A woman with brown hair sits in front of a black background, smiling off camera. She is wearing a blue shirt and has a microphone next to her.

Everyday Champions: Stephanie Plumb, Strategic Communications

Eli Gold may be the voice of Alabama Football, but Stephanie Plumb is the voice behind 92.5 FM UA Info Radio, on-hold phone recordings and other critical University messages.

A woman with brown hair sits in front of a black background, smiling at the camera.. She is wearing a blue shirt and has a microphone next to her.
Stephanie Plumb is the voice of UA Info Radio.

Plumb fell into broadcast radio by chance — she was earning her master’s degree in English literature at The University of Alabama at Birmingham when a job posting for an on-air radio host piqued her interest. No experience needed, Plumb recalled, but that one position changed the course of her career.

“I got a phone call, which led to an interview, which led to a trial run on the air, and then I ended up getting the job,” Plumb said. “That was 10 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.”

Plumb returned to UA, where she got her bachelor’s degree, in February 2019 as a broadcast communications specialist, and was tasked with preparing and planning content segments for the University’s new radio station 92.5 FM. The station went on to launch in April 2019 and has continued to be a successful outlet for UA news, emergency response, game day information and creative content.

It was a learning curve, Plumb said, going from on-air host to planning and preparing an entire station. However, it is the creative outlet she needed. She has worked with UA President Stuart R. Bell and Vice President for Student Life Myron Pope, among others, for segments that make the station both an informative and entertaining resource for the community.

“I love the creative freedom and the ability to connect with so many people across campus,” she said. “UA Info Radio is first and foremost a public safety station, but we can’t just turn a radio station on during an emergency and then shut it off again. When we aren’t operating under an emergency, we air content that highlights programs the University offers, explores the history of our University, and praises the achievements of our students, faculty and staff. We also share traffic and construction updates and information about events happening on campus.”

Beyond 92.5 FM, Plumb is the voice behind the University’s on-hold messaging system, where she includes monthly updates, interview segments and more. During the pandemic, Plumb has maintained up-to-date COVID-19 information through the radio station. Her dedication to the University is why the department of communications within the Division of Strategic Communications nominated Plumb for Everyday Champions.

Shane Dorrill, assistant director of communications, media relations and safety communications, said the radio station wouldn’t be where it is today without Plumb’s creative content.

“It’s obvious that Stephanie comes to work each day wanting to make the University a better place,” Dorrill said. “Whether she’s writing scripts, recording voiceovers, conducting interviews or producing content, her love for her work and for the University shines through.”

Keep up with the voice of UA — and stay informed in an emergency — by downloading the UA Safety App or by listening to 92.5 FM, which can be streamed online.

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