the 2023 MBA case competition team in front of Hewson Hall

MBA Team Celebrates Several Wins in Remarkable Year

A driven team of competitive MBA students distinguished themselves nationally, competing against top schools and consistently winning or placing this past year.

Traveling to eight competitions in six states, the Manderson MBA Case Team clinched multiple honors, including three first-place wins and over $39,000 in prize money between August 2022 and April 2023.

The team is composed of about two dozen students who work in smaller groups of four to six on individual competitions. The cases hinge on real business questions and challenges, such as proposing strategies to enter new markets, refocusing a company’s value proposition or developing new staff recruiting tactics. Delivering excellent presentations is a critical part, too.

Through it all, the team members apply their skills, create value for real businesses, network with students and leaders across the country, and bond.

“I’ve had the incredible privilege of working alongside some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, ranging from engineers and data scientists to future doctors and arts professionals,” said team member Rosemary Hartline-Neal. “Our teams work tirelessly for weeks on end to produce deliverables and nothing compares to the feeling of presenting our findings and recommendations to a panel of industry professionals and seeing their faces light up as they realize the possibilities.”

See photos and videos and learn more about the MBA Case Team’s stellar year.