Building Bama: Where Will the Water Go?

Building Bama: Where Will the Water Go?

Several days of heavy rain seem to be part of our weekly schedule with some areas of campus seeing significant flooding, especially areas that see water pooling on days of moderate rain.

artist rendering of Triangle Lot One problem area that sees frequent flooding is along Bryant Drive near Tutwiler Hall. To allow water to properly drain and prevent future flooding, a stormwater basin is currently being constructed below the Tutwiler Triangle Lot at the corner of Bryant Drive and 10th Avenue.

The 56,000-gross-square-feet basin will have a capacity of three million gallons. Once placed below ground, the surface parking lot will return and provide 139 parking spots.

The new stormwater basin will address both the lack of capacity within the existing storm drainage system and support UA’s continued redevelopment of the South Campus Residential area.

Additional enhancements include utility and infrastructure upgrades, additional lighting along the west side of 10th Avenue in and next to the surface lot and a landscape buffer between the surface lot and Evergreen Cemetery. The sidewalk along 10th Avenue will also be modified to accommodate increased pedestrian traffic.

The estimated $7.7 million project is scheduled to be complete in July.