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Say Hello to OTIDE

The former College of Continuing Studies has a new name and organizational structure that better reflect its purpose of enhancing faculty innovation and digital education.  

In September The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System approved a resolution for organizational changes and a renaming of the College to the Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education.

The resolution was based on recommendations from the committee on online education and academic innovations. The committee, composed of UA faculty and staff, also recommended transitioning the Bryant Conference Center to the Division of Finance and Operations, and developing within Academic Affairs a support group devoted to growth and development of faculty and others engaged in innovative teaching and instruction.

Dr. Robert Hayes, interim dean of CCS and now interim associate provost for OTIDE, answered questions about the changes.

What is the focus of the change?

The main change is the reassignment of the organization as an office under the Office for Academic Affairs through which our impact may be more closely aligned with Provost Dalton’s objectives for advancing and enhancing faculty innovation and digital education.

When did the changes take effect?

The name change was effective Oct. 1. The UA website will be updated soon.

Will this reassignment affect the degrees of UA Online students?

No. The change to the Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education will not impact the standing brands of units under its scope, including UA Online through which all the University’s online degrees are delivered.

When did supervision of the Bryant Conference Center shift to Finance and Operations?

The supervision of the Bryant Conference Center shifted Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year. OTIDE remains committed to supporting the Bryant Conference Center’s operations, including customer relations management and software integrations, during the transition process.

What steps have been taken to equip staff for this change?

CCS facilitated a Change Workshop for all employees across the division with Rainey Way, executive director for business analytics and process improvement. We have also hosted four “Chats About Change,” one-hour sessions during which employees could present questions about how the organizational changes impact them or their operations on a more individualized level. We have formed a task force whose charge is aimed at identifying, evaluating and addressing any/all updates related to the shift from CCS to OTIDE.