Joint Statement by The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees, UA President Stuart Bell and Chancellor Finis St. John

The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System, in consultation with Dr. Stuart Bell, President of The University of Alabama, has authorized the removal of three plaques from their current locations on the university campus that commemorate University of Alabama students who served in the Confederate Army and members of the student cadet corps involved in defending the campus. The plaques are located on and in front of Gorgas Library. These plaques will be placed at a more appropriate historical setting on the recommendation of Dr. Bell.

Additionally, Board of Trustees President pro tem Ronald Gray has appointed a select group of Trustees including Judge John England, Jr., Barbara Humphrey, Vanessa Leonard, Harris Morrissette, Scott Phelps and Stan Starnes to review and study the names of buildings on all UA System campuses and report to the Board on any recommended changes. The final decisions regarding those recommendations will be made by the full Board of Trustees at a public meeting, at a time to be announced.

This statement originally appeared on the UA System website.


Kellee Reinhart,