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Explore Career Opportunities in Tuscaloosa at New Expo

Love Tuscaloosa so much you’re thinking of making it your permanent home one day? The Career Center has you covered.  

Three men stand around a black table talking. One man is in a suit, one man is in a blue shirt, and the other man is in a red shirt.
Students will have the opportunity to meet with local businesses at the expo on March 31.

The University of Alabama’s Career Center is hosting a new career expo called Live, Work, Stay – Tuscaloosa on March 31 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Tuscaloosa River Market. Geared toward current students and recent graduates, the expo will showcase all the area has to offer. 

“We want to keep our students here,” said Harley Sabbagh, events coordinator for the Career Center. “There are such great opportunities here in town and knowing that we have the option to keep our students here and help them find their passions and get an idea of what Tuscaloosa has to offer. There is so much more in this community than the University.” 

Tuscaloosa is home to hundreds of businesses looking for talent — from health care to education, to business management and communications. Tuscaloosa is a hidden market waiting for young adults to find their place. 

Attending the career expo will give insight into what employers are looking for in graduates and how Tuscaloosa may be the home you’re looking for after graduation. It’s also a great chance to make invaluable connections through networking with the city’s business and civic leaders. 

This event is hosted in partnership with the City of Tuscaloosa, West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, Young Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports, Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority and the Tuscaloosa County Alumni Chapter. Register to attend Live, Work, Stay — Tuscaloosa. 


Caroline Gazzara-McKenzie, Strategic Communications, caroline.mckenzie@ua.edu