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HR Announces Employee Performance Review Changes

Improvements to the performance review process are coming, and supervisors are encouraged to Kick-Start the Conversation with their employees.

Changes include a more direct focus on job responsibilities, the addition of behavioral expectations and a new five-tier rating scale.

“The changes to the performance review are the result of an update to the UA Strategic Plan and feedback from various stakeholders seeking an improvement to the format,” said Susan Norton, senior associate vice president and chief human resources officer. “The changes address both.”

The updates are the work of an ad hoc committee comprised of representatives from departments across campus who were chosen by vice presidents as well as members of the HR team. The updates apply to the current performance review cycle.

HR’s Kick-Start the Conversation initiative is aimed at encouraging and reminding UA staff who conduct employee evaluations that performance feedback should be provided throughout the year, not just at the time of an annual review.

HR has set up a dedicated webpage stacked with information on how to navigate the updated performance review process as well as commonly asked questions and tips on how to foster open two-way conversation about job expectations. Visit the Kick-Start the Conversation website to learn more.