Honorees being recognized during the Tapping on the Mound ceremony

Tapping on the Mound 2024 Celebrates UA Student, Faculty Excellence

The University of Alabama celebrated the achievements of students, faculty and staff during the annual Tapping on the Mound ceremony April 5.

The following were recognized during the ceremony.

Outstanding Freshmen: Zoi Moon and Jesse Park

Outstanding Sophomore: Aparna Bhooshanan 

Outstanding Junior: Hannah Adams

Outstanding Senior: Nick Tolbert

Outstanding Transfer Students: Mykel Cheatheam and Deja Evans

Outstanding Graduate Students: LeAnna Roberts and Omid Reyhanigalangashi

Anderson Society

The Anderson Society is a leadership honorary that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to UA. While these contributions often take many forms, there are certain qualities of members of the Anderson Society that are prominently and ubiquitously found – an immersion into some sort of community service, passion for improving the university community through both explicit and implicit means, and persistent effort to attain excellence in some sphere of university life. 

Nick Smith, Nicole Kaufeldt, Lilly Noble, Addie Grace Pyron, Caroline Coley, Katie Heglas, Peyton Keen, Claire Tumlin, Kate Herndon, Makayla Jordan, Alice Terry, Morgan Cunningham, Makenzie Smith, Braden Hopkins, Allison Pope, Yonathan Janka, Alyssa Thompson, Brooke Damerell, Sydney Clements, Nico Henostroza, Joseph Rodriguez, Connor Higgins, Johnny Foster and Tyler Le.

Honorary Members: Aparna Bhooshanan, Betsy Chambers, Luke Dille, Kameron Klass, Malena Long, Dr. Steven Hood and Dr. Lucy Kaufman.

Mortar Board

Mortar Board is the premier national honor society recognizing college seniors for superior achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. UA’s Hypatia Chapter is one of the oldest chapters in the nation.

Preston Ewing, Reese Grau, Dillon Cook, Meghan Drane, Chad Wright Jr., Lilly Noble, Catherine Gray, Ethan Abbott, Lily Creel, Jada Burroughs, Matthew Savas, Briana Ratay, Addie Grace Pyron, Joleigh Underwood, Jules Webb, Ansley Greer, Anna Moorman, Mamie Patton, Savannah Ichikawa, Kateri Smith, Hannah Morgan, Jenna Daniel, Lena Seyfarth, Joshua Rodriguez, Cate Brownlee, Kathryn Kilgore, Chandni Bhat, Cassie Childress, Madeleine Ricks, Abigail Yarbrough, Brianna Singleton, Anna Davidson, Madelyn Buhl,, Elena Giorgi, William Robinson, Peyton Keen, Katia Watkins, Claire Tumlin, Kate Herndon, Sydney Showalter, Caleb Buell, Thomas Ashton, Caroline Long, Mims Williams, Kaitlyn Johnson, Oliver Sinclair, Ella Kate Brooks, Sophie Anderson, Mairead Lowry, Madison Wiltshire, Makayla Maxwell, Grace Murphy, Matthew Preston, Averi Goecks, Piper Minick, Trenton Hoaglin, Makayla Jordan, Cole Mozingo, Emma Tong, Elise Powis, Nikoletta Shockley, Alice Terry, Teegan Mathey, Hayden Phillips, Joseph Rodriguez, Jackson Owen, Rhodes Reddick, Will Christopher, Kendall Smith, Alexandra Holley, Morgan Cunningham, Megan Neville, Carson Ryan, Erin Hidalgo, Chase Cowart, Josephine Gillette, Bryce Schottelkotte, Braden Hopkins, Allison Pope, GG Hackett, Kenneth Kelly, Jackson Maxwell,, Nate Smith, Bailey Weaver, Isabella Torres, Hannah Adams, Alison Reed, Ally Szymanski, Mary Alan Ousley, Marie Kaine, Briana Jackson, Sarah Kate Smalley, Kyla Collins, Skylar Billings, Yonathan Janka, Sarah Shepherd, Anna Claire Kinsey and Katie Grace Bollinger.

Honorary Members: Dr. Morgan Luttig and Harold Wright

Blue Key Honor Society

Blue Key Honor Society is a premier honor society that recognizes college students for balanced and all-around excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Jamaya Kelley, Nick Smith, Lilly Noble, Matthew Savas, Joleigh Underwood, Rose Mary Anders, Natalie Davis, Kateri Smith, Morgan Patrick, Chandni Bhat, Caroline Coley, Cassie Childress, Olivia Frazier, Lauryn Emrick, Abigail Yarbrough, Jamie Brown, Elle Marion Moore, Katie Heglas, Aliza Blackmon, Anna Grace Johnson, Ally-Anna Outlaw, Peyton Keen, Katia Watkins, Claire Tumlin, Kate Herndon, Caroline Long, Mims Williams, Samantha Flaute, Cole Mozingo, Sophia Scott, Madeline Wieringa, Elise Powis, Mia Suggs, Alice Terry, Bella Collins, Maddox Call, Emily Fischer, Braden Hopkins, Kenneth Kelly, Hannah Adams, Madison Hasnani, Marie Kaine, Kyla Collins, Yonathan Janka and Isabella Concannon.

Omicron Delta Kappa

The Omicron Delta Kappa Society is the national leadership honor society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character.

Willie Davis, Cherie Moman, Aditya Upreti, Haley Morgan, Jeffrey Kelly, Ryan Taylor, Preston Ewing, Wyatt Eason, Nick Smith, Ansley Boles, Jessica Patterson, Jacqueline Lin, Christopher Lee, Mary O’Brien, Dawson Pierce, Rebekah Leventhal, Sarah LeRoux, Nicole Kaufeldt, Reese Grau, Dillon Cook, Andrew Stovall, Gabriella Gaston, Fiona Gill, Lilly Noble, Reagan Wells, Jack Shepherd, Carson Lott, M’Kay Gidley, Mary Gibbons Miller, Anna Grace Smith, Landon Eskridge, Lauren Lafrades, Taylor Lech, Stevey Joy Chapman, Briana Ratay, Addie Grace Pyron, Morgan Smith, Hughes Thomas, Natalie Davis, Clara Blevins, Kateri Smith, Lindsay Cohen, Katherine Grill, Joshua Rodriguez, Austyn West, Cate Brownlee, Addison Miller, Chandni Bhat, Caroline Coley, Jordan Wooten, Natalie Bonner, Bess Fountain, Katie Heglas, Kyndal Mays, Elena Giorgi, Peyton Keen, Fiona Beard, Katia Watkins, Kate Herndon, Anna Martin, Sydney Showalter, Caleb Buell, Mims Williams, Kalie Korpitz, Sally Otts, Sophie Anderson, Izzy Piper, Grace Murphy, Averi Goecks, Sadie Johnston, Jackson Olmstead, Caroline Gilroy, Kalleigh Ahern, Audrey Rawls, Lexi Morrell, Hallie Knight, Sydney Rogers, Marissa Richards, Shaina Slotchiver, Alice Terry, Lila Robertson, Mattie Freeman, Teegan Mathey, Hayden Phillips, Joseph Rodriguez, Holly Foley, Madison Duboise, Aubrei Grisaffe, Emma Katharine Dykes, Maria Derisavi, Shemai’ya Peak, Alexandra Holley, Lily Wientjes, Louise Dodson, Megan O’Donovan, Mya Reliford, Morgan Cunningham, Katerina Werkhaven, Megan Neville, Sasha Preston, Kaylee Waskom, Chase Cowart, Josephine Gillette, Makenzie Smith, Bryce Schottelkotte, John Brian O’Hara, Braden Hopkins, Gwynevere Deterding, Ella Brown, Allison Pope, Kenneth Kelly, Jackson Maxwell, Will Guy, Grace Dean, Hannah Adams, Alison Reed, Breanna Ciemny, Yonathan Janka, Meredith Callahan, Isabella Concannon, Kaytie Colbert, Anna Claire Kinsey, Alexis Rickenbacher and Katie Grace Bollinger.

2024 Alumni Student Award Recipients

The purpose of the Alumni Student Award is to honor seniors who have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, shown strength of character and maturity, and displayed exceptional hospitality toward guests and friends of the UA. Nominations are accepted from student organizations, deans, department heads, University administrators, alumni, faculty and friends of the University. The selection committee for the Alumni Student Award and the Outstanding Senior Award consists of students, alumni and faculty. The students receiving the award are Betsy Chambers and Colby Lewis.

Cleo Thomas Award: Ta’Kyla Bates, Emilia Bearthes, Malea Benjamin, Valencia Bryant, Brianna Byrd, JaMya Calderon, Brent Christian, Lauren Coleman, Jahnaya Cosby, Victoria Echols, Lyric Franklin, Eyram Gbeddy, Fallon Haley, Brina Harden, Tiffany Hill, BriAsia Kelley, Omorinsola Kukoyi, Zion Lewis, Jaida May, Deonna Miller, Kristianna Morgan, Christina Porter and Kylan Powell-Coleman.

Walter R. Guyton Service Award: Dr. Chapman Greer

Frances S. Summersell Award: Nick and Terry Saban

Dr. Kathleen Cramer Award: Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller, Kayla Ballard and the UA Homecoming Executive Committee

Amanda Grace Taylor Watson Distinctive Image Award: Susan Bell

Living Legend Award: Condoleezza Rice

Other Club Outstanding Student Award: Cale Brown

Other Club Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Allen Linken