Joint Statement from the Rondini Family, UA

Joint Statement 

From the Rondini Family and The University of Alabama

Feb. 27, 2018

Michael and Cindy Rondini and The University of Alabama jointly announce the claims asserted by the Rondinis against the University have been resolved. As part of that resolution, the Rondinis will dismiss their claims against the University.

In the course of litigation, the University and the Rondinis began discussing the matters that unite them. The understanding created by these discussions led both parties to agree to set aside their past disputes and work toward the future. The Rondinis and the University now have an appreciation for each other’s position. Accordingly, the University has committed to certain actions as set forth herein and the Rondinis have agreed to absolve the University and its employees of wrongdoing and to dismiss the lawsuit.

The University and the Rondinis share the desire to eliminate sexual misconduct and, in the event it does occur, provide support to the victims and hold the perpetrators accountable.

The University remains committed to these endeavors, and the University and the Rondinis worked collaboratively to develop additional ways the University can expand the reach of its efforts. In particular, in Megan Rondini’s honor, the University is undertaking the following:

  • The University has committed $250,000 to the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center, Inc. to provide facilities and services to aid and support victims of sexual assault. Additionally, University representatives are taking a key role in supporting the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center and building strong partnerships that will ensure its success.
  • The University currently has several programs to address issues associated with sexual misconduct. The University regularly assesses the programs and efforts in place to eliminate sexual misconduct from the campus community and to provide assistance to those who may be affected by alleged sexual misconduct. In furtherance of that, the University is committing an additional $150,000 by the end of 2019 to continue its efforts to add personnel to its team of employees dedicated to addressing issues associated with sexual misconduct.
  • The University is continually exploring new strategies and innovative technology that will enhance reporting systems and provide important data to the University so that it can better understand campus trends related to sexual misconduct.
  • Over the next five years, the University will contribute a total of $50,000 in a scholarship named after Megan Rondini. The scholarship will give preference to students focusing their studies at the University on biological sciences, veterinary studies, and/or STEM/MBA and a desire to promote gender equity in those fields.
  • The University will posthumously award Megan Rondini a magna cum laude B.S. degree with an accompanying certificate from the University’s Honors College dated May 2018.

The University of Alabama reaffirms its condemnation of sexual misconduct and its commitment to continued support of members of the campus community who may be affected by it. The University will continue to cooperate and work with local law enforcement to develop and implement law enforcement processes to investigate and prosecute crimes involving sexual assault.

The Rondinis are pleased that they can now redirect their focus on the future through this collaboration with the University to further combat sexual misconduct and support entities such as the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center in providing state-of-the-art services to students and the community. Further, the Rondinis encourage anyone in the campus community who has been affected by sexual misconduct to take advantage of any of the resources that are available, including the University’s Title IX Office, UAct Program, University of Alabama Police Department, counseling and gender resources, and the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center, when it opens later this year, to assist them in addressing the significant issues that face sexual assault survivors. For more information on reporting and resources, please visit


Monica Watts, associate vice president for communications, 205-348-5411,