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Q&A with SGA President Madeline Martin

Hoover native Madeline Martin is a senior majoring in political science and communication studies. She is currently the president of the Student Government Association, director of account management for the Capstone Agency and former vice president of the UA League of Women Voters.

Martin recently shared what SGA learned over the past year and how it plans to grow going forward.

What brought you to The University of Alabama?

As an Alabama native, I have always been coming to the city of Tuscaloosa to cheer on the Crimson Tide and watch both of my siblings attain degrees from The Capstone. I did not know if I was going to choose the same path as my siblings, but when I toured the campus, I immediately knew that this would be my home for the next four years.

What were some of the highlights from SGA this past year?

Outreach beyond the campus is a vital tenet of the SGA motto: “Students Serving Students.” Alleviating food insecurity, the situation of students not knowing where their next meals will come from, is one of the main points of SGA’s outreach. This past year, I implemented a new initiative in which SGA works in tandem with the University Arboretum to secure plots of land at the arboretum’s facility where we can plant, grow and maintain seasonal fruits and vegetables. The produce will be placed in a new freezer (also purchased by SGA) in the UA Student Center Food Pantry for students struggling with food insecurity to access.

What are some of the SGA’s goals and major projects for the 2022-2023 year?

The guiding force behind the 111th SGA Administration is to strengthen our organization’s efforts toward intentional connection, deliberate outreach, inclusive and equitable diversity, and focused professional and academic development.

How can fellow students get involved or stay informed?

For freshmen, the best place to start is joining the First Year Council. It is a representative body of freshmen who voice first-year student concerns and pass legislation to enact long-lasting change. Also, any student can apply to the Lobby Board or join an SGA committee. Lobby Board is an advocacy group that works to promote higher education resources and increase student civic engagement on and off campus. SGA committees allow you to work under certain areas within SGA or a specific vice-president. You can also sign up for the SGA Wide Newsletter, as this is a fantastic update on everything and anything going on in SGA and highlights the different ways to connect and get involved on campus.

What was the biggest lesson SGA learned from the past year that will continue to make an impact on the organization and how it conducts business?

The SGA strives to promote and protect the student-democratic process where each student has a voice and is a partner in the shared governance of our university. As elected student leaders, we are always conscious of our obligation to meet the needs of students and to advocate their concerns to the administration. It is necessary not only to listen to and serve students, but to make sure they know they are seen and welcomed here on this campus. This commitment allows us to rededicate ourselves to the student body each year and work to address their concerns and amplify their voices.


Jennifer Brady, UA Strategic Communications, jennifer.brady@ua.edu