Building Bama: Facility Upgrades Around Campus

Building Bama: Facility Upgrades Around Campus

While it’s easy to spot the fencing, bulldozers and trucks at numerous construction sites around The University of Alabama, multiple interior upgrades also are occurring  this summer that aren’t as noticeable.

Display featuring blueprints of the Gorgas Library renovations.
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This edition of Building Bama will take a look at the renovations happening in some of the most utilized buildings across campus.

Gorgas Library

Gorgas Library is undergoing upgrades to its restrooms and elevators to address core infrastructure needs and support future development. Restrooms will be enlarged for accessibility and fixture counts will increase to accommodate the growing student population. All elevator shafts will be upgraded and new elevators will be installed.

In addition to infrastructure updates, the Java City coffee bar on the ground floor will receive a makeover. Improvements include a new kiosk, equipment, flooring, lighting, paint and furnishings.

Alston Hall

Classrooms 10, 20 and 30 in Alston Hall are getting much needed upgrades this summer. Since the building’s opening in 1991, these classrooms have not received any material renovations. The project includes upgrades to the carpet, wall finishes and ceiling tile and improved fixed seating. These updates will provide an enhanced classroom environment and will allow for more interaction with the instructor.

Bidgood Hall

To support the Culverhouse College of Business’s administrative efforts, classrooms 215 and 217 will be converted into office spaces. On the third floor, classroom 310 will receive fixed seating and additional room finishes.