Students receiving their awards during the Tapping on the Mound ceremony

Tapping on the Mound Recognizes Legendary UA Achievement

The University of Alabama honored the achievement of numerous students, faculty and staff during the annual Tapping on the Mound ceremony April 8.

The following were recognized during the ceremony.

Outstanding Freshmen: Yonathan Janka and Mims Williams. 

Outstanding Sophomore: Malea Benjamin.

Outstanding Junior: David Strickland.

Outstanding Senior: Rowan Batts.

Outstanding Transfer Students: Will Dooley and Janae’ Johnson.

Outstanding Graduate Students: Kaitlyn May and Ifeanyi Okpala.

Anderson Society

Anderson Society, a senior honorary, was founded at UA in 1975 and seeks to promote excellence in student leadership and service as well as high academic standards. Each year, 24 members are selected in recognition of their significant contributions to the University.

Amanda Allen, Helen Babb, Grace Beauchamp, Brett Bonikowski, Lauren Davis, Ibby Dickson, Jordan Evans, Abigail Fickel, Sara Grady, Ellery Hill, Katherine Hurd, Emma Kenny, Marcella Martinez, Reina Parker, Madelaine (Lainey) Pickens, Jehme Pruitt, Emily Roach, Anne Roberts, Isaac Sherman, Jack Steinmetz, Julia Stewart, David Strickland, Chandler Turnipseed and Jordan Wooten.

Honorary Members: Samuel Hallam, Dr. Quoc Hoang, Arianna Kellum, Dr. Benjamin Pyle, Maratha Glen Sease and Anna Stevenson.

Mortar Board

Mortar Board, a national honor society for men and women, is based on leadership, scholarship and service. It is one of the highest honors that can be granted to seniors. Members must display outstanding dedication to service and leadership.

Elise Anzaldua, Sophia Almanza, Helen Babb, Grace Beauchamp, Thomas Blackwell, Grace Bollinger, Sydney Booth, Madi Boudreaux, Austin Bowling, Izzy Boyd, Caroline Brook, Olivia Bruno, Walker Burley, Catherine Cangelosi, Kennedy Carter, Madison Chambliss, Maici Craig, Kelsey Curry, Megan Davis, Lauren Davis, Fatema Dhondia, Ibby Dickson, Alexandra Eisenschenk, Taylor Falls, Abigail Fickel, Lewis Fischer, Anna Gerbich, Megan Gilbert, Madison Glatz, Sara Grady, Brandon Hatchett, Bailey Hatchett, Sydney Helgeson, Trinity Hunter, Katherine Hurd, Abby Johnson, Emily Johnson, Emma Kenny, Andrea Kugler, Alison Levine, Kirby Lewis, Ashton Libel, Katie Lightfoot, Madeline Martin, Ines Martinand, Julia Maylone, Preston McGee, Molly McNamara, Marie Moore, Katherine Moore, Anna Lyn Morrow, Priya Nangia, Brianna Odom, Reina Parker, Lauryn Parker, Brad Patterson, Madelaine (Lainey) Pickens, Hanna Pohlmann, Jehme Pruitt, Ashley Purcella, Carrye Ann Rainer, Amara Rivera, Emily Roach, Anne Roberts, Josie Schmitt, Isaac Sherman, Elaine Smith, Ansley Stamper, Joseph Stauter, Jack Steinmetz, Julia Stewart, David Strickland, Jack Strubel, Hudson Tate, Emma Taylor, Alexander Thill, Kana Webb and Victoria Yeager.

Honorary Members: Jackson Boyd, Dr. Allen Linken and Mollie Tinney.

Blue Key Honor Society

Blue Key was, with Omicron Delta Kappa and the Jasons, one of the first three honor societies at UA. During the Great Depression, Blue Key ceased operating on the campus, but it returned in 1987. Blue Key members are selected during spring semester of the junior year and must represent high scholastic ideals, leadership and diversity of background. Selection is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on rising seniors.

Amanda Allen, Izzy Boyd, Caroline Brook, Frances Buntain, Maici Craig, Ibby Dickson, Jordan Evans, Abigail Fickel, Megan Gilbert, James Gillespy, Sara Grady, Sawyer Griffy, Hannah Hale, Parker Hanley, Trinity Hunter, Adam LaLance, Colin Marcum, Madeline Martin, Marcella Martinez, Lauren McCoy, Preston McGee, Marie Moore, Priya Nangia, Lauryn Parker, Ava Powell, Meredith Prescott, Jehme Pruitt, Ashley Purcella, Carrye Ann Rainer, Olivia Ricche, Amara Rivera, Emily Roach, Anne Roberts, Laine Roehrig, Mary Jane Rose, Michael Rowe, Lauren Schmidlkofer, Josie Schmitt, Grace Sherman, Jack Steinmetz, Julia Stewart, David Strickland, Alexander Thill, Chandler Turnipseed, Kana Webb and Victoria Yeager.

Omicron Delta Kappa

The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is to recognize those students who have attained high standards in collegiate activities, to inspire others to strive for similar attainments, and to bring together students in all areas of college life: scholarship; athletics; campus or community service; social and religious activities; campus government; journalism, speech and mass media; and creative and performing arts.

Elise Anzaldua, Ellie Adams, Amanda Allen, Katie Applebaum, Helen Babb, Amanda Baker, Makenna Berry, Lindsey Best, Thomas Blackwell, Grace Bollinger, Sydney Booth, Madi Boudreaux, Campbell Brabston, Caroline Brook, Olivia Bruno, Kathy Brunot, Walker Burley, Catherine Cangelosi, Saskia Carl, Ansley Carr, Kennedy Carter, Madison Chambliss, Elizabeth Chandler, Samuel Cornelius, Maici Craig, Lexi Crowe, Kelsey Curry, Megan Davis, Fernanda De la Mora, Megan Demo, Jennifer Dempsey, Fatema Dhondia, Ibby Dickson, Janie DiNatale, Hannah Dodson, Meghan Donahue, Mary Margaret Drews, Claire Dubreuil, Katherine Edge, Megan Eppleman, Abigail Fickel, Lewis Fischer, Haley Noele Follmer-Burnett, Mary Dean Fountain, Lana Fuqua, Megan Gilbert, James Gillespy, Madison Glatz, Jordan Gurwitz, Jordan Hale, Roxanne Hare, Sydney Helgeson, Grace Henshall, William Hereford, Haven Howell, Trinity Hunter, William Hurst, Abby Johnson, Emily Johnson, Millie Jones, Sabrina Jung, Emma Kenny, Candice Keogh, Auriel King, Adam LaLance, Annabel Leonard, Ashton Libel, Katie Lightfoot, Elise Luoma, Roohany Mahmud, Madeline Martin, Marcella Martinez , Preston McGee, Toshia Milam, Ellie Morgan Miles, Marie Moore, Katherine Moore, Anna Lyn Morrow, Abby Morthland, Thomas Mozingo, Ashley Olive, Olivia Pahl, Maggie Palmer, Lauryn Parker, Hanna Pohlmann, Avery Power, Meredith Prescott, Alexandra Provost, Jehme Pruitt, Ashley Purcella, Carrye Ann Rainer, Anne Roberts, Michael Rowe, Kate Sanborn, Josie Schmitt, Ferris Schwefler, Kathryn Scoggins, Isaac Sherman, Logan Singer, Paola Sommer, Ansley Stamper, Jennifer Stevens, Julia Stewart, David Strickland, Jack Strubel, Samantha Swistak, Hudson Tate, Caleb Thome, Melanie Totty, Kaylee Tow, Chandler Turnipseed, Ashley Virgin, Emme Wade, Jennifer Walker, Kana Webb, Alexandra Williams, Kaitlin Wiltshire, John Woodruff, Jordan Wooten and Victoria Yeager.

2022 Alumni Student Award Recipients

The purpose of the Alumni Student Award is to honor seniors who have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, shown strength of character and maturity, and displayed exceptional hospitality toward guests and friends of the UA. Nominations are accepted from student organizations, deans, department heads, University administrators, alumni, faculty and friends of the University. The selection committee for the Alumni Student Award and the Outstanding Senior Award consists of students, alumni and faculty. The students receiving the award are Montana Fouts and Nicholas Hayes.

Cleo Thomas Award: Jaylin Alexander-Bradford, Sabrina Allen, Kayla Bryan, Cassidy Burrell, Isabelle Combs, Kayunna Holt, Leah Jack, Jhabrea Jackson, Caitlyn Jones, Jaime Jones, Daija Lampkin, Symone Porter, Roshadia Purifoy, Lexie Riggins, Jason Shaw and Tionna Taite.

Walter R. Guyton Service Award: Dr. Mark Nelson.

Frances S. Summersell Award: Mike Reilly.

Dr. Kathleen Cramer Award: Dr. Kenneth Ozello and the Million Dollar Band.

Living Legend Award: Lillie Leatherwood.

Other Club Outstanding Senior Award: Micah Presley.

Other Club Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Deborah Keene.

Amanda Grace Taylor Watson Distinctive Image Award: Patrick Murphy.


Bryant Welbourne, UA Strategic Communications,