UA Preview — Aug. 7-13, 2023


VITAL, STATE CREATE ON-DEMAND DIGITAL LEARNING PROGRAM — The University of Alabama partnered with several state agencies to launch a digital platform and on-demand learning program that offers essential education and training to physicians and health care professionals. VitAL On-Demand signifies a milestone in standardizing content delivery and promoting professional development for health care professionals across Alabama. This collaboration between VitAL and the state of Alabama reflects their shared vision of enhancing services, policies and community conditions for individuals facing mental health, substance use and trauma-related challenges. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at

ALABAMA BUSINESS HALL OF FAME TO INDUCT 6 — Six individuals who have brought lasting fame to the state of Alabama through their business contributions will be inducted into the Alabama Business Hall of Fame Class of 2023 during a ceremony at Haven in Birmingham Nov. 9. The inductees are Herman E. Bulls, of McLean, Virginia; Tom Hough, of Atlanta; C. Phillip McWane, of Mountain Brook; James W. Rane, of Abbeville; Frank Stitt III, of Birmingham; and Michael D. Thompson, of Birmingham. Established in 1973, the Culverhouse College of Business at The University of Alabama is home to the Alabama Business Hall of Fame. For more information, contact Zach Thomas, Alabama Business Hall of Fame, at  

RENTAL COSTS RISE IN THE SEC’S COLLEGE TOWNS — Rents in each Southeastern Conference city are definitely on the rise, according to a monthly rental report from researchers at three universities. Rent prices across the 14 cities rose 8.22% on average over the past year, double the national average of 4.11% over the past 12 months ending in June, according to the Waller, Weeks and Johnson Rental Index that examines the entire stock of homes and apartments across 100 metro areas in the United States. Despite the rise, the average monthly rent in the SEC cities in June is $1,541, well below the national average of $2,054. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at

UA RESEARCHERS SEEKING PARTICIPANTS FOR STUDIES — As a large research institution, UA continually offers opportunities for people to participate in research studies and clinical trials. There are currently a range of studies offering cumulatively more than $1,900 in compensation that seek participants of all ages. Many also offer free health information to the participant. Each study has its own requirements. For more information, visit the UA News Center’s list of open studies or contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at 205-348-4328 or


UA PHYSICIAN AVAILABLE TO DISCUSS RED MEAT ALLERGY FROM TICK BITE — “A tick-associated condition, known as red meat allergy or Alpha-gal syndrome, occurs when saliva containing the sugar alpha-gal is injected into a person from a lone star tick bite,” said Dr. Thomas Weida, chief medical officer for University Medical Center. “Some people are allergic to this sugar which is found in red meat such as beef, pork and lamb. It is not found in fish, poultry or reptiles. Reactions can be mild to severe ranging from hives to difficulty breathing. Allergic reactions can be managed, but there is no cure for the condition, and avoiding these meats is recommended for this condition. The best prevention is wearing clothing which covers the skin or using Deet repellant when occupying tick invested areas such as tall grass and woodlands. To schedule an interview, contact Weida at  

HYDRATING BEFORE PRACTICE KEY FOR YOUNG ATHLETES — “Being intentional about hydration status in the days prior to the onset of activity, especially rigorous activity that occurs in high temperature and humidity, is a good way to minimize the effects dehydration will play on health and performance,” said Dr. Jeri Zemke, assistant professor with the UA College of Human Environmental Sciences. “Two to three days prior to the planned activity, young athletes should eliminate caffeinated beverages and drink an increased amount of water and/or sport drinks. Additionally, eating foods high in water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, apples, peaches and celery, is another way to improve hydration prior to the onset of intense exercise. Monitoring the color of your urine is an easy way to assess hydration status. Urine the color of lemonade, or lighter, indicates you are in a hydrated state, while urine darker than lemonade suggests you are either dehydrated, or moving toward a dehydrated state. Weighing the athlete before and after activity is another way to assess loss of fluids. For every one pound lost during activity, the athlete should drink approximately half of a liter of fluids. Finally, thirst is a very poor indicator of hydration status. If you wait to drink fluids until you are thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated.” To schedule an interview, contact Zemke at


DISCOVERING ALABAMA: ALABAMA QUADRICENTENNIAL — The Alabama Museum of Natural History will host a screening of “Discovering Alabama: Alabama Quadricentennial” followed by a Q&A discussion Aug. 10. In the latest episode of the “Discovering Alabama” series, Dr. Doug Phillips is joined by several leading environmental scientists who provide their expert perspective in addressing environmental issues around the state. Included is commentary obtained during the precious moments of the show’s last visit with the late Dr. E.O. Wilson. The free event includes light hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m., the screening at 7 p.m. and discussion following.  

UA DANCERS TO PERFORM AT EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE – “Unstuck With You,” an original dance performance developed by UA students and Professor Sarah M. Barry, will be showcased at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest performing arts festival, from Aug. 5-12. The piece, developed over the past year with regional performances across Alabama and Tennessee, will be livestreamed from Scotland on Aug. 12 at 11:40 a.m. on the Yonder Dance Company’s Facebook and Instagram account. B-Roll and interviews are available for use.

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