The side of a Fleet Services van,

New Fleet Services Policies Improve Processes, Sustainability

Story updated May 29 to reflect when the new policies will be implemented. 

In an effort to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to University operations, UA’s Fleet Services has developed several new policies that will be implemented in the near future.

The side of a Fleet Services van,Fleet Services personnel spent several months carefully reviewing existing policies and identified several ways to enhance operations while reducing financial loss. To help address challenges, an outside consultant studied UA’s operations and recommended tips and best practices. A committee of UA staff then reviewed those and developed a plan to best suit the University.

“Fleet Services is dedicated to providing safe transportation options for University-related business,” said Mario Globetti, associate director of Fleet Services. “Our programs and policies aim at cost-efficiency, and in the midst of our current situation, we feel we can offer cost-saving options that will benefit the University as a whole.”

New Fleet Services policies include the following.

Short Term Vehicle Rentals

Before traveling on UA business operations, employees should first consult the trip comparison calculator to ensure the most economic means of travel is used. In cases where it would be more cost-effective to rent a vehicle from Fleet Services for travel, faculty and staff are required to request a UA rental vehicle.

In cases where the fleet option is the most economical option but an employee opts not to request a fleet rental vehicle, the employee will be reimbursed only up to the cost of a fleet rental. If Fleet Services is unable to fulfill the rental request and the employee uses a personal vehicle, the employee will be reimbursed the normal mileage reimbursement rate.

Fuel Policy

Fleet Services purchases bulk unleaded fuel and diesel and operates two fueling locations for University use. Fuel sold at UA locations is lower in price than outside vendors, and therefore the most fiscally responsible choice for fueling UA vehicles.

When in a five-mile radius of campus, all UA-owned vehicles must purchase unleaded fuel and diesel from one of the University operated fuel locations. Exclusions apply for non-ethanol and high-octane fuel needs.

Vehicle Request Form

All new vehicle requests should be initiated with the online vehicle request form. Vehicle requests will be approved by the requesting department head/dean and ultimately by the executive director of Fleet Management.

Fleet Auction

All future fleet auctions will take place online on UA’s Fleet Management website. Bidders will register and be able to bid on vehicles through the website. Vehicles will be posted for 14 days and the winning bidder must pay and retrieve the vehicle within seven days.

Several cars that belong to Fleet ServicesIn addition to new policies, Globetti would also like to emphasize Fleet Service’s current and new programs available to the University.

Fleet Service’s lease program gives departments all the benefits of vehicle ownership without having to pay upfront capital and maintenance costs.

“Leases can be for one month to one year and renewed or discontinued as needed,” said Globetti. “The department is responsible for the monthly lease rate and fuel costs, while Fleet Services covers all maintenance other than damage due to neglect. Billing is done internally and charges will come out of the account specified by the using department.”

Fleet Services now offers a quick car wash program for UA vehicles.

“We’ve always offered auto detailing services, but with the new quick wash program, we now have an automatic wash gantry that is much faster and good for monthly washes at a cheaper rate of $15 per wash,” said Globetti. “We offer free drop off and pick up for both the quick wash and rental vehicles.”

A comprehensive list of services, forms and resources can be found at