelor of Science
Olivia G. ParsonsCummingGAB S in Nursing
Grace Eileen Van AlstyneCummingGABachelor of Arts
Reagan A. DavisCummingGABachelor of Arts
Sydney Kae WallaceCummingGAMaster of Arts
Jordan Grant PilkingtonCummingGABachelor of Science
James L. KeoughCummingGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Jane Ashley LaczynskiCummingGABachelor of Arts
Thomas Cade StarkCummingGABachelor of Arts
Mason Brian MulnixCummingGAMaster of Science
Mason Brian MulnixCummingGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ronnie MuratoriCummingGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyle Wade RamseyDahlonegaGAEducational Specialist
Joshua MaganaDaltonGAB S Construction Engineering
Paul E. DacusDecaturGAMaster of Science
Jesse RattanDecaturGADoctor of Philosophy
Kennedy L. DavisDouglasvilleGAB S in Human Environ Science
Daine Ashby KingDouglasvilleGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Aysha S. MonkDouglasvilleGABachelor of Arts Communication
Piper A. OwensDuluthGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Nina Denise BellDuluthGABachelor of Arts
Alexa Marie KnottDuluthGABachelor of Science
Daniel Frank MarshallEllijayGAEducational Specialist
Ashlyn Elizabeth ColeFayettevilleGAB S in Human Environ Science
Leosha Macaya DickensFayettevilleGABachelor of Arts Communication
Gabriel Hakim ShiversFlovillaGAB S in Education
Seth L. McLaughlinFlowery BrGAMaster of Science
Andrew J. FischerFlowery BranchGABachelor of Arts Communication
Justin T. EboigbeForest ParkGAMaster of Science
Kayla M. AverettFortsonGABachelor of Arts Communication
Hannah E. GentryGainesvilleGABachelor of Social Work
Payton R. LazarusGillsvilleGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Rebecca Ruth LowranceGood HopeGAMaster Library Infor Studies
Brittany E. AlexanderGreensboroGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Valerie-Taiy V. WilliamsGrovetownGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Valerie-Taiy V. WilliamsGrovetownGAB S in Human Environ Science
Jade Alexis Brianna RichardsonGrovetownGABachelor of Arts Communication
Margaret Turner FloydHinesvilleGAMaster of Science
Melina Rose Emilee TaddeiJeffersonGAB S in Nursing
Eleri B. FloydJohns CreekGAB S in Computer Science
Lauren Marie SchmidlkoferJohns CreekGAMaster of Arts
Lauryn SmithJohns CreekGAMaster of Arts
Lauryn SmithJohns CreekGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyle Matthew TerryKennesawGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Julianne Elizabeth KoebelKennesawGAB S in Education
Matthew Lance MitchellKennesawGAMaster of Science
Avery Mitchell RavechKennesawGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Melody RodriguezKennesawGAMaster Library Infor Studies
Matthew KnowlesKingslandGAMaster of Science
Amber V. ImamLawrencevilleGAMaster of Science in Nursing
Makayla J. DavisLoganvilleGABachelor of Arts Communication
Kevia K. HigdonMaconGABachelor of Arts
Caroline Grace NeislerMaconGAB S in Education
William Owen Bass IIIMariettaGAM S in Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa Janay PageMariettaGAMaster Business Administratn
Lorraine E. PalmgrenMariettaGABachelor of Science
Lauren Elizabeth JohnsonMariettaGABachelor of Arts
Avery Lawrette MaxwellMariettaGABachelor of Social Work
Andrew James MayneMariettaGAM S in Computer Science
Beonca DaughtreyMariettaGAB S in Education
Gabriel Joseph LacasellaMariettaGAB S in Nursing
Christine LauerMariettaGADoctor of Education
Andretti SenoMineral BluffGAMaster of Science
Sarah OlmsteadMount AiryGAMaster of Science
Alyson Grace ScruggsNewnanGABachelor of Arts
Autumn Brooke JordanNewnanGABachelor of Science
Rebecca Erin LynchNorcrossGAB S in Nursing
Robin Murray HortonOxfordGAMaster Library Infor Studies
Samuel Joseph JenningsPalmettoGAB S Commerce Business Admin
James Huxford McCollumPeachtree CtyGABachelor of Arts
Caleb T. WarnockPeachtree CtyGAMaster of Science
Caleb T. WarnockPeachtree CtyGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Zoe Maryse CampPowder SpringsGAB S in Computer Engineering
Lannah E. TeagueRinggoldGABachelor of Arts
Laura B. SmarttRinggoldGAMaster of Science
Alex H. SmithRinggoldGAMaster of Arts
Grace Catherine RoweRoswellGAB S in Nursing
Eleanor Gracyn FrenchRoswellGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Jacob T. SaltzmanRoswellGABachelor of Arts Communication
Benjamin Michael SchwarzRoswellGABachelor of Science
Cooper T. VanceRoswellGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Tanner James CaitoRoswellGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Liam RevelleSavannahGABachelor of Arts
Taylor WoodsSavannahGADoctor of Philosophy
Patrick Fitzgerald Hodge IIStoneMountainGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Morgan Hailey SauerSuwaneeGABachelor of Science
Myles Kristian SherrillSuwaneeGAB S in Human Environ Science
Claire Morgan DoggettSuwaneeGABachelor of Science
Ryan T. MillsSuwaneeGAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Christiana Obazee WebbTyroneGAMaster of Science
Tiffany Messer SchoeppeVillaRicaGABachelor of Science
Claire Kaylynn WillburWaleskaGAB S Commerce Business Admin
Jonah Lee BurnettWarner RobinsGAM S in Human Environ Sciences
Kristian K. StoryWest PointGABachelor of Science
Katie Elizabeth TurnerWhitesburgGAEducational Specialist
Devin A. VarnadoeWoodstockGABachelor of Science
Brandon David JonesWoodstockGAB S in Computer Science
Tyler John HenschelWoodstockGABachelor of Science
Avery Ann StiberWoodstockGAB S in Education
Linda A. ReeceLaieHIMaster of Arts
Grady Edward LaughlinCarlisleIAMaster of Science
Joshua Robert CrawfordCentervilleIAMaster of Arts
Taylor Diane McIntyreCouncil BlfsIAMaster of Science
Timothy Andrew FairmanCouncil BlfsIAM S in Human Environ Sciences
Scott FohrmanAlgonquinILMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Madyson M. DubloArlington HeightsILB S Commerce Business Admin
Joshua A. GrahamAuroraILB S Commerce Business Admin
Francis Yaw AcquayeAuroraILDoctor of Philosophy
Margaret M. DonahueBarringtonILBachelor of Arts
Seth Maxwell LewisBartlettILB S in Human Environ Science
Hannah Alexis TelkenBellevilleILBachelor of Science
Alyssa C. SchubertBelvidereILBachelor of Arts Communication
Aaron J. MartinBloomingtonILB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyle Richard PaethBrookfieldILBachelor of Fine Arts
Samuel O. GomezBrookfieldILB S in Education
Kirk Jacob BowmanCaryILMaster Library Infor Studies
Daniel J. JorgensenChicagoILBachelor of Science
Michael C. EganChicagoILB S Commerce Business Admin
Cornel V. AlexaChicagoILMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
John R. RiceChicagoILB S Commerce Business Admin
Brendan C. BreslinCrestwoodILBachelor of Arts Communication
Trevor James O'ConnorCrystal LakeILB S in Mechanical Engineering
Laurie PapadourakisDarienILMaster Library Infor Studies
Mary Katherine ShupenusDecaturILB S in Nursing
Brett A. StackpoleDowILB S in Aerospace Engineering
Madeleine G. CornettDu QuoinILBachelor of Science
Blake Alan TrederElk Grove VillageILBachelor of Science
Nicholas Alexander WardElmhurstILB S in Chemical Engineering
Victoria BenderskyElmwood ParkILMaster of Arts
Paul A. Malito, JrFrankfortILB S Commerce Business Admin
Julia Mary ZelenikaFrankfortILB S Commerce Business Admin
Bret Michael SchwardtGenevaILB S Commerce Business Admin
Morgan M. RoseGlen EllynILBachelor of Arts Communication
Margaret A. LitwinHinsdaleILBachelor of Arts Communication
Dillon John KotyJolietILB S Commerce Business Admin
Mitchell T. FenskeJolietILB S Commerce Business Admin
John Patrick BrownLa GrangeILMaster of Science
John Patrick BrownLa GrangeILB S Commerce Business Admin
Maya Lucia SwickLake In TheHillsILBachelor of Arts
Ashley Diane McCastlandLemontILBachelor of Science
Ryan M. DamentiLibertyvilleILB S Commerce Business Admin
Taylor A. ObbishLockportILB S in Nursing
Addison A. WinterLockportILB S Commerce Business Admin
Joah Jerold MooreMahometILB S Construction Engineering
Keenan Patrick DeBoerMarengoILMaster of Arts
Jennifer HanMountProspectILDoctor of Nursing Practice
Andrew David SmithNapervilleILB S Commerce Business Admin
Mark B. LelekNapervilleILB S in Mechanical Engineering
Grace E. OttoNew LenoxILB S in Education
Ennis M. LangeNew LenoxILB S in Chemical Engineering
Sean A. KramerNorthAuroraILB S Commerce Business Admin
Kylie L. CieslaNorthbrookILBachelor of Arts
Jacob N. McCrearyO FallonILB S in Computer Science
Chase Francis FortinOrland ParkILM S in Mechanical Engineering
Grace Catherine ConwayOrland ParkILB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel Ann HolicOrland ParkILBachelor of Science
Ryan T. JohanesOswegoILB S in Electrical Engineering
Darien G. LarsonPalatineILB S Commerce Business Admin
Meghan Sue SuelterPeoriaILB S in Nursing
Ava E. MillsSaintJosephILB S in Nursing
Jordan E. BarberisSaintLiboryILBachelor of Science
Meredith M. ConantShorewoodILB S Commerce Business Admin
Tyler James SarclettiShorewoodILB S Commerce Business Admin
Devin T. BaileySpring GroveILM S in Mechanical Engineering
Kristin Danielle ZimmermanSpring GroveILB S Commerce Business Admin
Alyssa G. KraftSt CharlesILB S in Computer Science
Steven M. BoskoWadsworthILB S in Mechanical Engineering
Abigail G. BoskoWadsworthILB S in Computer Science
Maxwell C. SchraderWaterlooILM S in Mechanical Engineering
Harry L. McLawhornWestern SpringsILBachelor of Science
Harry L. McLawhornWestern SpringsILB S Commerce Business Admin
Madisyn Rose KaferWheatonILBachelor of Arts
Samuel Todd KightCarmelINB S Commerce Business Admin
Parker A. GliemCrownPointINBachelor of Arts
Benjamin Michael WattaDyerINB S in Civil Engineering
Summer Nicole WildermanNewburghINDoctor of Social Work
Katryna N. ZimmerlySwitzCityINBachelor of Arts
Audrey BedwellVincennesINMaster of Science
John L. WardZionsvilleINBachelor of Arts Communication
William MendezAndoverKSMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Teague RickelBasehorKSB S in Mechanical Engineering
Katie Renea BrisbeeDouglassKSB S in Human Environ Science
Dalton Walsh BuchholzLansingKSBachelor of Arts Communication
Caleb A. PhillipsLeawoodKSBachelor of Science
Kathleen Mary AdrianoLeawoodKSBachelor of Science
Katie Margaret SimmonsMayettaKSMaster Library Infor Studies
Melissa Jo ClarkOverland ParkKSMaster of Arts
Emmaline Marie TeskaShawneeKSBachelor of Arts
Felicia Marie KnoxShawneeKSBachelor of Science
Stephen Wilson GainesBowling GreenKYBachelor of Arts
Brittany D. LarueBowling GreenKYB S in Nursing
Jeremy KeownCovingtonKYMaster of Science
Jennifer SchaefferLangleyKYMaster of Arts
Bryant ThrasherLexingtonKYMaster of Science
Megan L. KauffmanLexingtonKYB S in Civil Engineering
Margaret K. GradyLouisvilleKYB S in Education
Chloe G. WalradLouisvilleKYBachelor of Arts Communication
Frank F. FerrignoLouisvilleKYDoctor of Social Work
Mckenzie L. MillerNicholasvilleKYBachelor of Arts
David Alexander BishopUnionKYB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kasey M. AbelVersaillesKYBachelor of Arts
Ann M. ChristopherAbitaSpringsLAB S in Nursing
Jacob Young LimbockerBatonRougeLAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ella M. RochaBushLAB S in Education
Clyne A. Peak IVMadisonvilleLAB S in Computer Science
Logan M. FernandezMandevilleLAMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Paul Reynolds JamesMetairieLAM S in Civil Engineering
Scott V. Johnston IIMetairieLAB S in Chemical Engineering
Mary Elizabeth WhiteMetairieLAB S in Human Environ Science
Colin Reed MeyerMetairieLABachelor of Arts
Olivia J. EsquivelMetairieLABachelor of Arts Communication
Daphne BarconeyNew OrleansLADoctor of Education
Michelle DodenhoffNew OrleansLAMaster of Arts
Evan Fallon HendricksNew OrleansLAMaster of Science
Clare Elise ChachereNew OrleansLABachelor of Arts Communication
Eric J. Beal, SrPearlRiverLAMaster of Science
Morgan A. PottsPrairievilleLAB S in Chemical Engineering
Jake Kenneth ErdeltAshlandMAB S Commerce Business Admin
Juliana A. VinkelsBerlinMABachelor of Science
Jennifer MarchBoltonMAMaster Library Infor Studies
Holly HakesCambridgeMAMaster of Public Health
Tess A. KfouryFall RiverMAB S in Human Environ Science
Clara Eve AlexanderHarvardMAMaster of Arts
Thomas Leon DuclosHaverhillMAMaster Library Infor Studies
Amalia Carolina HalpinMiltonMABachelor of Science
Lillian D. GiovannucciNorwellMAB S in Human Environ Science
Quentin Anthony WoolfNorwellMABachelor of Arts
Brianna Elaine OdomSpringfieldMAMaster of Arts
Garin Shant HabeshianWalthamMAMaster Library Infor Studies
Pouya M. JaliliWest NewtonMAB S Commerce Business Admin
Marina Rosett GhazarianWest SpringfieldMABachelor of Arts
Max Y. LuWinchesterMAB S Commerce Business Admin
Emily L. MaurerWoburnMAMaster of Social Work
Sara Elisabeth JorritsmaWrenthamMAB S in Education
William Charles GardnerAnnapolisMDB S Commerce Business Admin
Carl Anthony WheelerAnnapolisMDDoctor of Nursing Practice
Kristin TrawinskiBaldwinMDDoctor of Nursing Practice
Jayla Chanel PlymouthCaliforniaMDB S Commerce Business Admin
Olivia R. WoodClarksvilleMDBachelor of Social Work
Kaitlyn Marie AllenEastonMDMaster of Science
Alexandra Isabella GrechFrederickMDBachelor of Arts
Carmen PalermoGaithersburgMDMaster of Arts
Tyler McCaa KaneGambrillsMDBachelor of Arts Communication
John PodsednikHollywoodMDB S in Mechanical Engineering
Mackenzie N. HigdonLa PlataMDMaster of Public Health
Rachel Marie JohnsonMountAiryMDMaster Library Infor Studies
Bryan Matthew SummersPasadenaMDB S Commerce Business Admin
Latasha Trinay Thomas-JacobsRockvilleMDBachelor of Science
Angela Young BrittinghamSalisburyMDDoctor of Nursing Practice
Madeline Kay BiermanWillardsMDB S in Nursing
Robert M. KunzBirminghamMIB S Commerce Business Admin
Kelsey J. SpenceBloomfield HillsMIBachelor of Arts
Melina Ariel SmithBurtonMIB S in Nursing
Devon M. DurrenbergCapacMIB S in Chemical Engineering
Sophia Elaine CausieConcordMIBachelor of Science
Dylan L. MatticeDavisburgMIB S in Chemical Engineering
Jonathon LairdFarmingtn HlsMIMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Katharine Xin WilsonOkemosMIBachelor of Arts Communication
Summer L. BellOxfordMIB S Commerce Business Admin
Brett Craig SingerRochester HlsMIM S in Mechanical Engineering
Douglas Fairbanks Manigault IIIRomulusMIDoctor of Social Work
Brianna Renee GreeneSaginawMIBachelor of Science
Isabel P. HornStantonMIB S in Education
Paige Suzanne NicholsonUticaMIB S in Education
Nicholas Heath OeltjenCambridgeMNM S in Human Environ Sciences
Sydney Marie MohrFarmingtonMNMaster of Arts
Jordyn BeyLake CityMNMaster of Science
Remi Elizabeth WollanMinnetonkaMNBachelor of Arts
Andrew Robert HansenOakdaleMNM S in Computer Science
Brent VogtOliviaMNMaster of Science
Riley Isabella TheisPriorLakeMNBachelor of Arts Communication
Alexis Mae GuttormsonSaintPaulMNMaster of Science
Miriam ProbstVadnais HtsMNM S in Chemistry
Ryan R. YaegerArnoldMOB S Commerce Business Admin
Abigail E. HuntChesterfieldMOB S in Human Environ Science
Sarah J. TomsoChesterfieldMOB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyleigh M. PeerChesterfieldMOB S Commerce Business Admin
Calvin A. FlackChesterfieldMOM S in Electrical Engineering
George Alexander PfenengerColumbiaMOBachelor of Arts Communication
Sarah Katherine OrtbalDefianceMOM S Environmental Engineering
Matthew Michael MooreEurekaMOBachelor of Science
Christopher Brent MayabbFentonMOMaster of Science
Ashleigh Nicole FerraraFentonMOBachelor of Science
Stacey SharpFlorissantMOB S in Nursing
Rosalyn M. ShillitoGlencoeMOBachelor of Arts
Austin David IsaakSaint LouisMOBachelor of Science
Claire M. SchneithorstSaint LouisMOMaster of Science
Rose Diana WeisensteinSaint LouisMOMaster of Science
Holly SteenSaint LouisMOMaster of Science
William Andrew McCannSaintLouisMOB S in Mechanical Engineering
Natalie Louise HallSaintPetersMOB S in Nursing
Lauren K. GrayTroyMOB S in Human Environ Science
David Norman Johnston, Jr.BiloxiMSDoctor of Nursing Practice
Caden M. JohnstonBrandonMSBachelor of Science
Angela K. WootenBrandonMSB S Commerce Business Admin
Tikisha Nicole RichardsonClintonMSMaster of Arts
Brooke A. IvyColumbusMSB S Commerce Business Admin
Melinda M. JohnsonCrawfordMSMaster of Arts
Ainsley Elizabeth SinclairFlowoodMSBachelor of Science
Presley P. CaldwellGrenadaMSB S Commerce Business Admin
John Sawyer AustinMadisonMSB S in Electrical Engineering
Davis P. Lowry IIMadisonMSB S in Computer Engineering
Kathryn M. ScogginsMadisonMSB S in Nursing
Stephen A. DraughnMadisonMSMaster of Science
Stephen A. DraughnMadisonMSB S Commerce Business Admin
Jonesti S. SteeleMeridianMSB S in Human Environ Science
Gabriel J. CanitzMoss PointMSB S in Mechanical Engineering
Trenton J. KirklandOliveBranchMSB S Commerce Business Admin
Tin Nguyen-Thanh LeOliveBranchMSDoctor of Philosophy
Alison ChainOxfordMSMaster of Science
Ramon Antoino Richardson, Jr.PascagoulaMSMaster of Science
Clint PughPetalMSMaster of Arts
Ashlyn B. GloverSteensMSBachelor of Arts
Rachel Kathleen PlattSummitMSBachelor of Science
Chad Allen ParkerTupeloMSDoctor of Social Work
Taylor B. SmithUnionMSMaster of Arts
Winifred SheltonAshevilleNCMaster of Science
Samuel Ashe EllingtonAshevilleNCBachelor of Arts Communication
Mary Crawford SmallwoodBelmontNCBachelor of Science
Jeremy Todd MatthewsCamp LejeuneNCBachelor of Arts
Katya Rose TrianaCaryNCBachelor of Arts
Alayna LevieCharlotteNCMaster of Arts
Hayley E. DavisCharlotteNCMaster of Science
Mathieu McNeilCharlotteNCDoctor of Social Work
Sophia Morgan SpadaCharlotteNCB S in Education
Hoban James CarneyCharlotteNCB S in Aerospace Engineering
Steven BradleyFayettevilleNCMaster of Arts
Katelyn Marie LedbetterFlat RockNCBachelor of Science
Kathryn Lyn BagliniFletcherNCDoctor of Nursing Practice
Joshua SpeaksFort BraggNCB S Commerce Business Admin
Britney N. KillingsworthGrahamNCB S in Nursing
April Clapp LeeGreensboroNCMaster of Arts
Kiara M. Soldano-BissellHuntersvilleNCBachelor of Science
Taylor Elizabeth FloweHuntersvilleNCB S in Education
Sydney Elizabeth BatchelorKenlyNCBachelor of Social Work
Wyatt Wilson WrightLibertyNCBachelor of Arts Communication
Grant O. AdcockMatthewsNCB S in Human Environ Science
Brittany Mechelle Sloan-BarbourMonroeNCMaster of Arts
Riley Hugh WilliamsMooresvilleNCB S Commerce Business Admin
Joseph Franklin ParrishNew BernNCDoctor of Nursing Practice
Alina Callan SwansonPisgah ForestNCB S Commerce Business Admin
Connor Michael BartschRaleighNCBachelor of Science
Ainsley Claire GiangrossoRaleighNCBachelor of Science
James H. BrewerSilerCityNCBachelor of Science
Michael Andrew HonrineStanfieldNCB S in Computer Science
Jacob Nathaniel SchlesingerStatesvilleNCB S in Chemical Engineering
Christine E. UnderwoodWaxhawNCBachelor of Arts
Hannah E. PetersenWaxhawNCB S Commerce Business Admin
Bailey RoqueWilmingtonNCMaster of Science
Caroline Marie ZierenbergWilmingtonNCBachelor of Social Work
Lauren Mason ThornWintervilleNCDoctor of Social Work
Edward Julian WilliamsLincolnNEMaster of Public Health
Mary Margaret DrewsOmahaNEBachelor of Science
Samantha K. McCarthyLondonderryNHBachelor of Arts
Alyson Maeve PernaAllendaleNJBachelor of Arts
Nicholas Shawn PaternoBelmarNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Lucas D. SperdutoBerkeley HtsNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Kyle Joseph LopesBerkeleyHeightsNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Jake Vincent PencekBerkeleyHeightsNJBachelor of Arts
Nicholas R. ParentiBrigantineNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Alana N. RoyerCedarGroveNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Daniel Noah ShoreCherry HillNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Sandi TemeanClaytonNJB S in Human Environ Science
Walter Arthur JordanColtsNeckNJBachelor of Arts
Susan Lyn GlantzDoverNJMaster of Science
Sophia Jewel CellaEatontownNJB S in Nursing
Courtney Taylor CarmenEgg Hbr TwpNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Matthew BershadskiyEnglishtownNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Jessica Taylor JudgeFreeholdNJB S in Nursing
Katherine Rose KerrHaddonfieldNJBachelor of Social Work
Kyla D. WolffHoHoKusNJBachelor of Science
Lauren OrdemannHowellNJMaster of Science
Kaylyn HurlburtKeyportNJBachelor of Science
Justin R. LiuManahawkinNJB S in Computer Science
William J. WyrschManahawkinNJBachelor of Arts
AnnaRose Theresa BasileManalapanNJBachelor of Science
Melanie Rose ReissMarltonNJBachelor of Science
Kirsten M. RacioppiMendhamNJB S in Education
Taylor Marisa SpaldingMonroe TownshipNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel Odalis AlemanyNorthArlingtonNJB S in Civil Engineering
Abigail TellecheaOceanportNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Devin Mac McLaughlinOxfordNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Nicole Taylor SchoonhenParamusNJB S in Nursing
Hailey R. KaiserParamusNJBachelor of Arts
Abigail J. ShirkeyParsippanyNJBachelor of Arts
Michele Anne MitchellPlainsboroNJMaster of Science
Connor John PrimaPt Pleas BchNJM S in Mechanical Engineering
Juliet G. CheringalRamseyNJBachelor of Social Work
Lauren Taylor LowtherRiversideNJBachelor of Arts
Daniel Armando Flores ZelayaRockawayNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Thomas Michael NakonechnyScotch PlainsNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Caroline LowrySea GirtNJMaster of Science
Zachary James AndrewsSewellNJB S Commerce Business Admin
Sophia I. PerezStirlingNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Jazmin S. RuddTrentonNJBachelor of Arts Communication
Molly Catherine HartTrentonNJBachelor of Science
Annabella Achiaamah OpokuUnionNJMaster of Science
Meghann A. LilleyAlbuquerqueNMDoctor of Nursing Practice
Nicholas VossAlbuquerqueNMB S in Mechanical Engineering
Neil P. AltomareAlbuquerqueNMMaster of Arts
Taryn DawesEdgewoodNMBachelor of Arts
Brianna J. BrownSantaFeNMBachelor of Arts Communication
Adam HawkinsWhite RockNMM S in Mechanical Engineering
Alicja MorgasHendersonNVBachelor of Science
Austin Nicholas PetersonLas VegasNVM S in Chemistry
Rafael CalderonBronxNYB S in Mechanical Engineering
David Alexander DonaldsonBrooklynNYBachelor of Science
Sherise Meloney StewartBrooklynNYM S in Human Environ Sciences
Jonathan William RuoccoBuffaloNYMaster of Science
Katherine Rose NebbiaBuffaloNYBachelor of Fine Arts
Saadia HassanCamillusNYMaster of Science
Sim Jonathan Covington, Jr.CanandaiguaNYMaster of Arts
Christopher Hren OxaalCohoesNYMaster of Science
Christopher Hren OxaalCohoesNYB S Commerce Business Admin
Juliana Marie ColicaEast MeadowNYBachelor of Science
Amy Nicole PribanicEast QuogueNYB S Commerce Business Admin
Victoria FloresGoshenNYBachelor of Science
Grace Sandra BergeronLittle FallsNYBachelor of Arts
Ryan Dennis SosnoskiLong BeachNYB S Commerce Business Admin
Luke A. McTigheMerrickNYBachelor of Arts
Carly Taylor AbramowitzMerrickNYBachelor of Arts
Jaclyn Heather FinnNew CityNYB S in Education
Iman M. NagNew RochelleNYBachelor of Arts
Robert Cullen ZahralbanPatchogueNYBachelor of Arts
Courtney E. SmithPattersonNYBachelor of Science
Jack C. FailingPearlRiverNYB S Commerce Business Admin
David Joseph RednickPort ChesterNYBachelor of Arts Communication
Morgan Ashleigh KnappPort JeffersonNYB S Commerce Business Admin
Victoria Rose MiniaciRonkonkomaNYB S in Human Environ Science
Jonathan SinopoliSaratogaSpringsNYMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Bella KirschnerSpring ValleyNYB S in Human Environ Science
Arianna Nicole RyanStaten IslandNYB S in Nursing
Kayla M. LaffertyStaten IslandNYMaster Business Administratn
Morgan Antonia CasellaStaten IslandNYB S in Education
Amanda LitchfieldSuffernNYB S in Human Environ Science
Cristina PaierWantaghNYBachelor of Science
John William Bolich IIIWarwickNYB S in Aerospace Engineering
John William Bolich IIIWarwickNYB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kara TutinWatertownNYMaster Library Infor Studies
Adina Y. BlumsteinWoodmereNYB S in Human Environ Science
Trinity T. FaulkersonAshtabulaOHBachelor of Science
Cameron A. SmithAuroraOHBachelor of Science
Megan G. ApplegateAvon LakeOHB S in Nursing
Rylie K. HigginsBataviaOHB S in Chemical Engineering
Joseph John DoberBereaOHMaster of Arts
Sarah Elizabeth HertensteinChillicotheOHB S in Human Environ Science
Edward Frank BogdanowiczCincinnatiOHDoctor of Philosophy
Michael P. RandCincinnatiOHB S in Chemical Engineering
Kristin MurrayCincinnatiOHMaster of Science
Caroline L. HorvathCincinnatiOHB S Commerce Business Admin
Caroline L. HorvathCincinnatiOHBachelor of Science
Barbara CornettColumbusOHMaster of Science
William L. SusaColumbusOHB S in Computer Science
Julia J. PattonGranvilleOHB S in Nursing
Camryn D. RushGroveCityOHBachelor of Science
Evan Benjamin YablonskyHamiltonOHB S in Civil Engineering
Katarina Elizabeth PalmmanHudsonOHMaster of Science
Taylor L. WohlfeilLakewoodOHMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Logan Christopher JirakLovelandOHMaster of Science
Katie A. JohnsonLovelandOHB S Commerce Business Admin
Connor A. BerohnLovelandOHB S in Electrical Engineering
Dhruv DineshMainevilleOHB S in Nursing
Courtney Nicole KalmbachPerrysburgOHMaster of Fine Arts
Ann Elizabeth NeelyPerrysburgOHMaster of Science
Adam J. GroenePickeringtonOHB S in Chemical Engineering
Dylan John ManleySilver LakeOHB S in Mechanical Engineering
Nathaniel SellersToledoOHDoctor of Nursing Practice
Mohammad S N KH H AlotaibiToledoOHKuwaitB S in Chemical Engineering
Jadyn Paige McKayTroyOHMaster of Public Health
Morgan Elizabeth PhillippiWaynesvilleOHB S in Nursing
Tyler Nathaniel McWilliamsWest PortsmouthOHB S in Computer Science
William Everett FossettBroken ArrowOKMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Anna King HensonEuchaOKB S in Nursing
Randall Kyle CoffmanOlusteeOKMaster of Arts
Jaime Lea BrantleyTecumsehOKDoctor of Education
Alexandra Elizabeth HowardTulsaOKB S Commerce Business Admin
Elham MusaviLake OswegoORMaster of Science
Lisa Lyn RogienWilsonvilleORDoctor of Nursing Practice
Max William FreudenbergerBethlehemPABachelor of Arts Communication
Abigail H. RusekCoatesvillePABachelor of Arts
Luke Thomas RobertsCoraopolisPAB S in Computer Science
Henry W. GordonDowningtownPAB S Commerce Business Admin
Liam Thomas CurranDoylestownPAB S Commerce Business Admin
Lindsay Grace StockDoylestownPAB S in Human Environ Science
Nina Samara HobackDrexel HillPABachelor of Science
Tabitha B. MillerFeasterville TrevosePAMaster of Science
Adam Michael GraffGibsoniaPAMaster of Arts
Luke Francis BaldiniHarleysvillePABachelor of Arts Communication
Casey DonohueHatboroPAMaster of Arts
Laura Nicole GottholdHorshamPAMaster of Arts
Maya Murphy LeesMechanicsburgPABachelor of Arts Communication
Johnette Katrina Louise BennageMifflinburgPADoctor of Nursing Practice
Kennedy Lindsay TrentMurrysvillePABachelor of Arts
Dalton P. PattersonOrelandPABachelor of Arts
Christopher SchroderPalmyraPAMaster of Science
Emma RicheyPhiladelphiaPAB S in Civil Engineering
Siddharth Venkata MupparajuReadingPABachelor of Science
Siddharth Venkata MupparajuReadingPABachelor of Arts
Meredith OndoRoyersfordPAB S Commerce Business Admin
Sara ToddRoyersfordPAMaster of Arts
Isabella E. BruniSchwenksvillePABachelor of Science
Nathan C. EllisStateCollegePAB S Commerce Business Admin
Nicholas Glynn FeltsStateCollegePAMaster of Arts
Samantha Lynn HarveyWest ChesterPAB S Commerce Business Admin
Ashley Taylor MillhouseWest ChesterPABachelor of Arts Communication
Courtney E. ThorntonYorkPAB S Commerce Business Admin
Madeline S. BrodbeckYorkPABachelor of Arts
Laura Isabel Martinez AguilarLajasPRBachelor of Arts
Rachel M. CookeAwendawSCBachelor of Science
Savannah HarringtonBeaufortSCBachelor of Science
Nicholas Daniel KnollBeaufortSCB S Commerce Business Admin
Michael David WhiteBlufftonSCB S Commerce Business Admin
Gabrielle Elise PhillipsCharlestonSCMaster of Music
Lauren Bethany RobinsonCowpensSCMaster of Science
Cameron Drew MasseyFlorenceSCDoctor of Philosophy
Sarah HamiltonFort MillSCBachelor of Science
Kathryn L. MillerFountainInnSCMaster of Science
Luke Alexander BolandGreenvilleSCM S in Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Cody JamesGreerSCB S in Human Environ Science
Kristin Lynn DeAndaGreerSCMaster of Arts
Leigha M. StahlGreerSCDoctor of Philosophy
Robertson H. RileyHodgesSCB S in Human Environ Science
Kaitlin Nicole BoddorfHollyHillSCB S in Nursing
Jamie Reagan SchafferJohnsIslandSCB S in Education
Autumn G. Van AntwerpJohnsIslandSCBachelor of Arts
Annamaria Susanna BleyerLittle RiverSCBachelor of Science
Erin A. CottinghamMountPleasantSCB S in Aerospace Engineering
Jennifer N. AndersonRock HillSCBachelor of Arts
Kayla Alexis KemfortWest ColumbiaSCMaster of Arts
Adam Gary ThorslandWest UnionSCB S in Mechanical Engineering
Sarah ParrSioux FallsSDMaster of Science
Audrey G. CooperArlingtonTNBachelor of Science
Elizabeth Eldorado LennonBethpageTNMaster of Science
Madeleine J. OsburnBrentwoodTNMaster of Arts
Madison Hayes SaxtonBrentwoodTNB S in Nursing
Jack M. ManchesterBrentwoodTNB S in Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth KhorasaniBrentwoodTNMaster of Arts
Steven E. SomersBrentwoodTNB S in Human Environ Science
Matthew Kendall EdwardsBrentwoodTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Caroline L. SteinfeldBrentwoodTNB S in Human Environ Science
Brett Elizabeth Tucker RoperChattanoogaTNDoctor of Philosophy
Rachel May TruexChattanoogaTNB S in Education
Riley G. ParkerChattanoogaTNB S in Computer Science
Christopher Lee LaneChattanoogaTNMaster of Arts
Abigail G. ThompsonColliervilleTNBachelor of Arts
Autumn Rai ConwayColliervilleTNBachelor of Science
Devesh S. TupkarColliervilleTNBachelor of Science
Mathew BrizuelaCookevilleTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Janona Fakhriddinqizy PirlepesovaCordovaTNBachelor of Science
Sydni T. BoyetFairviewTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Zachary Robert KroegerFairviewTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Matthew Ward Jaeger, Jr.FranklinTNB S in Computer Science
Cydney R. JenningsFranklinTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Christian Robert DarrFranklinTNB S in Computer Engineering
Jackson Liam ByrdFranklinTNM S in Mechanical Engineering
Nathaniel B. WoodFranklinTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Christopher Michael PoarchGallatinTNMaster of Arts
Kurt Bryan CantrellGatlinburgTNB S in Electrical Engineering
Gian Spencer MagniniGermantownTNBachelor of Arts
Anne Katherine CraftGermantownTNBachelor of Science
Anne Katherine CraftGermantownTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Matthew R. GrosmanGermantownTNB S in Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Smiley HelfensteinGermantownTNB S in Mechanical Engineering
Colton Erik GriffithGreenbackTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Rachel E. TaylorHendersonvilleTNB S in Nursing
Jamie Marie SarmientoHendersonvilleTNBachelor of Science
Mallory Nicole DavenportHendersonvilleTNBachelor of Science
Matthew Tyler PalermoHixsonTNM S in Mechanical Engineering
Trent A. BaldwinJacksonTNMaster Business Administratn
Ansley SharpJacksonTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Peyton H. MumpowerKingsportTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Allie C. LindenKnoxvilleTNB S in Nursing
Keshawna LynchKnoxvilleTNBachelor of Social Work
Elisabeth G. BernardKnoxvilleTNBachelor of Arts
Katherine D. DansereauKnoxvilleTNMaster of Public Health
Jenni M. PursellKnoxvilleTNMaster of Arts
Cullen Alexander WilkesKnoxvilleTNB S in Aerospace Engineering
Jared C. HeltonKnoxvilleTNDoctor of Philosophy
Elizabeth M. DaltonKodakTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Logan M. ThompsonLebanonTNMaster of Science
Logan M. ThompsonLebanonTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Denise HargroveLewisburgTNMaster Library Infor Studies
Richard H. LailLookout MountainTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Carolyna M. DriverLynchburgTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Megan E. UnderwoodMaryvilleTNB S in Nursing
Audrey Lee JonesMemphisTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Elizabeth Camille PierottiMemphisTNBachelor of Arts Communication
Gemia R. WilliamsMemphisTNB S in Mechanical Engineering
Kayli Jian LucasMount JulietTNB S in Education
Savanah Phillene LemonMount JulietTNMaster of Science
Piper G. TaylorMurfreesboroTNBachelor of Arts
John Todd PalmerMurfreesboroTNMaster of Arts
Jonathan B. BurksMurfreesboroTNB S in Education
Samuel Tucker MorganMurfreesboroTNBachelor of Science
Therese M. ScherrerNashvilleTNB S Metallurgical Engineering
John Tatum Johnson IIINashvilleTNBachelor of Science
Amanda Koa Willis MasonNashvilleTNMaster of Science
Samuel T. ShippNashvilleTNB S Commerce Business Admin
David E. WareNashvilleTNBachelor of Arts
Harry Boyd House IIINashvilleTNMaster Business Administratn
Madison M. IrvinNolensvilleTNB S in Education
Brittney C. SalterNolensvilleTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Robert Calvin HinsonOld HickoryTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Allyson Danielle FaristOoltewahTNBachelor of Fine Arts
Rosemary Faith ReidRicevilleTNMaster of Science
Alex M. McClainRossvilleTNBachelor of Science
Carsyn Montana SmilingSeviervilleTNBachelor of Arts
Jimnie Q. Chau LeSmyrnaTNB S Commerce Business Admin
Jared W. SayeThompsons StnTNB S in Electrical Engineering
McKenna R. FranksAllenTXBachelor of Science
Jadyn K. KulesaArgyleTXBachelor of Science
Cade Robinson RathkeArgyleTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Michael Antonio IknerArlingtonTXMaster of Arts
Brady Scott GrantAustinTXMaster of Science
Hannah E. HarrellAustinTXMaster of Arts
Rhonda Latrece Cay-HernandezAzleTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Katherine Errol McAteeBeaumontTXBachelor of Arts
Madeline Michele KikerBeaumontTXBachelor of Arts
Parker Isaiah KingBedfordTXBachelor of Arts
Giovanna E. CinelloCarrolltonTXBachelor of Arts
Kate A. PittengerCollege StationTXB S in Education
Ian Andrew CorwinColleyvilleTXBachelor of Science
Gessica L. SkorkaCoppellTXB S in Education
Hannah Kate SifuentesCorpus ChristiTXBachelor of Arts
Ashley Lauren HeartwellCorpus ChristiTXBachelor of Science
Tyler J. WoodCypressTXMaster of Science
Danielle Renee LeBlancCypressTXBachelor of Arts
Mark Duane FollowillDallasTXMaster of Arts
David M. Long-DanielsDallasTXMaster of Arts
Bergen Sierra CowellDallasTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Clair E. McFaddenDallasTXBachelor of Arts
Erin N. DeWillisDallasTXMaster of Science
Shannon Shea SmithDallasTXBachelor of Arts
Sean Michael McQuillanDallasTXBachelor of Arts
Ariana S. CamposDel ValleTXMaster of Arts
Seth Stephen PhillipsDrippingSpringsTXBachelor of Arts
Fernanda S. ArreolaEl PasoTXMaster of Science
Alana Kate AndersonFlower MoundTXBachelor of Science
Zerrie Danyall MackFort WorthTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Sarah E. JohnsonFort WorthTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Alex Michael BirtFort WorthTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
James Robert BrockermeyerFort WorthTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Jason Matthew-Monroe Steffesfort worthTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Annsley G. ReynoldsFort WorthTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Bradley James GilmoreFriendswoodTXMaster of Arts
Laryssa InghamFriscoTXB S in Human Environ Science
Ian Etchu AyukFriscoTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Andrew P. WatsonFriscoTXMaster of Science
Caren Ivette RodriguezGarlandTXMaster of Arts
Justin SandersHoustonTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Carolina Picardi TrantHoustonTXMaster of Science
Jason ValenciaHoustonTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Max Michael DowdingHoustonTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Tommie John Javinar EbanezHoustonTXMaster of Arts
Ronald Gordon Lee, Jr.HoustonTXMS in Aerospace Engr and Mech
Shakita N. McGeeHumbleTXB S in Nursing
Carenna Victoria MandolaKatyTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Kinsley Rae SharpKatyTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Jalen MilroeKatyTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Danny SengsouvannapraseuthKellerTXMaster of Arts
Natalie Kate BonnerKellerTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Amreigh Alayne WilliamsonKermitTXB S in Education
Klint Bradford GreenLake JacksonTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Marie AlexanderLakewayTXBachelor of Science
Macey R. MoserLeague CityTXBachelor of Science
Diana SalcidoLeanderTXMaster of Science
Matthew Paul TreadwellLeanderTXMaster of Arts
Alexander Stephen DonaldsonLewisvilleTXM S in Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Stephen DonaldsonLewisvilleTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Erin Danielle RankinsLindaleTXBachelor of Science
Dominique Marie WellsMagnoliaTXB S in Nursing
Jeremy Garrett WillinghamMagnoliaTXB S in Mechanical Engineering
Drew Bryant GoodwinMckinneyTXMaster of Science
Isabella Marie TrevinoMelissaTXM S in Chemistry
Ter'ria Renique HowardMissouriCityTXBachelor of Arts
Caroline Grace OverstreetMontgomeryTXB S in Nursing
William Ryan KnipfelMontgomeryTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Trent Andrew SimmonsPflugervilleTXBachelor of Science
Melanie Kay Chung ShermanPlanoTXDoctor of Social Work
James Pearce PriebePlanoTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Amanda A. RhinehartPlanoTXMaster of Arts
Bianca Grace CarroccioPlanoTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Samantha Grace JacobsProsperTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Morgan A. HarrisProsperTXB S in Geology
Mia Desiree ReyesRichmondTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Jacob Owen SchenkSan AntonioTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Sarah Elizabeth CortezSan AntonioTXBachelor of Arts Communication
Lisa BentonSan AntonioTXMaster of Science
Pilar Valentina VieyraSan AntonioTXBachelor of Arts
Whitney HankinsSan AntonioTXB S in Human Environ Science
Michael Stephen KrugSan AntonioTXDoctor of Nursing Practice
Gabriel Yamil AlvaradoSan AntonioTXBachelor of Arts
Lyndsey Margaret StubbsSouthlakeTXBachelor of Science
Lauren M. WardSpringTXM S in Chemical Engineering
Rachael A. LeachTexarkanaTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Elizabeth Ann HaasThe ColonyTXBachelor of Arts
Mitchell RufferThe WoodlandsTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Anna N. BordenThe WoodlandsTXMaster of Arts
Leah RetherfordTomballTXB S in Human Environ Science
Caleb Anthony RodriguezWichita FallsTXB S Commerce Business Admin
Jennifer Lindsey JollyWoodwayTXMaster of Arts
Preston Andrew BeardDraperUTBachelor of Arts Communication
Audrey Lynn ColeAldieVABachelor of Arts
Robin M. GreenAlexandriaVAB S in Human Environ Science
Rachel Eleni KingAlexandriaVAMaster of Arts
Evan Alexander LasseterAlexandriaVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Matthew M. VanceArlingtonVABachelor of Arts
Jack William HutchensBuchananVABachelor of Arts Communication
George Ryan GilbertsonBurkeVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Preston Reece RatliffCentrevilleVAB S in Mechanical Engineering
Peter SharpeCharles CityVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Megan K. JohnstonCharlottesvilleVAB S in Human Environ Science
Joshua N. LangleyClearBrookVABachelor of Arts Communication
Eva Maire HoysethFairfaxVABachelor of Arts
Amy RockFairfaxVAMaster of Science
Riley Helen BowlingFredericksbrgVABachelor of Arts
Trey S. RoystonFredericksburgVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Emily E. KinseyGlen AllenVABachelor of Arts Communication
Lacey H. LewisLeesburgVAMaster Library Infor Studies
Lauren Marie WallsLeesburgVABachelor of Arts
Brittany PlacenciaLortonVAB S in Human Environ Science
Teresa Benedicta ElamManassasVAB S in Chemical Engineering
Pranshul VarshneyMouthOfWilsonVAIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Chloe Rose HoganNewport NewsVAMaster of Science
Chloe Rose HoganNewport NewsVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Kennedy Louise LopezSpotsylvaniaVABachelor of Arts
Monica SepedaSpotsylvaniaVAMaster of Arts
Amanda Elaine VegaStaffordVAMaster of Science
Amanda Marie EvansViennaVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Thomas Briggs StandingVirginiaBeachVAB S in Human Environ Science
Elizabeth Marie CarrierVirginiaBeachVAB S in Civil Engineering
Gabriela Karina SimmonsWarrentonVABachelor of Arts
Harrison Tyler WhittWarrentonVAB S Commerce Business Admin
Delaney Jo HolmesBellevueWAB S in Nursing
Gabrielle S. WebsterHansvilleWABachelor of Arts
Emily Jean RyuMercer IslandWABachelor of Arts
Emily Jean RyuMercer IslandWABachelor of Science
Dana S. HooperPort AngelesWAMaster of Arts
Ralph E. Hooper, Jr.Port AngelesWAMaster of Arts
Dania AshourRichlandWAM S in Mechanical Engineering
William J. CooperSeattleWAB S Commerce Business Admin
Priscila C. ZwarSeattleWAMaster of Arts
Alissa N. RiosSnoqualmieWAB S Commerce Business Admin
Margaret Marie DoyleBrookfieldWIB S Commerce Business Admin
Raymond R. ArndorferGreendaleWIB S in Computer Science
Kierra Lynn SchmitzHartlandWIB S in Chemical Engineering
Bradley Michael MarxMayvilleWIMaster of Science
Elizabeth Victoria GlueckertMequonWIMaster of Science
Austin Mitchell CristMilwaukeeWIMaster of Laws
Alyssa Rose ProutyMilwaukeeWIMaster of Arts
Alyssa L. PulkrabekOregonWIB S Commerce Business Admin
Clinton NemitzPlattevilleWIMaster of Arts
Katherine G. HammPleasantPrairieWIBachelor of Arts
Logan T. HubbardRiverFallsWIB S in Mechanical Engineering
Alana BerginSobieskiWIBachelor of Arts
Sarah SmyrkSun PrairieWIMaster of Arts
Charlie BrussWest BendWIMaster of Science
Conner Joseph RoseWoodvilleWIB S Commerce Business Admin
Madison MillerBeaverWVBachelor of Science
Joshua O'Neal BrownCullodenWVMaster of Public Health
Husain A F M SeadoonMorgantownWVB S in Civil Engineering
Trezmen D. MarshallB S in Human Environ Science
Tevin A. BizzellB S in Mechanical Engineering
Ramesh KarkiDoctor of Philosophy
Sydney Ma'lan SimmonsBachelor of Science
David L. LadnerBachelor of Science
Emery AdonaMaster of Arts
Hezam F M R AlasqahB S in Chemical Engineering
Tyler W. HoganB S in Nursing
Funke Folashade SalamiAjahNigeriaMaster of Arts
Luqman Oyebode AjisafeAkureNigeriaM S in Chemistry
Meshari A SH S AladwaniAlfarwaniyaKuwaitB S in Civil Engineering
Shaheen Yahya S AlbokhedaimAlhasaSaudi ArabiaB S in Chemical Engineering
Abdulrahman M DH S F AlharbiAli Sabah AlsalemKuwaitB S in Electrical Engineering
Himadry Shekhar DasBarisalBangladeshDoctor of Philosophy
Edward James IsoghieBeninNigeriaMaster of Science
Kingsley Ehimhen UsifohBenin CityNigeriaM S in Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Ortegón KalilBogotaColombiaMaster of Arts
Sergio Julian Jimenez Cardenas, Sr.BogotaColombiaDoctor of Philosophy
Yolima PerezBogotaColombiaMaster of Arts
Lina Alejandra Aldana PorrasBogotaColombiaDoctor of Musical Arts
Carlos Fernando Sánchez, Sr.Bogotá D.CColombiaMaster of Arts
Guzman JulioBogotá D.CColombiaMaster of Arts
Varunkumar UthayakumaranChennaiIndiaM S in Electrical Engineering
Kavya MukundanChennaiIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Jihyun LeeDaeguSouth KoreaMaster of Arts
Muhammad Sami IrfanDhakaBangladeshM S in Civil Engineering
Faruk Selim TugElazigTurkeyB S in Chemical Engineering
Rubana Hossain MuniaFeniBangladeshM S in Computer Science
Kazi Hassan ShakibG.P.O.BangladeshM S in Civil Engineering
Kefentse Princess KubangaGaboroneBotswanaDoctor of Philosophy
Tu Dinh LuongHo Chi MinhVietnamB S in Civil Engineering
Youjeong HuhIlsan Seo-guSouth KoreaDoctor of Philosophy
Barjs DH B DH MohammedJahraKuwaitB S in Civil Engineering
Souvik BhattacharjeeKOLKATAIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Khaled N M S AladwaniKuwaitKuwaitB S in Civil Engineering
Ali Y A A BuabbasKuwait CityKuwaitB S in Chemical Engineering
Ali J M H M AljadiKuwait cityKuwaitB S in Chemical Engineering
Badreyah H E S R AlmesbahiKuwait CityKuwaitB S in Chemical Engineering
Amarachukwu Jecinta ObiLagosNigeriaBachelor of Science
Sunday C. OkaforLagosNigeriaM S in Civil Engineering
Loeiza Vari Mona Genovefa Le RouxLampaul-PloudalmézeauFranceMaster of Science
Jiajun LinLeshan SichuanChinaBachelor of Science
Grisell Ortega JiménezMexico CityMexicoMaster of Arts
Isabela Queiroz De JesusMexico CityMexicoMaster of Arts
Hamza Mohamed Said MasrooriMuscatOmanB S in Mechanical Engineering
Steevano Rufus BenebyNassauBahamasB S in Mechanical Engineering
Rajyashree LenkaRourkelasundergarhIndiaM S Metallurgical Engineering
Alan Christian de FalchiSanto AndreBrazilBachelor of Arts
Pratibha GautamSyuchatarNepalMaster of Arts
Edgardo Del Cid DuronTegucigalpaHondurasB S in Mechanical Engineering
Nilesh Jagannath VisheThaneIndiaDoctor of Philosophy
Xiyuan YaoTianjinChinaDoctor of Philosophy