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UA-DEVELOPED APP TELLS BODY COMPOSITION WITH SINGLE PHOTO Technology developed through research at The University of Alabama is available in major mobile app stores, ready to revolutionize how people track their health and fitness progress. The Made Health app allows users to accurately measure muscle and fat by taking a single photo of themselves. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at

DISRUPTION TO TINY LIFE CAN LEAD TO BIG CHANGES IN WARMER CLIMATE   New research from The University of Alabama supports the growing consensus that, while some animals will find it difficult to adjust to predicted warmer temperatures, a more widespread effect of a changing climate is disruption in how ecosystems function. A project led by UA researchers, shows a warming climate can kick off a domino effect of disruptions that reach the tiniest lifeforms in an ecosystem that, in turn, produce big changes to animal life and the food chain, according to results published recently in Nature Climate Change. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at

UA RECEIVES FEMA GRANT FOR STORM SHELTER ON SERVICES CAMPUSUA received a $2 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to build a storm shelter for students, faculty and staff on the University Services Campus. The new community safe room will be able to hold 833 members of the campus community during severe weather events. The shelter will be built to FEMA 361 standards and withstand winds of 250 miles per hour. For more information, contact Bryant Welbourne, UA Strategic Communications, at

LAW PROFESSOR PUBLISHES ARTICLE IN NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, EXPLAINS PROPOSAL FOR REDUCING GUN SUICIDES  A medical journal article authored by Fredrick Vars, professor of law in UA’s School of Law, suggests doctors and mental health professionals could use do-not-sell lists for firearms as a new tool in their suicide prevention toolkit. The article, “Voluntary Do-Not-Sell Lists – An Innovative Approach to Reducing Gun Suicides,” is published in the October issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. For more information, contact Monique Fields, manager of communications in the law school, 205-348-5195 or, or contact Vars directly, 773-331-6605 or

UA CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROFESSOR RANKED NO. 1 IN U.S. University of Alabama Criminology and Criminal Justice Instructor Douglas Klutz has been named the No. 1 college professor in the U.S. once again. Both CEOWORLD Magazine and Best Value Schools ranked Klutz as No. 1 in 2020. In 2017, Klutz was rated the No. 1 professor in the country by Forbes. Klutz, who specializes in career building, has been an instructor for a decade. He is also a student advisor and director of the criminal justice internship program. For more information, contact Jamon Smith, UA Strategic Communications, at

FOUR PROFESSOR RECEIVE EARLY CAREER RESEARCH AWARDS Over the summer, four professors at The University of Alabama received national recognition early in their careers for innovative research that will increase understanding of our world while boosting UA’s educational mission. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at

UA DEVELOPS PARTNERSHIP WITH ENERGY-FOCUSED ACCELERATOR A partnership with an organization that supports startups in the area of energy technology will advance The University of Alabama’s educational and research mission. In an agreement with the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator, UA students will have access to unique opportunities to engage with startups to broaden their own skillsets and help improve Alabama’s economy. For more information, contact Adam Jones, UA Strategic Communications, at


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