UA In the News — Nov. 2-4

UA participates in free college application week
NBC (Mobile) – Nov. 2 & 3
High school students can apply to colleges across Alabama for free. Here’s a short list of the schools that are participating: Auburn, South Alabama, Troy, University of Alabama, are all participating. For the full list, check out this story on our website.
CBS (Huntsville) – Nov. 1

Colleges waive application fees for AL high schoolers during College Application Week, Nov. 4-8
Cullman Tribune – Nov. 3
Alabama high school students applying to colleges throughout Alabama and surrounding states will soon have an opportunity to skip the typical application fees. Alabama College Application Week, which will run from Nov. 4-8, 2019, offers high school students in Alabama an opportunity to apply to participating colleges for free. During College Application Week, nearly 50 four-year universities will waive the college application fee for Alabama students during the first week of November – including Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Auburn University, Tuskegee University and The University of Alabama.
NBC (Mobile) – Nov. 1

UA research aims to lower infant death rate in Alabama
The Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 2
University of Alabama researchers will expand a drug and mental health screening program in an effort to lower Alabama’s infant death rates. UA’s School of Social Work has received $750,000 from the state for the “Reducing Infant Mortality Through Improved Wellness” initiative that will address substance use, depression and domestic abuse in women who are pregnant, attempting to conceive or women who have recently conceived.
Fox 6

Keeping drunk drivers off the road
Fox 6 – Nov. 3
So have ridesharing services had a real impact on DUI crashes in the Birmingham metro? We asked the Center for Advanced Public Safety at the University of Alabama. CAPS tracks traffic safety statistics around the state. Rhonda Rtricklin is the center’s associate director.
NBC (Montgomery)
Fox (Dothan)

As Trump moves to bully witnesses and derail impeachment, Democrats see obstruction
The Washington Post – Nov. 1
President Trump has sought to intimidate witnesses in the impeachment inquiry, attacking them as “Never Trumpers” and badgering an anonymous whistleblower. He has directed the White House to withhold documents and block testimony requested by Congress. And he has labored to publicly discredit the investigation as a “scam” overseen by “a totally compromised kangaroo court.” To the Democratic leaders directing the impeachment proceedings, Trump’s actions to stymie their investigation into his conduct with Ukraine add up to another likely article of impeachment: obstruction. Keeping people from testifying based on intimidation or a pretextual assertion of executive privilege is the clearest element of Trump’s obstruction of the congressional inquiry, according to Vance, a University of Alabama School of Law professor.
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‘Long hours and hard work’: Farmers struggle to fill jobs in strong economy
Decatur Daily – Nov. 3
…people who will work hard and sometimes have long hours,” said University of Alabama economist Ahmad Ijaz. “You’ve got to pay those people…

Leadership Program Prepares MSI Leaders to Become College Presidents
Diverse Education – Nov. 3
A cohort of mid-career college leaders from Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) across the nation gathered over the weekend to participate in the MSI Aspiring Leaders program developed by the Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions. The two year program—a boot camp of sorts—includes a leadership forum and mentorship program designed to help promote diversity among higher education leadership. Currently, nearly 60% of sitting university presidents are over the age of 60 and there has long been a concern about the lack of women and people of color being groomed for top university positions. Like Jones, Dr. Pamela Payne Foster is also being mentored by Nelms. Currently a professor in the Community Medicine/Population Health Department at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa School of Medicine, the medical doctor said that she wants to someday be an HBCU president and is readying herself for a future position.

What’s Better For Heart Health: Walking or Running?
MyFitnessPal – Nov. 2
Both walking and running are great for improving overall health, losing weight and boosting mental health. But when it comes to heart health, a new study shows walking might be the winner. “A lot of people don’t want to run,” says Dr. Paul Thompson, chief of cardiology-emeritus at Hartford Hospital. “Walking has a lot of the health benefits of running, especially when it comes to your heart.” The biggest benefits to heart health come from a brisk walk. That means “you’ll need to log at least 100 steps per minute (almost three miles per hour or a 20-minute mile),” says Elroy Aguiar, PhD, an assistant professor in exercise science at the University of Alabama and the study co-author.

Psychologists confront impossible finding, triggering a revolution in the field
CBC Radio – Nov. 1
In 2011, an American psychologist named Daryl Bem proved the impossible. He showed that precognition — the ability to sense the future — is real. His study was explosive, and shook the very foundations of psychology…Alexa Tullet is an assistant professor of social psychology at the University of Alabama and co-founder of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science.

‘This Is Why People Kill Cops’: Censored Trump Supporters Highlight Anti-Cop Threats on Reddit
Breitbart – Nov. 3
Members of r/The_Donald, a community of over 700,000 Trump supporters on Reddit that has been censored by the site administrators, have compiled a report on posts promoting violence against the police from other users of Reddit. The Trump supporters are highlighting the threats as part of efforts to show that r/The_Donald is being held to higher standards than the rest of Reddit. “This is why people kill cops. This is why people support people who kill cops,” wrote one Reddit user, commenting on a story about a man whose house was reportedly destroyed in a police shootout. “According to a Senate Intelligence Committee report, over a year-long period the 3,900 [Russian Internet Research Agency]-connected Twitter accounts posted 600,000 tweets regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” wrote Banks. “Well, researchers from the University of Alabama calculated that from July 2016 to February 2017 r/The_Donald was responsible for an estimated 2,771,030 tweets linking to news stories.”

After Sharpe’s departure, three finalists vie for the Honors College dean position
Crimson White – Nov. 1
The University of Alabama has narrowed its current search for the next dean of the Honors College to three candidates: Claudia Lampman, Keith Gaddie and Tara Williams.