a UA student works with a young elementary school student

Honors Students Give Back to Community With Engage Tuscaloosa

Engage Tuscaloosa is a volunteer-based organization that places Honors College students in local elementary and middle schools to mentor students. Under the umbrella of the Engage organization, there are several programs including Mathtastic, Bright, Read and Notable, which support learning in math, reading, STEM and music.

The mission is to engage K-12 students by providing them with strong role models, building strong relationships and exposing them to new things and ideas.

Ben Anderson, a junior studying aerospace engineering, has been involved with Engage for two years. Anderson began as a tutor in the Mathtastic program at Eastwood Middle School. This past year, Anderson also joined the reading program working with elementary students at Matthews Elementary School.

“Being able to use your own knowledge and experience as a student to benefit other people is a really gratifying experience,” said Anderson. “It’s awesome to see kids begin to feel more comfortable around you and continue to learn and grow as people with your help.”

The onboarding process to become an Engage Tuscaloosa member begins at the start of each semester and has a very flexible shift schedule to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

“More than anything, volunteering through Engage Tuscaloosa gives me a greater perspective in my life as a college student that can become self-centered at times,” said Anderson.

To get involved with Engage, contact the director of Bright, Meredith Prescott at mcprescott2@crimson.ua.edu.