The top of the water tower through trees on the quad

Building Bama: Water Tower to Enhance Water Distribution

The newest and most visible addition to the northwest edge of campus will bring much-needed water distribution improvements to the UA campus and surrounding area.

The City of Tuscaloosa and UA partnered to study the long-term needs of the Water Distribution System in the area. The study identified that a significant investment in the system was necessary to meet demand from current use and planned development and led to the construction of a water tower at the intersection of Campus Drive and Riverside Drive.

The water tower will increase and stabilize water pressure throughout campus and the surrounding community and eliminate the potential for any pressure-related water issues during large events being held on campus.

The City of Tuscaloosa is responsible for the construction of the water tower while UA agreed to upgrade the tank type to a single pedestal spheroid and select the tank graphics, which will feature the University’s script “A.”

Construction of the water tower is scheduled to be completed this summer.


Bryant Welbourne, UA Strategic Communications,